Paediatric Specialists Any Parent Must be Aware of


What are the Various Paediatric Specialist?

A paediatric specialist understands a specific area of an infant or a baby who is growing. A general physician may not be the go-to professional for all of your baby’s health issues. Paediatric specialists make the infants comfortable and diagnose the complex health issues. Below are the various types of paediatric specialists for your baby that your search should focus when you baby is unwell.

Paediatric Specialists: What do they Diagnose and Treat?

Nutritionist or Paediatric Dietician

A paediatric dietician deals with the nutritional health of a baby. The problems related to a child’s growth, development and a healthy diet fall under his responsibility. He checks and monitors the progress in a child’s growth and counsels the family regarding the care, treatment and other concerns.


When a woman is pregnant and the health issue is related to the unborn baby, a Neonatologist is the right person to contact. He deals with the complications during the pre-delivery as well as the delivery phase and the health of newborns.

Paediatric Immunologist

This health professional takes care of a child’s immune system related health issues.

Paediatric Endocrinologist

A paediatric Endocrinologist deals with the health issues related to a child’s growth, puberty and hormones along with diabetes.

Paediatric Nephrologist

The health professional with special skills to deal with the high blood pressure, urinary tract, bladder and kidney related health issues is the right person to contact for infants and the children till the late adolescence.

Paediatric Geneticist

A health professional who deals with the health issues like trouble with a child’s development (short stature), family’s medical history or hereditary health issues, metabolism problems at the time of birth, health issues that may cause disability in children and various birth defects is known as Paediatric Geneticist.

Paediatric Neurologist

nerve cell
The doctor who diagnoses and treats the issues related to a baby’s nervous system.

Paediatric Bone Surgeon

Bone Surgeon
Children who face birth deformities or abnormalities related to their spine, limb or other bones need special attention of a Paediatric Bone Surgeon also known as Orthopaedic professional. Such health professionals deal with the muscle, joint and bone related issues in children.

Paediatric Physiatrist

A doctor who creates and provides a plan for rehabilitation that include therapy, medication and treatment.

Paediatric ENT Specialist

Like general ENT specialists, a paediatric ENT specialist also deals with the troubles related to Ear, Nose and Throat but the age group they deal with is infants and grown-ups. They also diagnose the trouble related to a child’s head and neck structures.

Paediatric Rheumatologist

The doctors who deal with the Rheumatic health troubles related to a child. The rheumatic diseases end up causing the loss of function in the body. They can be related to the joint, muscles, bones or ligaments.

Paediatric Radiologist

The responsibility of a paediatric is usually related to MRI and ultrasound or other imaging techniques and this health professional suggests which imaging technique is suitable for a child after the diagnosis.

Paediatric Dermatologist

A paediatric dermatologist deals with the inborn and hereditary skin disorders. When a child reaches his/her puberty and undergoes few hormonal changes, in that case too, a paediatric dermatologist is required to diagnose and treat the skin problems like acne.

Autism Specialists

Autism is diagnosed in infants at a very early age. The condition is diagnosed through various tests including behaviour, language and social skills. The specialists who can diagnose autism in a baby include speech therapists, physical therapists, paediatric neurologist, audiologist, psychiatrist or psychologist and paediatricians dealing with an infant’s development.

Paediatric Therapists

Such health professionals do not deal with complex health-related issues of the children but they are trained to improve the everyday life skills for better functioning of the body and a better mental and emotional condition. Paediatric therapists can be of various types including speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and physical therapist.
When a paediatrician is not sure about any diagnosis or the domain is beyond his competence, her/she may refer to a paediatric specialist for better diagnosis and treatment. In the case of a chronic health issue, disability, a rare medical condition or a complex disease, you may need to visit a paediatric specialist for your infant.


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