Pregnancy Fiesta at CloudNine, Pune – A Blend of Facts, Myth Busters, Fun and Much More


Funfair for Expectant Women @ CloudNine Pune

In India, pregnancy and myths related to it walk parallel. Expecting moms need expert advice to cut down on the worries and enjoy the blossoming days to the fullest. Recently, a brilliant set of conversations related to pregnancy occurred at Cloudnine Hospital, Pune, one of the most competent child and woman healthcare organizations in India. The Pregnancy Fiesta organized by Cloudnine was indeed an informative and a fun experience.
I was done with the diagnosis of a minor health issue of my younger son and was looking for an expert opinion. Dr. Sharma simply saved my day introducing me to Cloudnine and Dr. Umesh Vaidya, a dexterous paediatrician who believes in holistic healing.
Dr. Vaidya is associated with Cloudnine and it was indeed a pleasure for me to enter such a refreshing and lively environment. The ambience is revitalizing for every expectant couple. Being a maternity blogger dwelling in the same city, I was invited to the Pregnancy Fiesta at Cloudnine, Pune.
sapana at cloudnineAccompanied by 75 curious and lovely expectant couples, I was pretty excited to witness some expert advice, fun facts decoding the pregnancy myths and some serious motivation for expectant moms.

Why Was The Function Organized?

In India, a significant number of expectant couples are unaware of the proper pregnancy care, diet and fitness mantras. There are enough myths to whirl the brain. Pregnancy is not just about the physical transformation in three trimesters. It’s more about the psychological changes. The Pregnancy Fiesta was organized to spread awareness among the to-be-moms and dads. It was not just a learning opportunity for the expectant couples but there were many fun activities for eliminating the stress and realizing the true essence of pregnancy.
couples having fun
The function commenced at 10.30 with the registration process and soon after the welcome speech by the MC, valuable information related to pregnancy expectations and baby skincare was shared by Dr. Manjari and ‎General Marketing Manager – ‎Johnson & Johnson Tanvi Kukreti respectively.
dr manjari
To make the expectant couples feel light, few stress-buster couple games and activities like Musical Arms, Couple Photo booth and Bingo and Sing were arranged by MC and volunteers. Not just the expert people were delivering valuable speeches and sharing essential information but the innovative maternity and babycare ventures like J&J came up with some brilliant products like Awesome-Twosome. The program finally ended on a happy note at 12.30 with open house.

What Grabbed My Attention?

Pregnancy is a valuable gift for every woman and one should not spoil it counting on each and every advice or suggestion received. Dr. Archana beautifully mentioned the top myths about pregnancy in India. She added that exercises are as important as diet during pregnancy. A comprehensive speech on pregnancy expectations was delivered by Dr. Manjari during the program which was pretty appreciated by the expectant couples attending the program.

An Important Part of The Program

Finally, the topic of my interest was discussed by the nutritionist Shivani Bavalekar. She emphasized on the suitable diets during pregnancy and things to say goodbye during this phase. Also, some light was shed on Stemcell banking by Mr. Varun from LifeCell, the first stem cell bank in India.
The whole program was pretty prolific and helpful for the expectant couples. Many myths were decoded and plenty of cutting-edge information was shared to make the pregnancy experience better and safer.


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