Our Medical Expert: Dr. Shama Kulkarni

Dr. Shama J. Kulkarni

Baby food and breastfeeding expert of Gomama247 Dr Shama Kulkarni
Profile: Dr Shama Kulkarni (MBBS, D.C.H.) is Pediatrician doing her practice in Nasik, MH state, India from last 30 years.
She is best known as pediatric dietitian and lactation expert.
Because of her social work in training mothers from rural part of India for breastfeeding, she is been awarded as Best Mahila by Nasik Municipal Corp. and many more such awards.
Dr. Kulkarni is head of breastfeeding consultants, BPNI Maharashtra.
She is author of the book “Parenting – Do’s and Don’ts”
Dr. Kulkarni is trained in skills of adolescents, learning disabilities and aptitude testing.
She is trainer in breastfeeding counselling course by WHO.
Address: Jagdisha Clinic, Indiranagar, Nasik-422009
Website: www.jagdishaclinic.com
Contact: +91 0253 2028527
email id: [email protected]