Outstanding Names Inspired by Hindu Goddess for Baby Girls


Why to Pick Meaningful Godly Names for Your Baby Girl?

The Names of Hindu Goddesses are vibrant and energetic. Naming your kids after such goddesses’ impact the overall development of the baby, inspiring her to acquire the many beautiful qualities of the deity. Also, the child will forever love you for the amount of thought you had put in to name them. So let us start with the rare and powerful goddess names in this post. Please do not forget to tell us about your favourite name and why in the comment box–

Beautiful and Uncommon Names of Hindu Goddess

Uncommon and Powerful names of Goddess Durga


Aadhya आध्या

Aadhya refers to the supreme or the very first power which is unparalleled and cannot be challenged. It is another name for Maa Durga.

Aarya आर्या

The name has Indian and Persian roots. Aarya means a noble or honoured person who always knows right from wrong.

Adriti अधृति

Adriti means excessive power- someone who is so powerful that they sometime lose their control over things. A little unsteady! The name is often used to signify the Goddess Durga, who often turns quite fearful while fighting the evil forces.

Aishani ऐशानी

Aishani is a beautiful Hindu name that is quite unique and rare. It sounds pretty feminine on the ears and refers to the Goddess Parvati or Durga. Aishani is also a name to the goddess who lives in North-East i.e Ishanya.

Ananta अनन्ता

ॐ अनन्तायै नमः।
Ananta means going on forever. Someone who is eternal and will be there till the very end.

Anika अनिका

In English, Anika is a woman with a lovely face and a graceful demeanour. However, in Sanskrit, the name suggests a group of soldiers who are brave and courageous.

Anwita अन्विता

A matter that is understood or a person who is followed or attended by a group of people or individuals is called Anwita. It’s a derived meaning which also means someone full of charm/beauty or power.

Aryahi आर्याहि

Aryahi is made of combining the two words Arya and Ahi, where Arya means noble and Ahi means the Sun / Heaven and Earth / Water.

Dakshaya दक्षया

ॐ दक्षायै नमः।
Dakshya is a person capable of handling everything or the most difficult of situations. Someone who can take strong decisions in the times of need and is extremely powerful, in many different ways. Also, in line with the Hindu mythology, Daksha was a king and father of Sati (a form of Goddess Durga)

Deveshi देवेशि

She is the ultimate goddess- the chief goddess or the Goddess of all Goddesses.

Eka एका

ॐ एकायै नमः।
Eka means the one or only or unique. The name refers to Goddess Durga.

Isha ईशा

A beautiful and popular Hindu name which means the Goddess who protects. If you going to call her by that name, she will forever live under the kind protection of devi Isha ma.

Ishi इषी

Derived from Ish, Ishi too herself is the prime Goddess who has all the good attributes of the other goddesses.

Kaalaka कालका

In Sanskrit, Kaalaka is a bird or a fish or snow or a female genius. Like the depths of the skies, Kaalka could be the dark blue colour of the stormy clouds as well.

Kamakhya कामाख्या

ॐ कामाख्यायै नमः।
Kamakhya is after the Kamakhya devi temple in Guwahati, Assam. It’s a popular Indian religious spot. Kamakhya is the devi of virginity. As she grants that every wish which a woman could make, her name also means the wish granter.

Kanyaka कन्यका

It is supposed in Indian mythologies that a girl doesn’t turn into a woman for as long as she lives her parents and belongs to them. The moment she is married off to a suitable groom, she becomes a woman. Kanyaka, however, is the goddess of virginity. She takes care of your daughter/little girl forever.

Karala कराला

ॐ करालायै नमः।
Karala is someone who is strong and resilient enough to tear apart the evil. The name also signifies a tree or a sword.

Kaushiki कौशिकी

ॐ कौशिक्यै नमः।
When the Goddess Durga appears in a silk fabric, in her most ravishing avatar, she is called Kaushiki.

Kirati कीराती

In the mountains, Goddess Durga is known to be a consort of Kirateswar (Lord Shiva). As Shiva resides only in the mountains, goddess Durga accompanies her as the chief Woman of Kirata tribe.

Neeranjana निरंजणा

Lord Shiva is often called Niranjan and his consort is Niranjana. It means a supreme-being and a full moon night.

