Top 10 Most Popular Baby Girl Names in India 2019


Popular Indian Baby Girl Names

Most of the Indian parents like celebrity-like names for their babies. Today, we bring you the most popular picks of baby girl names for 19-20. What does this collection mean is, these names are getting popular among the new Indian parents looking for trendy and popular names for their newborn girls this year.
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Top 10 Most Liked Indian Baby Girls Names for 2019-20

1. Amyrah

Myrah got popular during the last decade. Amyrah has the same charm but as it has been rarely used in the previous decade; parents selected this as the top choice. This beautiful name comes from Hebrew. Many Hebrew names like Myrah, sound very Indian. The name has secured a position in our top 10 popular baby girl names as it is associated with a Bollywood actress – Amyra Dastur who is quite a popular face among the youth.

2. Anika

Anika is an auspicious name and it refers to Goddess Durga and hence it reflects courage, power and supremeness. The name also means a woman who is the chief or superior in a group. Anika Sunderan is a Tamil movie actress who is quite trending in social media for her recent performances. Also, Anika Henderson is a British songwriter, singer, musician and ex-politician.

3. Arna

A short name that is pleasing to ears. Arna signifies a river. The name has a spiritual significance as it is also an epithet of Goddess Lakshmi. The name denotes wealth, prosperity and steadiness.

4. Gargi

A pretty modern name with impactful meaning. Gargi is used to signify Goddess Durga or an ancient scholar. An impactful personality who inspires to think can also be related to this name. The name is popular because of a famous ancient India philosopher Gargi Vachaknavi.

5. Ira

The name has different meanings in different cultures. In Sanskrit, the name refers to Earth or Goddess Saraswati. It’s a unisex name and for boys, it refers to the God of Wind. Ira Khan is the cute and talented daughter of Bollywood Superstar Amir Khan and hence the name shares a spot in our 10 popular baby girl names for 2019-20.

6. Ishita

It’s a trendy Sanskrit girl name that refers to Goddess Durga. The name also signifies an eminent or superior personality or someone desired or wealth.

7. Kavya

A pretty famous name from Indian TV shows and Bollywood movies. The name not just spellbinds with its beauty but inspires with its meaning as well. Kavya is a poem or poetry or someone with sage-like qualities.

8. Tanishka

We are better familiar with this name as a popular Diamond jewellery brand ‘TANISHQ’. The name is associated with Gold. Tanishka means Goddess of Gold or someone’s daughter.

9. Shanaya

Well, a trendy, short and pleasing name for a modern baby girl. Shanaya belongs to Kumbha Rashi and Hastha Nakshatra. The name refers to the first ray of Sun. The major reason behind the popularity of the name is it has been used in the blockbuster movie Student of the Year.

10. Vanya

Vanya is associated with Vaani or the Goddess of Vaani i.e. Goddess Saraswati. The Vrishabh Rashi name can also be heard in the Mantra – Om Vanyai Namah!
In modern times, before anything else, a personality is evaluated by a person’s name and therefore it adds more responsibility for parents to choose their baby’s name wisely.
Babies are like empty bottles and the names act as their labels. Picking up the right name for your baby helps you to define a piece of their identity. Many parents prefer trendy names and those names are already associated with famous personalities and there are chances your baby may get great social exposure too because of those names.
The names associated with celebrities or popular personalities are already accepted and cherished. We have listed the top 10 most popular names for Girls in 2019-20 considering the trends. We will be happy to know your opinions on these names.


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