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Curated List of Unique Persian Baby Boys Names

Be it the architecture, skills, political strategies and cultural affluence; the Persian culture is still remembered for being the master of all trades. The mighty emperors back then used to have regal and mellifluous names. The Persian names are still very popular and trending. When pronounced, the Persian names give a sense of lavishness and add grace to the name holder’s personality. Here is the curated list of Persian Baby Boys Names that you can pick for your sweetheart baby

Baby Boy Names: Persian


Alborz means Mountain. This name signifies a strong, fearless and mighty personality which stands firm in spite of facing all the odds in life. It’s a unique and meaningful name for a baby boy.


Aram means a calm or quiet person. This name best goes with a person with sheer patience and maturity. It’s a small name which sounds great and modern.


Arshia is a regal name which can be associated with a dynasty. It literally means throne and signifies a personality having a leadership quality and the capability to win hearts and opportunities.


Borna is a rare name which means young or youthful. It can be considered as young physique or a forever young mind, always ready to live the life on the edge. The name is suitable for a happy-go-lucky boy.


Dariush was a mighty Persian emperor known for his skills and intelligence. It also means Well-behaved or good natured person. The name can be a great pick for your baby if you have always dreamt of a sweet, calm and genteel child.


It is one of the most popular and trendy baby boy names. The name signifies a smart or wise person with a great ethical and academic knowledge. It is a frequently chosen name in Iran and many other Islamic nations.


Well, it may be a bit tough to pronounce but it acquires a deep meaning. Fravardin means the positive spirit or guardian spirit that guides us in every walk of life remaining inside or around us.


For a mom, her baby is his entire world. The name Jahan literally means the World. This names best suits the people with a friendly nature and multiple skills. People around your baby will often appreciate the name while pampering him.


Success come to those who work hard to earn and deserve it. The name Kamran means success, victory or triumph. It’s a very positive name and it will help your baby attain a victorious nature when he grows.


Kayvan means the world. If you want your baby to grow as a multitalented person then this name will surely suit his personality and skills. It signifies that all the worldly skills in one person.


Keyvan means the same as Kayvan i.e.; World. It’s just the difference in the pronunciation that varies with the Islamic territories.


It’s a royal name which means king or related to king. A person is either a king by the virtue of his wealth or his wisdom and skills. This name will always help your baby stay surrounded by the positive vibes.


Mithra means alliance, binding or association. It’s a name which is suitable for amiable people who easily join hands and believe in boosting the relations.


Payam means message in Persian. Help you kid spread the message of peace and truth around him offering him this name.


If your baby boy is always surprised to the activities around him or curious to know about the stuff fascinating him then Pouya can be a great name for him. Pouya means searcher or to explore something. It’s good to be curious and search for things that move you. It’s a vital step towards wisdom.


Getting a name and deserving it are two different things. Shaya means worthy. I f you think that your baby is worthy of an asset, tag or position then you can pick this positive and mellifluous name.


Your baby is the blessings of an angel and you would definitely want to turn the world around him like a heaven with all the comforts and lavishness. Soroush means messenger angel. Offering this name to your baby is like offering him a divine mission of his life to accomplish.


Short, sweet and logical – the name ‘Zia’ has everything modern parents look for in a trendy and meaningful Persian name. It means light or illumination. Open the windows for the light to come in and illuminate your baby’s world.
The above given list of the Persian names is a great relief for the Iranian parents who are exploring the sought after and meaningful baby boy names. All these names are trendy, short and meaningful and you can embellish your baby’s world offering him one of these names.


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