Newborn Baby Bath Essentials: Best Picks


Best Baby Shampoo, Soap and Oils in India

So, you have welcomed your littlest family member at home!
As a new mother, you don’t know which is the best baby soap/Body Wash in India?
Do you want to pick the best bath essentially for your baby?
Then this post is for you.

Shampoo + Body Wash in India: Pigeon fits in both Pigeonholes!

Pigeon 2 in 1 Baby Wash wins the trophy to be best beast baby soap or body wash in India. The reason being is its hypo allergic ingredients and easy-application. Giving a bath to your infant is quite cumbersome as you have to keep separate soap and shampoos. But, with Pigeon 2 in 1 Baby Wash, no need to use shampoo separately. It cleans the scalp as well.
To back my points, I will add my personal review on this product too:
“I used this soap for my both babies. This is mildest and very easy to use bottle also its not sticky.”
Note: Pigeon is very reputed company and used all over the world safely for babies. You can use the mentioned bath essential for your child from month 1 old till baby turns 4 years old. It will keep baby’s skin healthy and soft
More interested in knowing more about why we picked it as the best soap and best Shampoo for Babies in India?
Here’s a detailed review of the Pigeon 2 in 1 Baby Wash.

Best Body Lotion in India: MotherCare is the Winner!

Mothercare baby lotion is our best bet in this category. This non-stick and paraben free baby lotion is extra gentle on your baby skin and suitable for all seasons. As the product has a hypo-allergic composition, you can use it before having fears of allergies and sensitivity. The infants are not only prone to allergies but also they hypersensitivity towards strong fragrance. The mild and pleasant fragrance of this baby lotion is another plus point. Learn Here More

Purra Oils, the Best Baby Massage oil in India

Purra Virgin Coconut and Olive Oils are our pick if we talk about the Best Massage oil in India. While the antibacterial property of coconut oil will keep the skin and scalp of your baby clean, the ample of moisture present in virgin oil will nourish his/her delegate skin.

Best Baby Hair Oil Options in India

Coconut oil is the purest form of oil, it has provided ample of nourishment to your baby’s skin. Here are our 3 best picks:

Nirmal KLF Virgin Coconut Oil for Baby

This virgin will help to increase the body metabolism, bring relief from nappy rashes alongside nourishing the hairs of your kid.

HATHMIC Virgin Cold Pressed Raw Coconut Oil for Babies

This cold-compressed oil will bring a wholesome of goodness of nature in a bottle.

Baby Oil

This ayurvedic coconut oil only provides ample of moisture to your toddler’s skin but also increase the immunity.
We have tried listing the Best Baby Bath Essentials in India here. Let us know if you need further help in selecting the baby products. Comment without hesitating.


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