Quranic Names for Baby Boy to Boost Your Child’s Morale


Unique Quranic Names for Boy

Quranic boy names have always grabbed the first position in the best baby names category for every Muslim. After all, the Quran is a work of divine guidance to the followers of Islam. People looking for rare and classic baby names for their kids find it a great source of meaningful as well as unheard baby names.

Direct Quranic Names to Bless Your Baby at Every Step

Here are a few Arabic boy names that will guide your son throughout his entire life.

Iman إيمان

Meaning: Faith in Allah
Amongst all the names in this list of unique Quranic names for boy, Iman has to be our most favorite. Not only because of how cute it sounds but also because of its significance in Islam. Iman means the faith in Allah and is hence, one of the most vital concepts of Islam. It is one of the highest status Quranic Names for boys and has been mentioned in the Quran several times.

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Ilm عِلْم

Meaning: Knowledge
Ilma is one of the most common baby girl names in Islam but Ilm, its main root is totally new and rare as a boy’s name. Ilm means knowledge in Arabic and is a very short and meaningful baby name. Ilm is not yet very popular but is gradually rising on the popularity trends each year. We’re sure that everyone, especially your son will love this name.

Shaan شأن

Meaning: Importance, Status
Shaan is one of those Quranic names for baby boy that we all have heard but always thought of not being an Islamic baby name. However, in reality, it has a direct connection with the Quran and has been used to denote the importance, status, rank, majesty, greatness or significance of someone. Additionally, Shaan also means matter, affair, business or activity in Arabic. Already ranking high in the list of popular Indian names, Shaan can make a great choice for Muslim names as well.

Zumar زُمر

Meaning: Groups, crowds
We are very sure you haven’t heard Zumar yet because of its newness but this name actually dates back to the 7th century. It is one of those Arabic boy names that is written in the Quran to refer to groups, crowds or throngs of people – ONLY who will enter the Paradise (Jannah). Did you know that Zumar is also the name of the 39th chapter of the Quran?

Kafeel كَفِيْل

Meaning: Sponsor
For people in the Middle-East, Kafeel is a term used in their day to day lives because people generally call their bosses “Kafeel” in Arabic. However, in literal Arabic, Kafeel means surety, responsible and sponsor. It is a new and intriguing baby boy name for Asian Muslims. This mighty baby name might make your child a leader and very responsible for all his actions in the future.

Misk مِسْك

Meaning: Musk
Misk sounds like an English name for boy but is actually an Arabic one. It means “musk” – the aromatic substance largely used in making premium perfumes, emitted from the secretion glands of the male musk deer. Musk is very difficult to find and is extremely expensive. And that’s what makes it the perfect name for your baby! In the coming years, celebrities might pick this name for their babies because of its classic sound.

Houd هُوْد

Meaning: Guidance, asking for forgiveness
Although Houd is not a new name at all and most Muslims might know about it, it is not very common. Houd is the name of a Prophet in Islam and it is also the eleventh chapter of the Quran. It means guidance or asking for forgiveness in the Arabic language. Sweet, short and significant in Islamic traditions, Houd is just the right Islamic baby name.

Zayif ضَايِف

Meaning: Hospitable
Zayif means hospitable or someone who has many guests. This name has been used to refer to Prophet Ibrahim’s (PBUH) guests in the Quran. If you pronounce Zayif as Zaif, eliminating the sound of “y”, the name means “guest”. Both the names actually mean good but make sure to settle on just one – either call your son Zayif (host) or Zaif (guest). Selecting more than one name for a child is not appreciated in Islam.

Saamar سامر

Meaning: Good friend
Saamar is again, an unheard and uncommon name for Muslim babies. It means a good friend but its literal meaning is night conversation companion. This means Saamar especially refers to a friend who can stay up all night long to talk with his friends. Since it is a relatively new baby name, your child might love his popularity when he goes to school.
NOTE: Although you can also spell it as Samar, that might lead people to the pronunciation where they don’t emphasize the “saa” sound. Samar is also a Muslim baby name that means fruit or result but it is not a direct Quranic name. Samar also has Sanskrit origins but as Muslims, we can easily select that name as well due to its Arabic origin.

Aasal آصَال

Meaning: Evenings
Aasal should be pronounced as “Aasaal” and is a name we haven’t heard a lot of. You can spell it however you like but the main focus should be on its pronunciation. Aasal has been directly mentioned in the Quran to denote late afternoons and evenings. This name has been mentioned a total of three times in the Quran. It is the plural form of the word “Aseel” which is also a Quranic baby name but not as rare as Aasal.

Got the Inspiration You Were Looking for?

We hope you liked these Quranic names for boys and selected one amongst them. We are always here to make the selection of the perfect baby name easier and more informed. By selecting direct Quranic names, you can show your devotion to Allah and make your child more spiritual.

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