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How to Get the Pre-Pregnancy Body Back?

We, the Indian Moms have a complete contrast in the prenatal and postnatal appearances. Is it only because of the genetics? Can we get back to Pre-pregnancy shape? I am going to share my own experience with you today.
I have lost 15KG weight post-pregnancy not once but twice. I did it with my own efforts without any dietician’s or gym trainers’ consult. Everything was done at home with the strict alteration in my diet and workout plans.

Why I call these Weight Loss Tips as Proven Tips?

I am a mom of 2 kids. During my both pregnancy phases, I maintained a BELLY-ONLY Pregnancy. I used to follow a strict healthy diet regime and stayed active for 9 months. And, trust me, this worked wonders for me.
After each delivery for first 5 months, I completely focused on breastfeeding as it’s the foundation of life-long-health of the child. That was the time; I mainly put on loads of weight. During lactation time, I just did some stretches to keep my body flexible and ready for upcoming workouts.
From 6th months onwards, I followed a diet and workout routine. Explained below which helped me get rid of the extra weight and get fit in 3-4 months. Nothing works overnight like a magic and if you try to go for shortcuts and superfast results, it’s not good for your enduring health. We need to balance the abs workouts with knee and back strengthening. Being the Indian Women, we are not having iron-solid-joints.

How to Encourage yourself for Healthy Diet?

Everything we eat should not be to pamper our taste buds. We eat mainly to keep our body healthy and energetic. Just remember this fact whenever you see your favorite junk food or feel not-to-have that green juice. All you need to follow a dedicated diet and workout plan for next 3-4 months for miraculous results. Once you get out of that fat cover, with maintained regular easy routine, you can again enjoy your favorite junk foods (Once in a while :D))

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips for Indian Moms

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Let’s bring a big change in your life regaining the shape and the confidence following these proven fat-shedding tips

Health Begins with the Intakes: Juices and Fitness

vegetable juices
The weight loss medicine which really works wonder is just 5 mins away from you, made up from the fresh vegetables. The food we eat every day in India, Roti, Sabji, Rice and dal won’t give you enough fibers and vitamins needed to shed the extra kilos. You need a boost to fulfill that necessary intake. So, go for one glass full of Greens every day!
Introduce yourself with some magical juice fusions to experience a dramatic declination in the weight after pregnancy. These are the most prolific juices for shedding extra kilos in the post-pregnancy phase.
• Spinach and Tomato Juice – For goodness of Vitamins, Carotene and Manganese
• Dudhi and Amla Juice – Good for weight loss, anemia and weakness
• Amarnath and Tomato Juice – Experience the richness of carotenoids, calcium, iron, phosphorus and many other healthy elements. Women need extra Iron in their postnatal phase, so try to include Beet as well in the diet.
These juices may not taste good and I won’t make false promises giving you the “tasty and healthy” quotes. As it’s a fluid, it’s just a minute task that you can perform every day. So, wrap up and set aside the taste buds which are stopping you from having this medicine every day.
Read more about these Juices here: Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss.

Organic Elements to Include in Diet

Increase the Salads in your diet.
• Bottle Gourd
• Tomato
• Spinach
• Nuts
• Oatmeal
• Green Tea
• Honey
• Coconut Water
• Pulses
• Soups
• Salads
Read More about Diet Here: Foods for Weight Loss

Abs Workouts Are Important

The More You Sweat, The More You Lose
workouts indian women
Light or intermediate exercises are recommended for the moms who have experienced a normal delivery while expert consultation is needed in the case of complicated delivery.
Here are some proven and easy-to-do exercises, tips and tricks to shed the extra weight after pregnancy
Stage 1: Light yet effective Exercises, do these below Yogasan and Surya namaskar for about 2-3 weeks to prepare your body for the Stage-2 Intense workouts.
1) Surya Namaskar – It is a great and productive postnatal yoga practice that has benefited many new mommas across the globe. It should be performed very carefully and slowly for best results. It’s the best workout to start with after baby’s delivery as it’s not intense yet it’s effective and safe for joints.
2) Yogasan for Weight Loss:
Padmasana – It’s a relaxing yoga practice that improves the stretching of the ankles and knees, strengthens the spine, keeps the brain calm and helps losing some weight as well.
Naukasana – Great yoga practice for waist fat.
ArdhaMatsyendrāsana – For back pain relief, flexibility and improved blood circulation in body
Vyaghrasana – Good for back pain, muscle, leg, arm and shoulder strengthening

You should have gained the enough flexibility till this stage as the below workouts should be done properly for expected results.
Crunches – Crunches are not only effective in reducing the belly fat but they also make the stomach muscles strong. You can commence the crunch sessions followed by some warm-ups like knee-strengthening exercises and back-strengthening exercises.
Leg Raises – Leg raises give power to the core muscles and build strength. It’s very productive in cutting down on the fat. The abdominal muscles also get strengthened with regular leg raises.
KapalBhati – It’s a Yoga exercise accepted and leveraged by global people. From the forehead (Kapal) to the skin’s glow (shine) – KapalBhati does wonders with your body. Doing KapalBhati exercise in open air for 5-10 minutes twice a day will eliminate the toxic elements from the body and shed the extra kilos gained by you after pregnancy.
It’s not only good for shedding off the weight but also great for your skin. Kapal Bhati itself means the glow on your forehead!
Squats – Squats also help an overweight mom sweat a lot and shed the additional weight. Combine squats with some warm-up exercises like swimming or jogging if possible for best results. Squats work on different muscles and hence it is one productive compound exercise.
Planks – Planks are known as one of the fastest exercises for fat burning. Planks are easy-to-do abdominal exercises. Knee strengthening is must for side-effects-free planks. The prime planks you can try after pregnancy are forearm plank and side plank exercises.
More on Workouts here: Flat Belly Workouts for Indian Moms.

A Big NO to Late Meals

All the efforts need your strict diet plan to deliver you the best results. One of major culprit of over-weighing in Indians is the late-night dinners. If you finish your meals late and don’t give enough time for digestion before going to the bed, it turns in to stubborn fats.
Late meals often add to your weight which you start noticing gradually. After pregnancy, you may want to eat anything anytime but that’s not going to be productive for your fitness. What you eat impacts your everyday body rhythm. Try to wrap up your dinner schedule by 8 pm. It will help you attain a better digestion and a peaceful sleep.

Follow Breastfeeding Regime Religiously

No matter what goes on around you, never ditch on your breastfeeding regime. Not only your child’s nutrition is associated with it but your own health is also boosted with regular breastfeeding. Breast milk is rich in fats, so when you breastfeed, you lose those fats.

Let’s Try The Stairs!

Are you one of those mommas who are afraid of the stairs and prefer the elevators? Well, it’s time for a small change. Climbing stairs burn a lot of calories and practicing it on a daily basis can help you shed some kilos as well.
Are you pumped-up and ready to join the army of the daring mommas proceeding towards the journey from flab to fit? A little (Little?? Well, its not little, but don’t think its big either) change in your diet, lifestyle and workout routine can bring a big difference. Try it today!


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