Ovulation Tracking in Pregnancy Planning – Know the Right Time!


Plan Faster Pregnancy by Ovulation Tracking

For better results in anything, the planning is the must. Pregnancy Planning by tracking ovulation, therefore, is a smarter move if you want babies on right time.
Many people are unaware of the ovulation and the importance of tracking it in knowing the best time for getting pregnant. So, the introductory part of the post will explain what ovulation actually is. On moving downwards, you will learn about the right time of getting pregnant, how ovulation affects, and the importance of planning the beginning of motherhood.

What is Ovulation?

In most simple language, ovulation is the most fertile time when the female bears highest chances of getting pregnant from intercourse.
It is purely a menstrual-cycle-based phenomenon and occurs usually 12 to 16 days before the period begins. During the fertile window, the egg is released which stays available for fertilization for around a day-long period. This egg release is called as ovulation.
This video (embedded below) on “ovulation tracking in pregnancy planning” will definitely help you understand better –

The main mistake couples make is – not knowing the ovulation period. Know how it affects the pregnancy in the following section.

How Ovulation Tracking Helps in Better Pregnancy Planning?

The pregnancy is only possible if the egg is meeting sperm. The sperm can be active from 3 to 5 days in the female organs while ovulated-egg lives for a single day.
It means if you are unaware of when the ovulation comes in effect – you are failing to plan it well. Once you are ready for baby making, you have to find out the right time of making it happen.

Importance of Pregnancy Planning

It is important to understand the urgency of planning the pregnancy for easy, balanced and healthy lives of the expectant mother and future baby.
If you are not taking it seriously, here are some causes to show you the need of it–
• It provides an opportunity for improving the health of you and your partner which is required for a healthier baby.
• It gives you enough time to manage the social, economical and other such stuff for easing the pregnancy.
• “When to have the baby” is completely depending on you and your partner.

What are the Best Days to Get Pregnant?

fertile window
The best days of getting pregnant rely on certain things like – when your last period ended, how long is your menstrual cycle. The manual calculation will be most accurate if your periods are absolutely normal.
To ease down the things for you – the best days are around the middle day of your menstrual cycle. So, considering a normal cycle length i.e. 28 days, the best time is the duration around the 14th day – which means from 12th to 16th day.
However, on an average – the period from 11th to 17th day is considered good.

How to Know the Right Time Easily: Find Your Fertile Days?

No matter how much you are trying for babies, if you are not on right time – you won’t be able to get pregnant. To know your fertile days, you can use the above-mentioned methods by roughly calculating the duration.
For exact information, there are some good Ovulation Tracking Kits available in the market. Using them will be a better idea.
The women, who have irregular periods, should definitely use such kits. This is because – Measuring the best days of getting pregnant or tracking Ovulation is inaccurate if your menstrual cycle is not proper.
There is a perfect time for availing the best outputs of any Karma so knowing that perfect time through Ovulation Tracking will be great for planning a healthy and result-yielding pregnancy. Isn’t it?
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