Pacifier Teeth – Causes & Precautions


Pacifiers & Toddlers – Does it Cause Teeth Misalignment?

Have you found your baby sucking thumb, fingers or pacifiers interestingly?
Don’t worry about his this habit because most of the children quit this habit on their own between 1 to 3 years. However, some children become used to of it (now get tensed). If your child still leans on this habit after crossing 3-years of his life, it is time to worry about your baby’s teeth!

What Does Pacifier Teeth Mean?

pacifier teeth
Sucking is very natural to children and it develops even before a child is born. Forming pacifier teeth means the slanting out of top front teeth, tilting in of bottom front teeth, misalignment of upper and lowers jaws, & narrower side-roof of mouth. All these consequences are the result of overuse of pacifiers.

Carefully watch your baby’s teeth. How they are growing?

If you find any abnormalities in front teeth, jaws and bones then get alarmed. It will ruin the facial characteristics to make your baby feel bad later on.
Smile is the most important part of someone’s face, misalignment of teeth may develop low confidence level and emotional breakdown. It is usually caused by pacifier or thumb sucking. Talk to your dentist if this habit persists for more than 3 years.

What Causes Pacifier Teeth?

Excessive use of pacifiers, bottle feeding & thumb sucking
baby drinking from bottle
These are the habit made up eventually when your little baby is hungry. Later on, the baby became used to of it. They found it healthily comforting, soothing and relaxing (Obviously – they can’t make right decisions at this age).

How Harmful Is It for Your Baby?

Pacifier, thumb sucking, finger sucking – these are the habits which have harmful effects on the dental health of your child. Some of such harms are –
 It causes noticeable changes to children’s mouth, causing an increase in the prevalence of anterior open and posterior cross bite.
 Abnormal primary tooth may be broken due to this & that’s why it is considered as the main cause in misalignment of the teeth.
 Abnormal mouth breathing is another consequence of pacifier teeth is also formed. As the child habitually breathe with open mouth.

There are some of the possible effects which caused by the use of pacifier –
• Facial Changes
• Changes in roofs of mouth
• Difficulty in Swallowing
• Use of pacifier may increase ear infection risks in some children.
• Major speech problems may form.

How to Avoid Pacifier Teeth?

As there are many problems, caused by sucking habit of children, you better know how to avoid pacifier teeth or make safe uses of pacifiers. So, let’s begin with avoiding it –

• Keep the pacifier out of child’s eyes. (It’ll save you money also. Just stop buying it for the growing baby)
• Distract your child using other toys and activities.
• Teach your child about tooth alignment and side effects of pacifiers. Tell them how thumb sucking habits will ruin her cute face.
• Console your baby about not using pacifiers. After some time, your baby will find a better way to calm himself.
• Monthly dental check up. (Dentists will help you out)
• Brushing teeth properly and maintaining dental hygiene.
• Praise your child when he is not doing thumb sucking, pacifier use etc as motivation show phenomenon action for each person.
• Never dip the pacifier in sugar and honey, it will make your child more used to it. (Also causes cavities)
• If you still have no choice, go for orthodontics pacifier for children. It will keep your baby’s teeth germs free and will not disrupt tooth alignment.

Safe Use of Pacifier

 Do not replace Diet with Pacifier. Give pacifier to your child only when he needed it or have the urge of it. (and also if he should use it)
 It should be well placed and hygienic. Wash it before the use.
 Do not share your baby’s pacifier with any other kid (or big kids)
 Pacifier must have a little hole in it.

Pacifiers are good but up to a limit. If used exceedingly, they will bring deformation in the face, misalignment of teeth and other facial and dental problems. And the worst part is – you will be blamed for your baby’s mistake. So, better take care of it and learn each thing as described in the post (you can always read it again!).


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