Newborn Baby Cold and Chest Congestion Remedies


Home Remedies for New-born baby Chest Congestion

For parents, it’s really hard to watch their baby experiencing troubles with breathing or sleeping due to baby cold and nasal congestion or chest congestion.
Remedies for cold for a newborn are very tricky as a newborn cannot take any solid food or herbal oral medicine. So, in such cases, what can be done to cure or to avoid the cold in newborns?
Below are some tips that may provide a great relief to the baby in such cases.

Tips and Important Notes

• Avoid water/herbal tea/kadha for babies till 6 months.
• Prioritize doctor’s consultation before trying home remedies.
• Exclusive breastfeeding is all the baby needs.
• Use soft warm clothes to cover baby’s chest.
• Avoid bath, even with warm water, during heavy congestion. The difference in the temperature, especially in a country like India where climate is not baby-friendly, can worsen his condition.
• A big NO NO to Ajwain Fumes, which is a common home remedy to combat congestion. It may affect baby’s lungs or respiratory system.

Causes of Cold and Congestion in Babies

Be it a summer, rainy or winter season’ cold and congestion is a common thing in babies. They got an immature immune system and they are prone to infection. The major reasons for their cold and congestion are –
• Bacterial infection through surface or utensils
• Contact with a sick person
• Through air containing germs or bacteria

Home Remedies and Tips for Relief from Cold in New-born Babies


Breast milk is rich in antibodies which kill the germs and bacteria that can make a baby sick. The early milk, also called Colostrum is a powerful source of antibodies.
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Regular breastfeeding boosts baby’s immune system and protects him from bacterial infections.

Mom’s Diet

It’s advised to eat and drink healthy stuff during breastfeeding as the nutrients and minerals are directly transferred to the baby. Whatever a mom eats or drinks leaves an impact on the baby. Try to eat protein and mineral-rich diet during breastfeeding specially the first 6 months. This will save the baby from future ailments.

Elevated Sleeping Position

elevated sleeping position for baby
How your baby sleeps decides how long will he suffer or how fast he can recover from the congestion. Always try to keep your baby in an elevated position during cold and congestion. When the head is elevated, the baby can easily breastfed or placed for a sound sleep. This is a very useful position and an effective way to eliminate the chest congestion.

Room Temperature and Humidity

Babies need a different room temperature than adults. Usually ~24 degree Celsius is the favorable temperature for babies. Try to control the humidity in the room. You can use hot humidifiers at night for a comfortable environment and to keep your baby’s skin moist.

Foments for Babies

All the home remedies are not equally effective when it’s about baby’s chest congestion. You also need a safe remedy to make your baby feel calm and comfortable. Warm poultice or Foments for babies are effective and easy-to-make for instant relief. You can try onion poultice or garlic poultice. But, foments are not for the newborns and babies below 3 months.

Kangaroo Care: Skin to Skin Contact

Mom’s Skin Touch works wonder on new born babies, When you breastfeed your little one, try to make skin to skin contact which is easy on tummy side.
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The most common symptom of cold and congestion is a runny nose. However, if you dive into the science behind it, you will find that it’s body’s mechanism to eliminate the germs and bacteria. But, watching babies in such bad condition is very painful. For normal cold and congestion, the above remedies can be tried. If the symptoms persist or the case gets worse with time, it’s recommended to see a doctor as soon as possible.
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