Outstanding Names Inspired by Hindu Goddess for Baby Girls


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Why to Pick Meaningful Godly Names for Your Baby Girl?

Name of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are vibrant and energetic. Using such names will affect the baby, inspiring her to acquire the qualities of the deity. It will also give the positive feeling of uniqueness when you’ve named her thoughtfully.
Let us start with the baby girl names. Do not forget to write your favorite one in comment box once you’ve selected –

Beautiful and Uncommon Names of Hindu Goddess

Uncommon and Powerful names of Goddess Durga



Aadhya refers to the supreme or very first power which is unparalleled. It is another name of Maa Durga.


The name has Indian and Persian roots. Aarya means a noble or honoured person.


A powerful ray is called Adriti. The name is often used to signify Goddess Parvati.


It’s a very rare Hindu feminine name which means Goddess Parvati or Durga.

Ananta (Endless)

Ananta means something which has no end and endures forever.

Anika (graceful)

A graceful person with a sweet face. The name signifies beauty and excellence.


The name means the excellence of a rock or stone.


Anwita means the gap remover or something/someone overpowered by


It’s a unique female name and often used to refer the consort of Lord Shiva.


The supreme goddess or the power/consort of Varuna.

Dakshayani (Daughter of Dakhsha)

In Hindu mythology, Dakshayani, also known as Sati is the daughter of King Daksha.


The chief goddess or Goddess of all Goddesses


Eka means one and only or unique. The name refers to Goddess Durga.

Ekaa (Unique)

The name means the same as Ekaa which signifies one of a kind personality


A beautiful and popular Hindu name which means the protector Goddess.


The name means salvation or a rock. It also refers to the superior Goddess.


The eye pupil is called Kaalaka in Sanskrit. Something foggy or dark or perfumed is also referred to as Kaalaka.

Kamakhya/ Kaamakya

It’s a popular Indian religious spot’s name. The name also means the wish granter.


The virgin goddess is called Kanyaka. It also means girl/daughter.


Who tears is called Karlika. The name also signifies a tree or a sword.


Kaushiki means Goddess Durga who is wearing in silk fabric.

Kirati (Wife of Kirateshwar)

Goddess Durga is residing in mountains, consort of Kirateswar (Lord Shiva)


Lord Shiva is often called Niranjan and his consort is Niranjana. It also means full moon night.

Nitya (Eternal)

Someone or something whith no change with the course of time or eternal.


Name of Goddess Durga Who guards the fortresses

Sadhika (Achiever)

Sadhika means achiever, pure or dexterous in some skill.


A goddess who grants all the problems or issues

Sarbani (Bengali)

The name is very popular among the Bengali communities. Someone who is flawless or omnipresent is also called Sarbani.


Sarvani means the same as Sarbani i.e.; perfect or omnipresent.


Also spelled as Satyaki, the name means a struthful personality, a powerful warrior in Hindu mythology.


Saumyaa is a feminine name which means mild or pearl.


It’s a popular Goddess Durga name which means wife of Shambhu.


As the name reflects, Shivani or Shivanshi means wife of Lord Shiva.


It’s another name of Goddess Durga. Shool/Shul/Trishul means Spear, a weapon held by Maa Durga.


The name refers to darkness or black color. It also means Goddess Kali.


It’s a trendy name with a spiritual meaning. A reside of mountains is also known as Shyla.

Stuti (Also mean praise)

Stuti means praising God.


Snake lady or a fantasy fairy-tale queen


Someone fascinating/graceful or delicate is called Tanvi.


Something that caters to the cravings or satisfying.


Fast and efficient

Trinetra (Goddess who has three Eyes)

The name itself suggests that someone with three eyes i.e.; Lord Shiva.


The name signifies speed or swift. It’s another name of Goddess Durga.


Placed on the left corner of Vam


Who bestows with grace or beauty


Female belonging to Yadav clan or consort of Yadav

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Beautiful Names of Goddess Lakhsmi

names of laxmi devi for indian baby girls


The fire born. A bit difficult to pronounce but rare and unique name of Goddess Lakshmi


Literally means river or something which emits a wave/stream.