Nitya नित्या

ॐ नित्यायै नमः।
That something/someone which/who is constant and doesn’t change with the change in its surroundings. That remains eternal!

Sadhika साधिका

Sadhika is an achiever who is pure in heart & body and can perform a certain skill with dexterity.

Santati सन्तति

Santati is a goddess who brings you out of all the troubles and worries. She is also known to be the goddess of child-birth.

Sarbani सर्बानि

The name is very popular among the Bengali communities. Someone who is flawless
or omnipresent is also called Sarbani.

Sarvani सर्वानि

Sarvani means the same as Sarbani i.e.; perfect or omnipresent.

Sattviki सात्विकि

Also spelled as Satyaki, Sattviki, in Hindu mythology, was a powerful warrior who fought wars based on right and wrong, and not for personal favours, grudges or biases. She is truthful and honest.

Saumyaa सौम्या

ॐ सौम्यायै नमः।
Saumyaa is a feminine name which means gentle from within or a pearl.

Shambhavi शाम्भवी

ॐ शाम्भव्यै नमः।
It’s a popular Goddess Durga name. In this avatar, Shambhavi is known to be the wife of Shambhu.

Shivani/Shivanshi शिवानि / शिवान्शी

As the name itself reflects, Shivani or Shivanshi is the wife of the powerful & the most innocent Lord Shiva.

Shulini शुलिनी

It’s another name of Goddess Durga. Shool/Shul/Trishul means Spear, a weapon held by Maa Durga. So basically, Shulini is someone who bores the spear of the maa and can use it whenever placed opposite to the evil.

Shyama श्यामा

ॐ श्यामायै नमः।
The name refers to darkness or the black color. It is a subtle indication towards the goddess of the dark, the Goddess Kali that is.

Shyala श्याला

It’s a trendy and unique name with a deep spiritual meaning. A reside of mountains is also known as Shayla.

Stuti स्तुति

ॐ वन्दिस्तुताकारायै नमः।
When you want to praise the gods in the heaven you sing hymns to make them hear you and understand how much you love them. Stuti is the same as the hymns, it is sung to make the lords up above happy.

Tanisi तानिसि

She is a mystery. A Snake lady or a fantasy fairy-tale queen! It is hard to pin her down; it is even harder to guess her next move.

Tanvi तान्वि

Every step that she takes is graceful and elegant. She is delicate at the same time is quite fascinating.

Toshani तोशाणि

Something that caters to the cravings or satiates the needs of people. .

Trariti त्रायिति

Trariti is fast and efficient and can get things done, perfectly, in a jiffy.

Trinetra त्रिनेत्रा

The name itself suggests that Trinetra is an individual with three eyes i.e.; Lord Shiva.

Tvarita त्वारिता

Goddess Durga is known for her speed and efficiency. Tvarita is another name for her, indicating the same swiftness and efficiency that Maa Durga posses.

Vamika वामिका

Placed on the left corner of Vam.

Vapurda वापुर्दा

Who bestows with grace or beauty

Yadavi यादवी

Female belonging to the Yadav clan or a consort of Yadav. Not to forget, lord Krishna himself belonged to the Yadav clan.
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Beautiful Names of Goddess Lakhsmi

names of laxmi devi for indian baby girls

Aaghnya अघ्ण्या

The fire-born. A bit difficult to pronounce but rare and unique name of Goddess Lakshmi

Aarna अर्णा

Literally means river or something which emits a wave/stream.

Aditri आदित्री

The supreme award or honour is called Aditri.

Aparaa आपरा

The knowledge of the materialistic world.

Buddhi बुध्दि

Buddhi means brain, knowledge or enlightenment.

Deeta दिता

The response that a devotee gets after his/her prayers is called Deeta.

Deetya दित्या

Deetya comes from Deeta i.e.; the response of the prayer.

Dhriti ध्रिति

The short and unique name Dhriti signifies courage or boldness. This is a very good choice for parents looking for baby names starting with Dh. Such beautiful names
are rare to start with Dh.

Hamsi हंसि

The name has is associated with Goddess Saraswati as Hams means swan and the Goddess is shown as riding Swan in Hindu mythology.

Harini हारिणी

Harin means male deer or stag. Harini is the feminine form and refers to Goddess Laxmi in a deer avatara.

Hiranmayi हिरण्मयी

Graceful like a deer.

