Pretty Arabic Girl Names: Traditional yet Modern


Trendy Islamic Baby Girl Names from Quran

Looking for modern Arabic names for girls that draw everybody’s attention but have deep religious connections? Well, if you’re a modern parent looking for an exciting list of pretty Arabic names, we’re here to make the crowd tittle-tattle about your girl’s name.

Pretty Arabic Baby Girl Names and Meanings To Suit Every Taste

If cute and short Arabic girl names are on your wish list, these names are all solid options for your bundle of joy. We bet that you’re going to have a hard time just picking one!

Ayah آيَة

We know we don’t need to elaborate on Ayah’s meaning because every Muslim already knows it. Yes! You guessed it right! Ayah means verse of the Holy Quran and is such a pretty Arabic name to be given to any girl. In literal Arabic, Ayah means sign or clue and this meaning is considered as the sign of Allah’s existence and greatness.

Ibra عِبْرَة

We know you are already in love with Ibra! After all, it is so cute, short and unheard. The name Ibra dates all the way back to at least 1400 years ago. It means a lesson or to learn from prior experience in Islam. Ibra also means wisdom and has been directly mentioned in the Quran. It has never been quite popular, but we’re sure it can soon come on the list of most popular Arabic girl names of 2020.

Jaza جَزَاء

The name Jaza has been directly mentioned in the Quran to refer to benefit and blessings. It means a reward for good deeds or recompense in Arabic. To us, it is not only a pretty but also a very meaningful and trend-setting name. Girls with this name grow up to be doers of good deeds and helpful, living up the meaning of their pretty Arabic name.

Adna أَدْنَى

Adna means closest in Arabic and that of course, a daughter is. Girls with this name grow up to share a very close bond with their parents. This name has been mentioned in the Quran to refer to nearness. This name also shares its spark with the famous musical artist “Adna” whose songs are loved by all. What do you think about honoring your baby girl with this beautiful baby name?

Eza عِزَّۃ

Eza is one of our most favorite names in this thrilling list of Islamic baby girl names. It means young female gazelle in Arabic and has been derived from ع‎,ز,ز, roots in Arabic which are used to denote Allah’s name “Al Azeez” in the Quran. A name that means gazelle is precious & unique because gazelles are loved, expensive and difficult to get.
While pronouncing it, put a very slight emphasis on the voice of “z” but do not stress the tone of “a”! We love how soft and pleasant Eza feels. If you pronounce Eza in such a way that you put stress on “a” as well (Ezaa), the meaning changes into might, power or strength. Eza or Ezzaa, both names are very pretty as well as meaningful.

Isla إِصْلَاح

Isla will make your daughter stand out due to its uniqueness and appeal. This gorgeous baby girl name means “to fix and improve”. We love how positive it means! It also means to remove corruption and reform, in general. The Quran uses “Isla” to refer to reformation and ultimately, stay away from bad deeds or things. Isla is sure to give your daughter a lot of wisdom to follow all throughout her life and be the change.

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Zyna زَينة

Zyna has recently begun to enter the charts of most unique Arabic girl names. Zyna has been derived from the cute Arabic boy name “Zayn” and means beauty or adornment. It also means excellence in the Arabic language. Naming your little girl Zyna will make her more confident and love her inner self. It is a short and pretty name to suit your adorable little girl.

Ilaf إِيْلَاف

Ilaf is an undeniably fun choice and would be loved by modern parents who’re experimental and tasteful. Ilaf means an oath or a promise. It also means safety and security. This name has been directly mentioned in the Quran in Surah Quraish to ensure their safety. With this name, your child will always be safe in Allah’s protection. Don’t you think Ilaf is cute and phonetically very appealing and uncommon?

Azan أَذَان

Azan is a bright and sophisticated name that everybody will remember for sure. This pretty name, in Islamic tradition, means a call to salah/prayer. However, in literal Arabic, it means an announcement. Declare loud the birth of your delicate darling with this lovely moniker. Giving your little one this name will ensure that she encourages and calls everyone for voluntary good deeds wherever she goes.

Ziara زِيَارَة

We love how unheard Ziara sounds. It is apparently a high-class name that is only selected by a few people, proving its rareness. Ziara means to visit or visitation. With such a unique name, you can make your baby girl adventurous and more practical. This name is distinctive enough to make your little girl feel like she’s unique and special.

More Unique Arabic Girl Names In Line!

Who said unique Arabic girl names cannot have traditional roots deep down the lane? The modern Arabic names for girls that you just discovered are inspired by the Quran, directly or indirectly. Hence, they have strong and persuasive meanings to influence your child’s life optimistically.
We keep on suggesting popular Arabic girl names to our expecting parents. Since the hunt for Islamic baby names is never-ending, so are we! We are always ready to put out more exclusive lists for parents of different tastes and choices. We hope you liked this list of pretty Arabic names for girls. So, we promise to come up with another exciting list the next time.


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