Which Oil Is Best For New Moms Body Massage?


Post-Partum Body Massage: Best Oil

The post-partum phase is basically the rejuvenating phase where a woman’s body tries to regain the normal shape. Post natal body massage is a part of traditional post-partum care for a new mom to heal from baby birth. It’s not only good for skin toning but also it relaxes a new mom.
I personally used Figaro Oilve oil as it is the safest and nourishing. I have an allergy to sesame oil. Sesame oil is most common in Indian traditional way of post-delivery body care.

Top 3 picks: New Mom Body Massage for Toning

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1. Olive Oil: Figaro

I used this for my babies’ massage so I can say that it’s safe for moms too. And, this is the least allergen oil i.e. there are very fewer chances of having an allergy from this oil. This oil is very gentle in nature and skin-friendly for babies and adults.


• Comprises of Vit A, Vit C, Iron, Calcium, Sugar and dietary fiber
• A relaxing massage oil
• Good for skin and hair
• Refined olive oil
• Can be used in cooking
• Easily penetrates the skin keeping it soft

2. Sesame Oil: Himalaya New Moms Toning Oil

According to Ayurveda, Sesame oil is the best for new moms massage. If you want a relaxing massage in summer, this cooling oil is a great pick. (But according to oldwives its body heat boosting oil and that is why used for new moms) But, I strongly recommend a patch test if you have never used this before. Himalaya is an old and trusted brand in India. Ranging from baby products to adult skin and healthcare products; Himalaya sells all of them.


Maintain skin or moisturizes
Vitamin E keeps the skin healthy
Adds to flexibility and muscle toning
Stimulating effect

3. Almond Oil: Dabur

Dabur is one of the oldest Indian Ayurvedic brands and this product too keeps the trust bar of the buyers high like always. The product contains unadulterated almond oil made from ripe kernels. It can be used on a daily basis for best results. You will have to dilute it with other base oil like coconut oil.


• Good for the bowel movement
• Keeps skin and hair soft and healthy
• Keeps the body warm
• Skin-friendly for kids and adults
• Good for brain
• Can be used with milk for nutrition
• Boosts body strength
• Vit E enriched
Which is the Best Of All the Above 3?
I personally would recommend Figaro. It’s safest and nourishing too. It can be used daily too. This oil is not expensive as almond oils.
During the childbirth, a woman’s body is stretched and strained and a huge pressure falls on the nerves. Postpartum massage is very beneficial in the body’s recovery process. The above oils are very effective in relieving pain and cramps. All of the above oils are safe for skin and hence after a gentle massage using any of these oils, you can do your household chores without letting your body complain. Most importantly enjoy your body massage time during early motherhood days as that’s the only time you get for yourself.


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