Jaladhija जलाधिजा

The name signifies water and the supreme/divine power associated with it, Lola Not constant or constantly moving here and there. The name sounds very modern and adorable.

Loukya लौक्या

Loukya means possessing worldly wisdom.

Manushri मनुश्रि

Wife or consort of Manu, an avatara of Lord Vishnu. Sweet and stylish name.

Nandika नंदिका

The literal meaning of this one of the 1000 names of Goddess Lakshmi is a clay vessel for carrying water.

Padamja पाद्मजा

Padma means lotus and janma means born. The name refers to someone born from a lotus.

Paraa परा

The superior in a group. Short and sweet name.

Paramaa परमा

Paramaa is an auspicious Goddess Laxmi name which means perfect or the greatest. The name sounds very powerful.

Pingla पिंगला

It’s a powerful feminine name used for Goddess Laxmi or Durga.

Punyaa पुण्या

Punyaa means virtue or good deeds

Reedh रीध

Wealth. The name refers to Lord Vishnu. Such a trendy name with powerful meaning and origin.

Rujula रुजुला

It’s a unique name which means bestows with wealth.

Sanghavi सान्घवि

The name has been derived from the word Sangh which means an assemblage or a gathering of people

Sanvi सान्वि

Someone adorable or loveable. This is one of top 10 popular hindu baby girls names of 2017.

Shreea श्रिआ

Auspicious or beautiful. Shree refers to Lord Vishnu and Shreea means his consort. Note that this is different than Shreya.

Shrivalli श्रिवाली

A plant. One of rarest names of goddess Lakshmi.

Shruti श्रुती

Someone acquiring adept knowledge of Vedas. And, Shruti also means one who is praised.

Shuchi शुचि

Shuchi means something or someone very glowing or pure.

Siddhi सिध्धी

Siddhi signifies success or achievement.

Sthiraa स्थिरा

Something which is not moving or changing.

Sudena सुदेना

A true Goddess by all means.

Varada वरदा

Someone who grants blessings.

Vararoha वरोरहा

All set to bestow with blessings or advantages.

Vasavi वासवि

Vasavi is a consort to Lord Indira, the rain god.
Vashudha वासुधा
The name signifies earth, which is known to be the mother and provider of everything to man.

Vasvi वास्वी

Lord Indra’s wife is also known as Vasvi.
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Lovely Rare Names of Goddess Saraswati

saraswati names uncommon with meaning

Aarya आर्या

A humble/kind/faithful/auspicious person or divine figure

Hansini हंसिनी

The name refers to Goddess Saraswati who rides Hans or Swan

Ira इरा

Ira is Goddess of speech and wisdom which refers to Goddess Saraswati. It’s a short
and modern name.

Kadambari कादम्बरी

A traditional Indian name which means a female cuckoo

Manasvi मनस्वि

A powerful personality with godly wisdom, intelligence and virtue.

Medha मेधा

The name is associated with Goddess Saraswati. It suggests the traits like power, intelligence and mental vigour.

Pavaki पावकी

A fire or purifying element. It’s another name of Lord Murugan, a Vishnu avatara.

Pragya प्रग्या प्रज्ञा

Pragya signifies a specific skill/art or wisdom/intellect in a certain domain that is mastered with the time. Gya refers to gyan and Pra means a pro or master of a skill.

Sharada शारदा

It means recurring or who carries/bears a Veena. Sharda may not be uncommon but is one of eternal beautiful names of Hindu Goddess Sarasvati.

Shriya श्रीया

Shriya brings Purity or prosperity. Although it is mainly Goddess Lakshmi’s name, however, sometimes, Goddess Sarasvati is also acknowledged by the same name.
also referred to as Shriya

Swamini स्वामिनी

It’s the feminine form of Swami which means a lady or Goddess Saraswati. The name is used in the Mantra Om Swamineya Namah.

Tulaya तुलया

Saraswati name Tulayayey Namah Tulay means to weigh / Raise and measure. So, it means the Goddess who decides the measure and comparison.

