Playmats for Babies & Toddlers: Which is best in India?


Which Play Mat/Crawl Mat in India Should I Buy for My Baby?

A floor is the favorite playground of every child. But you should not let your child play on the floor’s carpet, since they trap dust easily and are difficult to wash regularly. Most importantly the flooring in India is too hard for baby’d gentle knees. This is why you need children’s play mats (playing floor mats), made for use during playtime of babies & toddlers.
Here I am suggesting the best gym cum play mats for my kids. Best because it turned out to be an ‘Amazing Baby Product’ for me. Floor plays are essential for every kid. As it helps in the development of vision, spine and core strength of children. And if you are planning to make your child play on the bare floor, then you should know that- The bright colors and cartoons printed on play mats would also excite brain and vision stimulation among kids.
The names of mats that I bought for my children are-
Parklon Double Sided Baby Play Mat, fit for toddlers. Used it for 3-year-old son back then.
Tiny Love Super Baby Mat, fit for babies. If you are looking for the soft mat for baby younger than 6-7 months old.

Parklon Double Sided Baby Play Mat

This Playmat is suitable for Toddlers in India and is meant for Indoor use only. The Parklon Double Sided Baby Play Mat is:

1. Easily Washable

The Mat is made up of BPA-free, non-toxic plastic sheets. Plastic sheets are easy to clean, there’s not much rubbing and scrubbing involved in cleaning it. Hence you can easily clean it with a damp cloth.
Also after cleaning, the plastic sheet would dry quickly. So your child’s playtime duration won’t get affected much.

2. Durable

Even after being washed several times, the paint used in making the Mat colorful, won’t come off.
Both the plastic sheets have been stitched together in such a way that, even after continuous washing, its stitching won’t get torn for a considerable period.

3. Waterproof & Non- Slippery

The plastic used in making the Parklon Play Mat is anti-skid. Means your kid won’t slip.

4. Largely Spacious

Parents should also play with their children that’s because children will then be able to develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills. This is why you will need a spacious mat on which even you could comfortably sit, play and teach new things to your child. This is most important feature of this mat as other mats online you can buy at lower prices are smaller and not sufficient for and active crawling baby.
Also with cute colorful designs on both its sides, you will be able to spread the mat, any way you want.

5. Educational

The Parklon Play Mat is printed with educative English alphabets, with names of certain objects and Numbers printed on it.

Tiny Love Super Mat: Soft Mat for Young Babies

This is a Baby Play Mat that can be used both Indoor and Outdoor. The Tiny Love Super Mat is:

1. Full of Accessories

The Tiny Love Super Mat is an award-winning Playing Mat for Babies. The accessories attached to the Mat sets it apart from others. There’s one:
o Face Mirror, with the help of which babies identification and recognition skills can be nurtured.
o Toy Ring is also provided with the Mat so that you could fasten his favorite plush toy over the Mat.
o There’s also a caterpillar-like Spiral Toy, which the makers have named as ‘Pull-Me Spiral Toy’.
o One Soothing Teether is also attached to it. The same can be kept inside the cranky pocket provided in it. Hence he won’t be able to throw it away when he would be full action while laid on the Mat.
o Peek-a-boo Elephant Ear is another interesting accessory given on the Mat. With which he can play any way he wants.
o Along with this, a horn has been placed nearby the peekaboo elephant ears. This way your baby can have a gala time on his Playing Mat.

2. Full of Different Textures

Different textures of the appliqués and designs sewn on the mat will help in the sensory development of babies.

3. Easy to Wash

The Tiny Love Super Mat can be machine washed. During the time of wash, you may also remove accessories attached to the Mat. Even if you don’t, it won’t be a problem, since all the accessories are small in size. Hence they won’t cause any harm to your laundry machine.
Though it can be machine washed, but personally, I would ask you to either hand-wash it or give it for dry clean.

4. Long Life

Due to regular use, playing mats become vulnerable to easy wear-and-tear. But the fabric used in making this Playing Mat is thick, so you shouldn’t be feeling doubtful about the Mat’s life. Also, the Mat’s fiber fabrics of the Playing Mat won’t easily come out after several cleanings.

5. Large in size

A mother should always stick close to her baby. Hence the mat is large enough for you to sit and play with your baby.
Also, on such a wide spaced Mat your baby would be able to gain better control over his body, at the time of Floor/Tummy Time.

6. Ideal for Baby’s Floor Time

Tiny Love Super Mat is made up of linen and cotton fabric, the same is cushioned too. The softness of the Mat makes it ideal for baby’s crawling and tummy time, i.e. when he will lay flat on the floor by his stomach.
Floor Time is necessary for development of baby’s brain and body. It is a form of an unstructured exercise itself. That would prepare your baby’s body for walking.


Floor/Tummy Time should only be done after feeding. Normally three to five times a day, tummy time should be given to the baby. Your baby might be comfortable on the floor for just three to five minutes, on the floor.
And when he would start crying, just lift him up. But this duration of time may increase with passing time. So don’t worry about that. After the floor time, you can feed him again.

Why Not to Buy Cheaper Playmats?

o They are slippery.
o Have less durability.
o Their coating and paints etc. come off easily after every wash.
o Also, regular folding and unfolding of the mats can affect their stitching and coating.
o The fabric or plastic used in making it, might irate your child’s skin.
o And most of them are less spacious too.
Almost all floors are hard and slippery. As you know Indian especially the marble tile are more cool and slippery all the time. Hence Tiny Love baby crawling mat for your infant is an essential baby product to have, to give him the warmness and softness he desires. For the growing toddler, get Parklon’s waterproof play mat. On which your little one could perform all his rolly polly stunts, along with learning new things there itself.


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