Aditri (Highest Honor)

The supreme award or honour is called Aditri.


The knowledge of the materialistic world.

Buddhi (Enlightment)

Buddhi means brain, knowledge or enlightenment.


The response that a devotee gets after his/her prayers is called Deeta.


Deetya comes from Deeta i.e.; the response of the prayer.

Dhriti (Courage)

The short and unique name Dhriti signifies courage or boldness. This is very good choice for parents looking for baby names starting with Dh. Such beautiful names are rare to start with Dh.

Hamsi (Goddess in the Form of Swan)

The name has is associated with Goddess Saraswati as Hams means swan and the Goddess is shown as riding Swan in Hindu mythology.

Harini (Goddess Laxmi in form of Deer)

Harin means male deer or stag. Harini is the feminine form and refers to Goddess Laxmi in a deer avatara.

Hiranmayi (Golden Girl)

Graceful like a deer.


The name signifies water and the supreme/divine power associated with it,
Lola Not constant or constantly moving here and there. The name sounds very modern and adorable.


Loukya means possessing the worldly wisdom.


Wife or consort of Manu, an avatara of Lord Vishnu. Sweet and stylish name.


Literal meaning of this one of 1000 names of Goddess Lakshmi is: a clay vessel for carrying water.


Padma means lotus and janma means born. The name refers to someone born from a lotus.

Paraa (Best)

The superior in a group. Short and sweet name.

Paramaa (Greatest)

Paramaa is an auspicious Goddess Laxmi name which means perfect or the greatest. The name sounds very powerful.


It’s a powerful feminine name used for Goddess Laxmi or Durga.

Punyaa (Good Deeds)

Punyaa means virtue or good deeds


Wealth. The name refers to Lord Vishnu. Such a trendy name with powerful meaning and origin.


It’s a unique name which means bestows with wealth.


The name has been derived from the word Sangh which means an assemblage or a gathering of people


Someone adorable or loveable. This is one of top 10 popular hindu baby girls names of 2017.


Auspicious or beautiful. Shree refers to Lord Vishnu and Shreea means his consort. Note that this is different than Shreya.


A plant. One of rarest names of goddess Lakshmi.

Shruti (Expert in Vedas)

Someone acquiring adept knowledge of Vedas.


Shuchi means something or someone very glowing or pure.

Siddhi (Achievement)

Siddhi signifies success or achievement.

Sthiraa (Permanent)

Something which is not moving or changing.


A true Goddess by all means.


Someone who grants blessings.


All set to bestow with blessings or advantages.


Vasavi means Lord Indra’s consort.


The name signifies the wealth give or the earth.


Lord Indra’s wife is also known as Vasvi.

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Lovely Rare Names of Goddess Saraswati

saraswati names uncommon with meaning


A humble/kind/faithful/auspicious person or divine figure


The name refers to Goddess Saraswati who rides Hams or Swan


Whose luck favors all the time or the luckiest feminine


A short and cute name which means The Wind God. It also means a devoted or tender person


A traditional Indian name which means a female cuckoo


A wise or intelligent personality

Medha (Intelligence)

The name reflects someone’s intellect or wisdom


A fire or purifying element. It’s another name of Lord Murugan, a Vishnu avatara.


A skill or art mastered with the course of time


Prajna refers to wisdom or intellect


It means recurring or who carries/bears a Veena


Purity or prosperity

Vagdevi (Saraswati)

Vag refers to vocal or speech and hence the name means the Goddess of speech


A spokesperson


Someone blessed with a speech


An auspicious epithet used for Lord Saraswati


The goddess of speech and wisdom


An Indian river


A pure soul like a priest. Vipra also means Lord Moon.

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Beautiful Names Goddess Seeta


Fascinating or beautiful personality


Related to Mithila. The name sounds similar to an Indian language called Maithali.


