Online Content Writing Jobs for WAHMs


Content writer jobs for work at home moms

If you have very good writing skills and love to write then this is very interesting work for you with zero investment.
All you have to do is study some terms and start writing quality contents.

If you are totally new to this concept then here is a definition for you.

An online content writer writes relevant content for websites/apps, advertising.

Daily millions of sites are created and most time consuming task in it is the content writing. Usually this job is outsourced. A content writer is provided with the topic, who is target audience , reference content etc.

So if you have writing skills and have good command over English language (vocabulary and grammar) then this job can pay you as good as a full time company job.

What you need: Internet, PC

Step 1. To write fast and accurate you need to brush up your skills of English writing. Go through first some basics and then advanced books of English Grammar and vocabulary.

Step 2. Start writing some content for free like blogs, forums, wikis. You need a portfolio to get a recognition. Depending on the field you select look for the blogs where you can contribute. Like technical, finance, foreign languages, news/politics, health/food/fitness, travel etc. Keep on reading as many articles as possible to learn. Develop your skills for writing interesting and engaging content.

Step 3. Learn the techniques of content writing. Search-engine friendly content is most important key to successful content writing. Like Content should not be duplicate of existing content on internet. Keywords should be optimally used. This step is done parallely with step 2.

Learn more from here: How to become a professional content writer

Step 4. Prepare for paid job.

Create a separate email id, a bank account (activate online payment , internet banking). You should use this account only for this work.

Step 5. To get paid jobs,create your profile on freelance websites like Odesk, Shine, Freelance India, Naukri
Also see this list of most popular freelance websites

Here are some good guidelines for creating profile:


Step 6. Keep on studying new trends specially SEO to keep your profile and knowledge updated.

Blog writing explained by Matthew Woodward
Content Writing An advanced guide on QuickSprout

Content writing job is very interesting if you enjoy writing. It is very easy for new moms as you can write any time of day e.g. when baby is sleeping or playing. You can work from home and also take care of your baby.


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    It is very hard to find a good content writer these days.
    I tried to find a few on a famous content writing platform where only writers from the US are accepted, but even so, the grammar and the quality of the text were both pretty poor.

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    Very well written! It is an informative piece of writing which aims at helping all the stay-at-home moms who would like to utilize their spare time in doing something interesting and constructive!

    Good job Sapana! Keep it up! 🙂

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