Neck, Back and Knee Pain – Causes and Exercises


Neck, Back and Knee pain after having a baby

Why most of women experience joint pain, stiffness after having baby? Is there any way to avoid these problems? How to treat it?
Most of mothers are likely to experience pain in neck, back and knee because of following reasons:
– Lifting and carrying baby
– Walking while carrying baby
– Bathing baby specially traditional Indian style
– Putting on weight during pregnancy
– Breastfeeding in sitting position
– Frequently sitting and getting up from floor
– Intense exercises for weight loss and abs workout
– No enough sleep and rest

Tips to avoid neck/back/knee pain

1. Breastfeeding: Try to breastfeed in lying-on-side position as much as possible. Where ever not possible then sit straight and avoid bending your back or neck. Spine should be straight.
2. Baby bathing: In India, traditionally mother baths baby on her legs straight which puts pressure on knees in opposite direction. Bath your baby in baby tub, if not possible then sit down and take baby on your laps. You can bath baby just before you go for your bath (you will need someone to help in baby dress up).
3. Do not sit on floor without mat or some cushion. Avoid frequent sit ups especially while lifting baby.
4. Don’t rush for heavy exercises for weight loss. Give yourself time to regain your energy after baby birth. Perfect time to start weight loss exercises are after 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding.
5. Your diet must be rich in protein and calcium. It is because in breastfeeding if you do not get sufficient calcium then calcium for breast-milk is extracted from your bones. Most of gynecologists advise mothers to take calcium supplements along with calcium rich food.
6. Get enough sleep. For first 6 months after delivery it is very important your body gets enough rest. Due to exclusive breastfeeding your body has to work more than usual.
7. Exercise to strengthen neck, back and knee before you get the pain. Continue the exercises even if you do not have any back/knee problem as most of Indian moms get the back/knee problem soon or later in life.

Neck strengthening exercises
Back strengthening exercises
Knee strengthening exercises

In India, mothers neglect joint pain hence may suffer severe and unexpected pains later in future. Take care of your health now for a healthy future.


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