Vagdevi वाग्देवी

Vag refers to vocal or speech and hence the name means the Goddess of speech

Vagmita वाग्मिता

Vagmita means eloquent. A person becomes eloquent due to blessings of Sarasvati Maata

Vanmayi वाङ्मयी

Someone blessed with a speech

Vani वाणी

This beautiful short and sweet name means Praise, eloquent speech or fine diction, Music and all referring to Lord Saraswati

Vidhathri विधात्रि

Vidhathri is an epithet of Goddess Saraswati. It also means an author or maker of something or a mother.
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Amazing Rare Names of Goddess Parvati

Abhirami अभिरामी

It is one of the names used to refer to Goddess Parvati. Or Lakshmi. Abhirami also means a charming or delightful personality.

Akshai अक्षयी

An unstoppable or imperishable personality with immense power like Goddess Parvati. It is also used as an epithet for the Goddess.

Arya आर्या

A noble or great lady with a godly personality who can be worshipped. The name signifies Goddess Durga or Parvati.

Eesha ईशा

The name is derived from Ish which means God. The name generates an essence of purity and is often used for making a reference to the Goddess Parvati. One who protects or it can be a prayer mumbled softly at nights. Eesha also means something bestowed by God/.

Gauri गौरी

Goddess Parvati is also known with the name Gauri. In Sanskrit, the name means a white or a fair woman.

Ishanvi ईशान्वी

Ishanya means the residence of Lord Shiva and hence Ishanvi refers to Goddess Parvati. It’s a made-up name from Ishanya.

Maheshi माहेशी

Mahesh is another name used for Lord Shiva, one of the Trinity Gods (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh). The wife of Shiva i.e. Goddess Parvati is called as Maheshi.

Pranavee प्राणवी

It refers to ‘AUM’, the Shabda-Brahman or the primordial/ first sound of the universe. The name also refers to Goddess Parvati.

Rua रुआ

Which can’t be seen/invisible person. The name suggests an almost perfect personality and used as an epithet of Goddess Parvati.

Sharvani शर्वाणी

It’s a mellifluous name used for Goddess Parvati or Durga. Someone born in the month of Shravan can also be called by the name.

Uma उमा

It’s a popular Goddess Parvati name. It also refers to Goddess Parvati. The name has many other meanings like grandeur, fame, light or night.


Shiva’s consort can be called Shivanshi


Uttara simply means the North direction! It is said that the gods reside in the North, hence, Uttara itself becomes a very auspicious direction.

Beautiful Names Goddess Seeta

Bhargavi भार्गवी

Bhargavi is a fascinating or a beautiful personality. A female descendant of Bhargu

Maithali मैथिलि

It’s a language commonly used in the Mithila region in Bihar. The name is dedicated to the Queen of Mithila.

Prithvija पृथ्वीजा

Born from Earth or the daughter of the earth (Prithvi)

Siya / Sia सिया / सिआ

Siya is the consort of Lord Rama.

Uncommon Names of Goddess Radha

Amoha अमोहा

Amoha knows right from wrong. She is straight and clear and is free from any sort of ignorance.

Hridaya ह्रिदया

The name is derived from Hriday which means the heart. Also, Hridaya signifies a graceful or a charming personality who in their heart has an inclination or devotion towards Lord Krishna.

Jiva जिवा

The name is associated with the word Jeevan which means life. So basically Jiva is someone who is full of life.

Ramani रामणि

Ramani is someone who has the beauty to win your heart. She is adorable and quite ravishing.

Radhika राधिका

The name talks about the pure and victorious love that Lord Krishna had for Radha. Radha is one of common names in India, however, by adding “ika” to the end, it becomes Radhika, which is new, stylish and catchy on the tongue.

Sarva सर्वा

Sarva covers the entirety. It means all or complete. It means the absolute.

Shrikama श्रिकामा

Kama means love and Shri means Lord Krishna (Vishnu’s Avatar) and hence the name means Goddess Radha i.e. the Love of Krishna.

Vishakha विशाखा

Shakha means a branch of a tree and Vishakha means lots of branches growing out of a tree.

Vrinda व्रिन्दा

Vrinda means Tulsi i.e. Holy Basil and sometimes it signifies malicious chorus of the

Other Hindu Goddess Names

Anahita (Goddess of Water Greek) अनाहिता

Someone who can’t be burnt. The water Goddess in Greek mythology Gargi (descendant of the sage

Gargi गार्गी

Gargi was one of the most learned female saints of India. She is the truest example of women empowerment. Learning about skilled or scholarly woman

Rhyah (Queen Of Sun) र्हिया

Queen of Hot and Bright Sun (Origin unknown)

Swaha (Goddess of Fire) स्वाहा

The word is often used in holy practices at home or office. It could give a holy touch to everything that is happening in your life.

