Quranic Names for Baby Girl to Strengthen her Faith


Unique Quranic Baby Girl Names: Unheard & Uncommon

Quranic names are a great source of inspiration for selecting meaningful and spiritual names for Muslim babies. There are a lot of unique Islamic female names from the Quran that will reflect your belief in Allah. These names also bestow religious teachings in your daughter. So, if you are looking for the perfect Islamic baby name, we’re here to make things easy for you.

Trendy Rare Quranic Baby Girl Names

People who look for names from Quran Majeed need not scroll through hundreds of web pages anymore! Through these names with deeply positive meanings, we can help you make better choices.

Aana آناء

Meaning: Moments/Hours of the night
Aana undoubtedly sounds trendsetting as soon as anyone hears it. After all, it is one of those indirect Quranic names that sound sophisticated and simple at the same time. Aana has been derived from the Quranic roots that refer to moments, particularly hours of the night. It is one of those names that sounds royal and came to glam with Disney Princess “Anna” from Frozen.

Aaraf أَعْرَاف

Meaning: Heights
What could be better than a name so sweet, short and pleasing to the ears as Aaraf? Aaraf means heights and is hence, a name that can lead your child towards success and innumerable accomplishments in the future. The bonus to Aaraf is that it is the name of the seventh Surah/Chapter of the Quran. If you pick Aaraf for your little darling, pronounce it as “A’raf” with a minor emphasis after the sound of “A”.

Badra بَدْرَاء/بدرا

Meaning: Early
With indirect Quranic roots, Badra is one of those unheard baby names that might remind everyone of the Battle of Badr. If you want to commemorate the struggles of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the sacrifices of his companions, Badra is a great Quranic baby name to go with. It means being early and on time. According to the structure of Arabic sentences and situations, it also refers to someone who starts early.

Fizza فِضَّة

Meaning: Silver
If you are looking for a timeless name, what about Fizza? Short and not so popular, Fizza has been mentioned in the Quran to refer to silver. Don’t confuse Fizza with Fiza which is an Urdu/Persian name and means “breeze”. Fizza looks more stylish than Fiza due to its new, spinning vibe due to which its popularity is tremendously increasing these days.

Layal لَيَال

Meaning: Nights
We love Layal due to its uniqueness and direct connection to the Quran to denote nights. Derived from Layl, the singular of nights in Arabic, Layal has more charm to it. It has been derived from the L-Y-L roots that mean “night” in some way or the other and can have many diminutives such as Layla, Layl, Leili, etc. What makes Layal best overall its diminutives is that it is a Quranic baby name.

Manara منارة

Meaning: Source of light, particularly a lighthouse or minaret
Manara is a relatively rare & cute baby name that you can select and everyone will be instantly impressed. It has been derived from Noor which is a Quranic baby name. Now that it is easy to guess, Manara means “source of light” but it particularly refers to a lighthouse or minaret.

Nayra نَائِرَة

Meaning: Radiant, full of light, brilliant
Nayra is one of those perfect names for your little angel that has been mentioned in the Quran. Your daughter is the sunshine of your life and deserves a sparkling name too. Nayra is an Arabic moniker that means radiant, full of light and brilliant. Although it dates back to Quranic and Islamic history, Naira is currently a trending name. It owes its popularity to a lot of artists, musicians, writers, and journalists.

Sawab ثَوَاب

Meaning: Reward
Sawab is the intention of every Muslim to lead his life in a positive way. After all, it means reward in Arabic and has been directly mentioned in Quran to encourage people towards good deeds. If Islamic faith is most important to you, Sawab might be the ideal name for your darling. This name will always encourage her to help others and do voluntary good actions in life.

Tayha تَيْهَاء

Meaning: Extremely vast
Rather than a single word, Tayha is actually an Arabic name that means a phrase. It has been directly mentioned in the Quran to denote something very vast. In literal meanings, Tayha means “so vast that one can get lost in it.” A name so vast in its meaning is sure to mold your daughter’s character in a very great personality.

Zawal زوال

Meaning: Sundown
We are sure most of us have heard the term Zawal when it comes to offering our prayers. Yeah, you got us right! Zawal means sundown or the time near sunset in Arabic. Many people would argue on names that are related to sunset because they consider them to be demising or vanishing. However, Zawal is a Quranic name that can easily be kept by Muslim families. Moreover, there’s nothing negative with the sunset as it is a miracle of Allah without which the life cycle would not really continue.

Surprised at What You Found?

We are sure you would have loved these rare baby names that have Quranic connections with them. What is the best name according to you and why? We will soon come up with Quranic names for baby boy to help simplify your search for the best name for your son. If you are looking for Quranic names for twins, please let us know so that we can curate another meaningful list for you.


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