Radiant Indian Baby Girl Names that Mean Bright


Rare Sanskrit Baby Girl Names Meaning Bright and Shining

Going beyond the territory of illumination, brightness can offer glimpses of a bright smile, a bright future and even a bright mind. The pure and energetic newborn baby girls deserve all the brightness and inspiration in life and hence we have brought in such names list to start with.
Baby Boy Names Meaning Bright

Unique Baby Girl Names Meaning Bright

Abhati अभाती

Every newborn is graceful in her own way and this name surely glorifies your little one’s personality. The name means shade or light or splendor.

Bhati भाती

A variant of Abhati, the name denotes something bright or luminous.

Dyumata द्युमता

The word Dyum is associated with radiance in Sanskrit. It means a strong, splendid or excellent person. It also signifies a person who is bright, full of energy or loud.

Elakshi एलाक्षी

A traditional Indian made-up name (Ela + Akshi) which can enchant every ear. The name denotes a lady who has bright eyes (Aksh).

Jina जीना

A variant of Jaina, the name implies to bright and precious objects like Gold. It also refers to Lord Buddha and Vishnu and it can be Gold lined to beauty as well.

Prakhya प्राख्या

Who is in front of the eyes or someone visible. The name also describes splendor or brightness.

Richana रिचना

A modern Indian baby girl name which reflects the bright sky. Well, a perfect name for your little one whom you wish to touch the sky and stay bright forever.

Suditi सुदिति

Su means good or bright and diti (dipti) means a flame. A bright flame or something shining can be coined as Suditi.

Ushra उष्रा

The moniker is quite short and stylish. It gives glimpses of the morning sunlight or the ray of light. It also refers to the Sun.

Yahavi याहवी

Not a common name but has a luminous meaning capable enough of to light up your baby’s world. The name means bright.

Seera सीरा

Wrapping up the list with a unique, short and powerful Sanskrit name. Seera is derived from Surya which means Sun or any source of light. It also means nerve or water.

Being bright is a blessing from God and you can add to this blessing by choosing a glowing name from the above list for your little one. Light related baby names are always popular as they indicate the dawn and fill the life with positivity, inspiration, and joy. Brightness is not just quality but it also shares a connection with the spiritual practices like Surya Namaskara in front of the bright morning sun and lighting Diya under the Basil plant. If any of these names have illuminated your thoughts, do let us know in the comments.


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