Old Muslim Baby Girl Names That Are Making a COMEBACK!


Selective Pretty Vintage Baby Names for Muslim Girls

Fashion trends always make a comeback and so do baby names. And why not? After all, what goes around ultimately comes around. Since there are many beautiful old fashioned girl names that have made a comeback this year, I decided to suggest my favorites and the most meaningful ones with you all.
There are a lot of names we thought we’d never select as a baby name as they started sounding too old, but today they are back to prove us wrong and show us just how fancy and amusing they can be again.

Top 10 Fancy Old Names That Are Reappearing

Here are ten unique vintage baby names suitable for Muslim baby girls that were too excellent to be put to rest and are making a return in 2019.

Khadijah خديجة‎

Khadijah is one of the oldest names in this list but we all know that old is certainly gold. Khadijah was the name of Prophet Mohammad’s first wife (pbuh), then how can this timeless name not be classic for Muslim parents? A few years ago, it did wane into the sphere a little, but now it’s on its path to resurrection in the naming world with a bang!
Khadija means a baby girl who is born before she is meant to be born. Since its meaning is neutral and it is the name of the spouse of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), this name is largely selected by Muslim families.

Mahira ماہرہ

I don’t think I need to say anything because Mahira is already solidly back in style, echoing its popularity of around half a century ago. The name gained popularity with gorgeous Mahira Khan, and I believe will last for more decades. I have already seen a resurgence of baby girls with this name and I see a lot more adorable “Mahira(s)” in the foreseeable future.
As you might probably guess, Mahira means skilled and talented. It also means adept and smart.

Rihana ريحـانة‎

My mom’s aunt and a lot of ladies from that era were known as “Rihana”. In my teenage, I thought Rihana was a boring and old name. Little did I know that this vintage baby girl name would soon make a huge return? With Rihanna, the famous music artist, Rihana now seems a glam to me. It instantly gives me uh-so-attractive vibes! Well, what do you feel about it?
Rihana means good smell in Arabic language. Fragrant names relate to excitement and romance, don’t they?

Sarah سارة

Sarah is a very old name but it is suddenly hot and fresh again. According to me, it is eternally cool as a Muslim girl name and can never go out of style. Like antiques, Sarah has a lasting appeal and sounds fresh to today’s modern parents. Since Sarah was also the name of Prophet Ibrahim’s (PBUH) wife, it is a vintage name that has its own retro quirkiness.
Sarah means the reason of someone’s happiness. Hence, it reminds us of a simpler, more innocent time.

Saira سائرہ

Being a vintage name, Saira has an effortlessly cool sound and feel to it. Modern day parents are sulking about this name because it revives that feminineness that used to prevail back in the day. Saira suddenly disappeared a few decades ago and I thought it became extinct. To prove me wrong, it came back with a more stylish vibe.
Saira has been derived from Sairaan which means “outing”. Hence, Saira refers to a traveler and I believe, it is one of those names that we all will be hearing more of in the coming decades.

Tamanna تمنا

We all know that Tamanna is not a new name. It slowly started fading away years ago, for modern parents’ hunt for new names. Covered by the sand of time, Tamanna has made a radical comeback and I actually believe that it was due for a revival. After all, it is a name that speaks a lot for itself.
As you probably might already guess, Tamanna means wish in Arabic. Since our babies fulfill our biggest desires in the form of their existence and presence, Tamanna is a very worthy name.

Ayesha عائشة‎

Ayesha is one of the most beloved names in Islam because it was the name of Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) dearest wife. However, modern parents started skipping this name for a while because of its abundance everywhere. The time is back when you can slowly get into that vintage Islamic groove and get a thumbs up from everyone for selecting such a smart name.
Ayesha means alive or well-living in Arabic. Basically, this name refers to life and I think, we can never get enough of Ayesha!

Zaira زَائِرَة

Zaira was once considered a relic of the bygone era but it is now all over the place. Ever since it is back to life with more fashion strokes to it, it has swept most of the trending names. It instantly refreshes the mood and adds a delicate touch to the name. How do you feel when you hear Zaira? Doesn’t it sound girly, chic and appealing?
Zaira means a visitor or guest in Arabic. Figuratively, you can greet your little girl by calling her Zaira.

Kulsoom كُلْثُوم

Kulsoom has sounded like a stylish and very popular name throughout the ages and it still continues to evolve to fit within the current naming standards. Since it was the name of Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) daughter, it evokes a picture of an obedient daughter in my mind. Kulsoom is one of those perennial favorites that can never really go out of style but it is currently enjoying its resurgence after being silent for decades.
Kulsoom means a girl who has full and healthy cheeks. In short, it relates to beauty in women. People hurriedly call it Kulsum but we must pronounce it Kulsoom, laying proper emphasis on the “oo”.

Aaliya عالية

Aaliya was very ubiquitous back in the day due to its soft sound and lovely plea. People would find at least one girl called Aaliya in every family, and hence modern parents started refraining it. With Alia Bhatt, the gorgeous Bollywood celebrity, Aaliya made a drastic upturn. Currently, Aaliya is one of the most popular names trending in India.
Aaliya is a glorious name that means lofty or exalted, guaranteeing of making an image of a high ranked lady in the society. It has been mentioned in the holy Quran two times.

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What do you think about these unusual old fashioned names? Which one of these would you select as a parent? These retro baby names from the past are definitely in and have bright futures ahead of them. How long do you think they’ll last? How about old fashioned boy names? Do let us know in the comments below if you want us to share a list of old fashioned boy names as well.


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