Neck Exercises for New Mothers


Exercises to Ease Stiff Neck in New Moms

Stiff neck is one of most common health issue in post pregnancy. More or less nearly every new mother is likely to experience neck pain especially due to long breastfeeding sessions, sleep less nights etc.
It is strongly recommended you do neck stretches before you get stiff neck.

(Note: IF you are having sever pain in neck then you must consult your doctor before trying any exercises.)

Simple neck-stretching 1

You can do these simple exercises any time of day such as while breastfeeding (in sitting position).

Side to side stretch

left right neck stretch
1. Relax your arms and loose them down. Turn your head to the right as far as possible. Don’t raise the left shoulder.
2. You will feel the stretch from ear to shoulder now hold for 5 seconds. You may pull your head with right hand for further stretch.
3. Repeat on left side. Keep your chin at usual distance from chest i.e. not too close and keep moving your head from side to side. Repeat few times.

Front and back stretch

front and back neck stretch1. Relax your arms and loose them down. Lean your head forward gently and stretch the back of neck as if you are trying to touch your chin to your chest.
2. You may push upper back of head gently with hands for extra stretch but keep it in comfortable. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat few times.
3. Similarly lower your head behind, stretch through throat and the front of chest. Hold for 5 seconds then lift your head and bring back to starting position. Repeat few times.

Neck rotations

1. Relax your arms, shoulders and neck.
2. Slowly make large circles with your head. Change direction after few circles.

Above 3 stretches can be repeated while standing and holding hands at your back for better stretch on neck and upper back too.

Neck Stretching Type2

corner stretching1. Stand approximately two feet back from the corner with feet together and face towards the corner.
1. Place forearms on walls of the corner, elbows should be little below shoulder.
2. Lean in as far as possible. You will feel a stretch in chest and shoulders.
3. Hold the stretch for about 30 seconds. Repeat few times.

Neck Stretching Type3

Neck Stretch Side LookThis stretch can be performed while sitting or standing
• Raise and stretch the left arm above head and rest on a wall.
• Turn head to right and bring the chin down towards right shoulder, stretching the back of the neck.
Holding Head Neck Stretch
• Gently pull the head with right hand more towards shoulder for increasing the stretch lightly without difficulty in breathing.
• Hold this for about 5-10 seconds.
• Repeat on the other side.


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