Why To Practice Deep Breathing While Pregnant?


Health Benefits of Deep Breathing for Healthy Pregnancy

Running out of breath during pregnancy is common in many to-be-moms. Many expectant mothers feel jaded after a little amount of physical work. Breathlessness usually starts during the second trimester and as the baby grows and the hormonal changes occur, this trouble keeps on increasing. The growing uterus increases the pressure on diaphragm and hence lungs are affected. Thus, breathing exercises are a great rescue from breathlessness.

How Breathing Exercises Help a Pregnant Woman?

All of us breathe but, do we breathe properly? Breathing properly and choosing the right breathing exercises matter. Breathing exercises for pregnant women has plenty of benefits including:
• Provides sufficient oxygen for the growing baby
• Cuts down anxiety and stress during pregnancy
• Provides relief from muscle and joint pain
• Better labor pain and contraction management
• Hassle-free pregnancy experience

There are a few effective breathing exercises: Ujjayi breathing, Roll breathing, Abdominal breathing and to name a few. These exercises are easy-to-do and they don’t require too many equipment or accessories for performing. Best to start with is just simply deep breathing while meditating.

How to Practice Deep Breathing:

The best way and very easy-to-do exercise is doing meditation every morning and just before going to the bed.
When you are in a calm soothing ambiance, mediation and deep breathing is easy. It creates very positive vibes for you and your baby.

Here are the tips for the best deep breathing experience:

1. When you are doing it in the morning, do it in the sunlight, fresh healthy open air like in a garden, balcony etc.
2. At night, you may want to try this in candle light with aroma diffuser and a bit dark place because it helps in concentrating and relaxing
3. Make your mind think less; especially worry less. Talking to the baby in the mind will help and make you happy.
4. Sit up straight, sit on floor with legs folded but if you find it difficult to sit on the floor, sit on a chair. Make sure your back is straight and palm on each other. This position gives enough space for lungs to expand and creates deep breathing room in your chest
With a blessing like pregnancy, some nuisances like tiredness, stress, anxiety, dizziness and shortness of breath knock your door. Breathing exercises are very efficient in calming down the mind and body and make you feel good during all the trimesters of your pregnancy. Breathing provides properly oxygenated blood to your body and helps the baby grow in a healthy manner.


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