Vaaruni (Goddess with the power of Varun) वारुणी

The consort of Varun Dev. Varun dev is the god of rain and is accompanied by Vaaruni wherever he goes.

Vaidiki (Vedic Form Lord) वैदिकि

A goddess who presents herself in a complete Vedic avatar.
So, if people are asking/suggesting your baby’s name daily. Surprise them with a highly unique, trendy, modish yet meaningful name. We assure you, if you chose one of the names mentioned above, everyone is going to love your choice, including the kid, once she grows up.
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    Seems like a combination of generic and unique names. Is there any goddess name available for a LEO girl which signifies power? Please suggest

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    I have a cute baby girl. I want a baby name inspired by Hindu goddesses specifically Goddess Saraswati. I like the name Aarya, Ira, Manaswi, Medha, Pavaki. Can you select an appropriate name for my baby?

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    Hi, I think my search my modern names with traditional meaning has ended here. I really like the name ‘Jiva’ in here.

    Seriously, you must hear this. I have been jumping from one site to another since past one hour and thank god, I landed here. 🙂 Keep going like this.

    • Sapana

      Shreea/Shreeya means: prosperity/Happiness
      Shreya means: trust/credit/reliance

      I personally find Shreea is best of all (Its uncommon compared to Shreya and Shreea is easier to pronounce)

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    Hey I m Preeti and wanna name for baby girl related to nakshtra letter starting to Lee, li…..I m not getting any beautifull name related to goddess . Can u plz suggest me a good n modern mame.

    • Sapana

      Sharini is one of Goddess Lakshmi’s Sahasranam (1000Names). Shari means Arrows and Sharini means the Goddess Who has Arrows.

    • Sapana

      Adya is Prime Power or First Power. It is in general referred to all Hindu Goddesses but according to 1000names/Sahasranam its Goddess Lakshmi’s name Om Adyayaye Namah.

      Adya= Aadya = Aadhya

      I think the correct one is Adya.

    • Sapana

      Hi Nidhi,
      Anushri is a Sanskrit name.
      Anu + Shree:
      Anu means Good/Suitable and Shree means Wealth Prosperity and beautiful

      Its a positively meaningful Sanskrit name

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    • Sapana

      Hi Manjunath,
      You may start with this List: http://www.gomama247.com/download-unique-indian-baby-names-list/
      I have created this list after a detailed study of Sanskrit Originated names.
      I have discovered many new unheard beautiful names which are mentioned in the list.
      The list contains 700+ names which are very unique (Many are unheard, not all though) and few more trendy names (1400+)

      I suggest you go through it first. If in case you still want me to help then I charge 1200Rs for consultation (Other than the list).

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      Hi Vivek,

      Sorry for the late reply. I was discussing with our Urdu Expert.
      1. Ayra word does not exist in Sanskrit.
      2. It is a popular Muslim girl name but it is not even an Arabic/Urdu word. It most probably has Sindhi origins with meaning as Respectable. (Not very clear)
      But Muslims love it as a girl’s names.
      Now if you have liked the name and want to relate to some Sanskrit roots then here is a suggestion: एरा means Ewe/sheep in Sanskrit, we Indians don’t prefer such meanings but there are many names in European region which have such meanings. (Fox, Sheep etc)
      ऐर means abundant in food and refreshments which is positive meaning.
      You can also say it is inspired by Airawati ऐरावती which is female of Indra’s elephant

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    • Sapana

      Goddess Durga’s Sahasranama has a few Variations Siddhi names
      ॐ सिद्धिरूपायै नमः। : SiddhiRupa
      ॐ सिद्धिदायै नमः। Siddhida (Also Saraswati: ॐ सिद्धिदायै नमः। )
      ॐ सर्वसिद्धिप्रदाशक्तये नमः। SiddhiPrada

      Siddhiksha and Siddhisha (according to my study) are not known variations of goddesses names, but Siddhisha by meaning is goddess itself.
      Siddhiksha: Siddhi Aksha is also a nice meaning.

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