Protein Rich Foods for Growing Kids


Body Strengthening Foods for Growing Kids and Pregnant Women

Protein is an essential part of everyone’s diet; especially for the expectant mothers and the growing kids. Protein helps a baby or a growing kid maintain his/her health and relish a great growth. Below are 5 protein-rich foods that are very important for the growing kids who will soon be coping-up with a lot of challenges.

Protein Rich Foods for Kids and Expectant Women


lemon herbs chicken breasts
Not a pick for pure-vegans but chicken is the favorite food of many kids. You can try a selection of recipes with this yummy and protein-rich food. In 100g of chicken, 27g of protein is present. It is enough to build the mental and physical health of your growing kid. Chicken breast contains the maximum amount of protein and then comes chicken thigh and chicken drumsticks.
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eggs for baby
Eggs are the cheap alternative to chicken but a rich source of protein. Eggs can be used in plenty of tempting dishes and even spill magic on the ordinary dishes. The growing kids should be given one egg every day for maximum growth. 100g of eggs contain 11g of protein. The main source of protein is the white part of the egg. An egg each day will contribute to your kid’s muscle development.


kidney beans
Here comes something that vegans can count on for the source of protein. Beans are one of the most nutritious foods that every growing kid should eat every day. Chickpeas and Soybeans are the major foods falling under the beans family that are rich sources of protein. Beans are also a major source of fiber and they act as an antioxidant. 100g of beans offer 21g of protein. Also, beans save us from various health issues like high blood sugar, high cholesterol level, heart issues etc. Best way to eat beans is to sprout them and stir fry or add boiled sprouts to salads.




The benefits of milk are not hidden from anyone. Good health and milk sound synonymous. 100g of milk contains around 3.4g of protein. Milk is also a great source of calcium which strengthens the bone and protein boosts the development. You can offer milk to your growing kid in the form of chocolate milk, milkshake or any other form without adding much sugar. Milk not just adds to his growth but gives him energy to stay active throughout the day.


Indian parents often include grains in their everyday diet which is very healthy and prolific for the kid’s growth. Apart from chicken, eggs and milk, whole grains are another great source of protein. Grains like soybeans, lentils, wheat germs, oats and barley are some of the major sources of protein. Also, the pulses like chickpeas, moong and rajma are a great source of protein and you can prepare many amazing dishes using these ingredients and keep your kid happy and healthy.
Nuts/DriedFruits and Peanuts are also great source of Proteins. The overnight soaked almonds at breakfast are highly recommended for kids and pregnant women.
soaked almonds

Proteins are basically the building blocks of our body and hence everyday consumption of protein is very important. Protein builds, maintains and repairs the muscles and tissues in body. The above foods can be easily found in the market and they are for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Including these foods in your kid’s everyday diet, you not just ensure the satisfaction of the taste buds but a good health as well. All of the foods listed above are also healthy for pregnant women (Except allergen foods)

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