Quirky Soothing Pacifiers to Buy for Baby


Various Types of Pacifiers for Babies in India

Pacifiers are essential for any baby. It is one item a parent must have at all times. It helps calm the baby down or distract them. The sucking helps soothe them and get calmer. This is why we have picked quirky soothing pacifiers you can buy for your baby.

Funny and Useful Pacifiers for Babies to Buy Online in India

1. Fast Flow Soother: The Basic Type

This Pacifier is designed for babies between six to 18 months old. The pink Binky is easy to sterilise and is made of top quality silicone. The nipple of the Binky is designed with orthodontics in mind and does not hinder development of teeth and gums. It even has extra free-flow air bubbles to help those babies with sensitive skin.

2. Gentleman’s Pacifier: For Your Smart Baby

This quirky teether will soothe your baby whole making a man out of him or her. The silicone pacifier comes with a little cheeky moustache so yours baby would look like he or she has a moustache. While the nipple is safe for the baby, the moustache will help you take some cute moustache-clad photos of your baby.

3. N&M Food Feeder and Pacifier

This attractive pacifier does the job of two in one colourful item. It is a food feeder, wherein your baby can safely eat his food. It can be adjusted to be a pacifier as well. You can feed him milk, a mashed fruit or a vegetable using the feeder. It is high-quality and easy to clean as well. With this advanced Binky your baby will learn to eat by himself/herself at a young age.

4. Saving Basket Clip Infant Pacifier Holder and Soother

This Binky is designed exclusively for babies up to six months. It is BPA-free and has collapsible years making for easier teeth growth. It is also attachable so that it won’t be easily dropped and get contaminated. The Blue colour is attractive to the baby as well.

5. Pink Kiss Pacifier: Funny Type

This funky pacifier is sure to be an eye-catching one. Especially, while you are out on the streets with your baby sucking on it. The PinkLips pacifier is fashioned to look like tainted full lips. It is made out of high quality silicone. It is also available in Red colour. Pick out a pair of ruby lips or rose lips to take funky pictures of your baby while he soothes on the Binky. You can even add in a funky outfit with the binky to enhance the uniqueness of the pictures.

6. Funny Bucktooth Pacifier: Cute One!

This one certainly is surprising! The pacifier makes the baby look as if he or she has a humongous buck teeth. It is sure to make for one hilarious baby picture. However, the teether is comfortable, odourless, colourless silicone. It is kid-tested and dentist-approved, so it sure won’t harm the little ones.

7. Vampire Pacifier: Quirky!

Now this Binky is straight out of a horror movie. If you are someone with a wicked sense of humour, you would love to pop this pacifier in your baby’s mouth and take pictures. Add in a little suit and you have a baby vampire on your hands! It also works as a functional pacifier. But we recommend to save it for special occasions when kids come over to see your baby.

Why you should use pacifiers for your baby?

Pacifiers or Binkies or teethers have a lot of pros. That is why it is recommended to use them for the baby.
-Pacifiers are designed to soothe the baby.
-They help babies with irritation while teething.
– They calm them down.
– They prevent babies from sucking on their thumb.
– Binkies have been linked to help reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
– Pacifiers satisfy babies’ natural need to suck and relaxes them. This aids in making them fall asleep sooner.

What are the cons of using a pacifier?

Sadly, pacifiers have proven to have certain side effects as well.
– According to one study, use of a Binky affects the ears of the baby as it makes them prone to ear infections easily.
– Babies can get addicted to Binkies well into their childhood.
– If not used correctly, it might cause teething issues.
– If baby sucks on a contaminated pacifier, he or she may develop stomach infection.
If proper care is taken, pacifiers are beneficial for the baby. And with the out of the box ones mentioned on our list of quirky pacifiers for your baby, his or her pictures will become cuter and less of a hassle to click.


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