New Born Baby Diapers in India: Beginners Guide


What Brands/types are available for New Born Baby Diapers in India?

At the time of my first pregnancy I was living in Tokyo. Many people told me there is big difference in quality in same brand in India and Overseas. When I came to India for delivery, I brought one big packet of Pamper’s Newborn Diapers. It was 4 years back.
For my second delivery in India I had no choice but to use whatever available in India.
I used only home-made cotton nappies for nearly first 4-5 months for both my sons. But still you cannot skip diapers. You have to have a little stock of diapers even if you decide not to use them.
In my recent experience, even the diapers available in India have improved the quality a lot and now you don’t see much rash problems or discomfort, off course if used with proper care.
Strangely my second son was not comfortable with the type and brand my first son was comfortable in. So I had to try different brands and finally settled with one for my second kid.
You may not see all types and brands of diapers available in any single shop. In same brands also they have varieties.
I thought it might help new mothers to know what brands and types of diapers are available in India. So here is the list of all types of diapers available in India for a newborn. Prices may differ at different locations, below mentioned prices are to give you just idea.


# Pampers New Baby Diaper Newborn:

pampers new baby

Pampers New Baby

Baby Weight– Upto 5 kgs.
Specifications – It has got comfortable fitting and has got size fitting fastening system. The diaper adjusts itself according to the size of your baby’s tummy and doesn’t become too tight or too loose for your baby. It has got 5 star skin protection which keeps your newborn dry and soft throughout. It provides a soft cotton cloth like cover and doesn’t give rashes to your newborn baby.
Packet Size and Price– 24 pieces for about 300 Rs. is available.

# Pampers Baby Dry Diaper Newborn To Small:

Baby Weight- Upto 8 kgs.
Specifications – These diapers contains Magic Gel which provides dryness for 10 hours. It has got a soft cotton cover and a lotion which contains aloe, keeps your babys skin protected. A reusable tap is provided which provides perfect fit every time.
Packet Size and Price – 5 pieces for about 50 Rs.,11 pieces for about 120 Rs., 22 pieces for about 230 Rs. and 46 pieces for about 460 Rs. are available.

pampers swaddler

Pampers Swaddler

# Pampers Swaddlers (Newborn)

Baby Weight: Up to 4.5 KGs
Specifications: A premium diaper specially designed for new born babies (0 to 6 months old) . These are softer and more absorbent than other 2 types in Pampers. (Hence the price  ). It has a wetness-indicator, good for first busy weeks or new born.
Price: About 8000Rs. for a packet of 240 Count.

# Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers

Baby Weight: Up to 4.5 KG
Specifications: Hypoallergenic, gentle, wetness indicator. Even softer than above type. Best for babies who have very sensitive skin. Very special design to take care of new born e.g. Umbilical cord notch in newborn. It is quite costly!
Price: About 4000Rs for a packet of 80 count.


# Huggies Diapers Newborn:

huggies new baby

Huggies New Baby

Baby Weight– Upto 5 kgs.
Specifications – It provides superior absorbing cover which keeps your baby dry and also contains a air fresh cover that allows the fresh air to flow and keeps the skin of your baby fresh and rash free. It has also got a unique wetness indicator in the form of yellow colored stars which turns into blue colour after urination.
Packet Size and Price – 24 pieces for about 260 Rs. is available.


# Mamy poko pant style diaper extra small:

mamypoko xs

MamyPoko XS

Baby Weight– 3 to 5 Kgs.
Specifications – It does not contains any tapes, it has got soft elastic with leg gathers which fits better and are comfortable for your baby and are also easy to wear. It also have maxi absorbent cores which soaks the wetness completely and keeps your baby dry.
Packet Size and Price – 1 piece for about 10 Rs., 10 pieces for about 90 Rs. and 20 piece for about 170 Rs. are available.



libero new born

Libero New Born

# Libero baby diaper newborn:

Baby Weight– 0 to 5 kgs.
Specifications – These diapers are thin and airy and made up of soft material which are skin friendly for your baby. It allows the skin of your baby to breath and also secures high leakage.
Packet Size and Price – 10 pieces for about 100 Rs. is available.


bella new born

#Bella Baby Happy diapers extra small:

Baby Weight– 2 to 4 kgs.
Specifications – It is a latex free and chlorine free diaper. It absorbs quickly and prevents leakage and also allows the air to flow, keeping your baby’s skin dry. Stretchable waistbands with multiple use velcro bands which gives a perfect fit to your baby. It has got magic gel layer which locks the moisture and evenly spread the flow in the diaper and also a soft cover which protects your baby from getting rashes.
Packet Size and Price – 36 pieces for about 400 Rs. and 12 pieces for 140 Rs. are available.


farlin new born

Farlin New Born

# Farlin disposable baby diapers newborn to small:

Baby Weight– Upto 6 kgs.
Specifications– It has got wetness indicator and double absorbent layer which absorbs quickly and keeps your baby’s skin dry, smooth, and rash free. Standing leg cuff is being provided for better leakage protection. Soft and breathable cover with perfect fit without providing any scars on your baby’s tummy.
Packet Size and Price – 28 pieces for about 630 Rs. is available.

Diapers are a costly affair. Once you finalise a brand and type for a certain period for your baby, your next target will be to look for some cheap source. I buy diapers online whenever some offer is going on. You may subscribe to some top online baby shops so you would receive the EMAIL/SMS for their offers and you can buy in bulk. You can save money and time in this way.


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