Born from or daughter of earth (Prithvi)


Consort of Lord Rama

Uncommon Names of Goddess Radha


Straight or clear (freedom from ignorance)

Hrdya (Charming)

The name is derived from Hriday which means heart and the name signifies a graceful or charming personality.

Jiva (Life)

The name is associated with the word Jeevan which means life.


Wealth/ A powerful or influencing protector


An adorable/beautiful girl.


The name talks about the pure and victorious love of Lord Krishna and signifies Goddess Radha.


Sarva means all or complete.


Kama means love and Shri refers to Lord Vishnu or his avataras and hence the name means Goddess Radha


Shakha means branch of a tree and Visakha means lots of tree branches


Vrinda means Basil and sometimes it signifies malicious chorus of the singers.

Wonderful names of Goddess Parvati


Excellent / Respectable / A faithful and humble personality.


Owning this world/Silk Cotton Tree


Someone who has integrity and pureness.


A bold and fearless personality


Shiva’s consort can be called as Shivanshi


A North direction. It is said that gods reside in North hence it’s a very auspicious direction.

Other Hindu Goddess Names

Anahita (Goddess of Water. Greek)

Someone who can’t be burnt. The water Goddess in Greek mythology

Gargi (descendant of the sage Garga)

Learning about skilled or scholar woman

Rhyah (Queen Of Sun)

Queen of Hot and Bright Sun (Origin unknown)

Swaha (Goddess of Fire)

The word is often used in holy practices at home or office.

Vaaruni (Goddess with power of Varun)

The consort of Varun Dev.

Vaidiki (Vedic Form Lord)

A goddess in Vedic avatar.

So, if people are asking/suggesting your baby’s name daily. Surprise them with a highly unique, trendy, modish yet meaningful name. It’s guaranteed everyone will love your choices (the baby also once he/she grow up).

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  1. Seems like a combination of generic and unique names. Is there any goddess name available for a LEO girl which signifies power? Please suggest

  2. I have a cute baby girl. I want a baby name inspired by Hindu goddesses specifically Goddess Saraswati. I like the name Aarya, Ira, Manaswi, Medha, Pavaki. Can you select an appropriate name for my baby?

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  4. Hi, I think my search my modern names with traditional meaning has ended here. I really like the name ‘Jiva’ in here.

    Seriously, you must hear this. I have been jumping from one site to another since past one hour and thank god, I landed here. 🙂 Keep going like this.

    • Sapana

      Shreea/Shreeya means: prosperity/Happiness
      Shreya means: trust/credit/reliance

      I personally find Shreea is best of all (Its uncommon compared to Shreya and Shreea is easier to pronounce)

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  9. Hey I m Preeti and wanna name for baby girl related to nakshtra letter starting to Lee, li…..I m not getting any beautifull name related to goddess . Can u plz suggest me a good n modern mame.

    • Sapana

      Sharini is one of Goddess Lakshmi’s Sahasranam (1000Names). Shari means Arrows and Sharini means the Goddess Who has Arrows.

    • Sapana

      Adya is Prime Power or First Power. It is in general referred to all Hindu Goddesses but according to 1000names/Sahasranam its Goddess Lakshmi’s name Om Adyayaye Namah.

      Adya= Aadya = Aadhya

      I think the correct one is Adya.

    • Sapana

      Hi Nidhi,
      Anushri is a Sanskrit name.
      Anu + Shree:
      Anu means Good/Suitable and Shree means Wealth Prosperity and beautiful

      Its a positively meaningful Sanskrit name

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    • Sapana

      Hi Manjunath,
      You may start with this List: http://www.gomama247.com/download-unique-indian-baby-names-list/
      I have created this list after a detailed study of Sanskrit Originated names.
      I have discovered many new unheard beautiful names which are mentioned in the list.
      The list contains 700+ names which are very unique (Many are unheard, not all though) and few more trendy names (1400+)

      I suggest you go through it first. If in case you still want me to help then I charge 1200Rs for consultation (Other than the list).

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