Newborn Acne or Spots on Face: Is it Common?


Acne or Pimple like Rashes on a Newborn’s Face: What Do You Need to Know

When my first baby was born, he developed yellow-reddish acne like small pimples on his face. The doctor told me that it was normal and would go away in a few days or maximum 2 weeks. I got an ointment prescribed and I used it hardly for a week and rashes were gone. I guess the ointment was also not necessary and the doctor gave it for my satisfaction only.
It’s very normal that a newborn baby would develop some skin issues in the first week itself but they go away very soon. Though it’s normal, always get it checked by baby’s doctor.
New parents easily become restless on seeing any health issue related to their newborns. In case, you have noticed some acne-like stuff on your newborn’s skin, here are some common issues worth having a glance.

Acne in Newborn

red rashes in baby
The most common reason for newborns developing acne or boils like stuff on their skin is the hormonal issues. Due to the excess production of sebum by baby’s glands, acne-like rashes are seen on baby’s chin, forehead, nose and cheeks. These resemble whiteheads and blackheads. Red bumps or cluster of red bumps may be developed and skin around the bumps may also turn reddish. In some cases, the bumps contain pus in them. Newborn acne is not actually acne but dead cells accumulated on skin that are temporary for a couple of weeks or months and they go away on their own. For slightly older babies, some similar conditions are bacterial infections, Eczema and infantile acne. Sometimes the yeast residing on baby’s skin also causes similar bumps.

What Worsens Newborn Acne

The primary cause for newborn acne is the release of sebum from baby’s gland. It’s pretty common and usually, the parents have no control over it. There are some factors that worsen this condition. Use of rough or low-quality fabrics for baby’s sleeping or playing may encourage acne. Also, the dirt, saliva or tear drops while the baby is crying worsen the acne if last for a long time on his face.

Acne or Rash?

As the baby is small, his skin blemishes can be confusing sometimes. The bumps developing on his skin in the first few weeks or months are actually rashes that resemble infant acne. Rashes or eczema often make a baby fussy and create too much discomfort for him, especially in summers. In such cases, the skin becomes dry and cracked and therefore baby gets irritated often. It may be helpful if you visit a paediatrician. You will get to know the exact skin issue from which your baby is suffering. Like this, you will also get a fair idea about the treatment and precautions needed for him if the skin problem is worrisome.

How to Get over These Bumps?

Please note these are general Skin Friendly Home Remedies, may not cure the baby’s skin issues. Always consult doctor before trying any ointment or oral medications.

Use Humidifier

Humidifiers prevent the air from becoming dry. They keep baby’s skin moisturized and help in quick recovery from the bumps.

Avoid Scrubbing

Scrubbing the delicate skin of your baby may worsen the skin problems. Scrubbing can break the acne or create an entry for germs and bacteria which may cause infection.

No Squeezing

Squeezing the acne or bumps will also break the skin and make it prone to infection.

No Lotions

Lotions often make the condition worse as they contain chemicals.
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Gentle Wash

Washing the affected areas gently with lukewarm water can definitely help. Avoid use of baby soap or anything not recommended by the paediatrician.
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Wait and Watch

These rashes/bumps/acne go away soon and usually don’t need any medication or treatment. Parents often turn panic seeing their baby’s reddish skin. Be patient for some time and let the rashes go away on their own.
These were the basic dos and don’ts when you see the red rashes or bumps on your baby’s skin. However, if the baby is restless for a long while or you find the condition worrisome, visiting a paediatrician is a good idea. In most of the cases, baby rashes or acne don’t create trouble for the babies. So, stay patient for some time and let it heal naturally.


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