Natural birth vs. C-section – The Pros and Cons


C-Sections OR Natural Births?

Giving birth to a new-born comes as a boon to both the parents of the baby but it is a much more emotional attachment to the mother as she carries the baby in her womb for nine months and delivers the new-born to the world through a somewhat painful process- that can be through caesarean section, which is commonly known as C-section or through normal/natural/vaginal delivery mode, which refers to the age-old practiced technique.
Every process in this whole chapter of bringing a life on earth has its own pros and cons to go through, but today here we are going to discuss only about the pros and cons of the ultimate process- that is delivery through C-section or through normal vaginal birth. Let us now discuss the details and all that is needed for the best procedure of success and happiness to give a life on earth.

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Pros and Cons of Vaginal Birth or Normal Delivery:


 The main advantage of this kind of delivery is that it’s totally an organic or natural process of birth and so the health of the mother is less affected in this process if it’s executed through right hands.

 The recovery time of the mother is much lesser as compared to the cesarean process and thereby she can return to a normal life within a short period of time.

 One crucial part of this process is that it does not involve major scars on a woman’s body- of course, every woman loves her body and doesn’t want to be scarred for a lifetime or so.

 As it is totally a no-surgical process, so the chances of developing complications over the health of a baby is also lesser.


 Despite a whole lot of advantages, there are issues related to this kind of birth-giving process, mainly as it totally depends on a woman’s body as to how much of pain she can bear to take because it is indeed a painful process with no anaesthetics given to her to reduce the pain caused.

 It does not have any fixed timing so it all depends on the labour pain of the mother and so help is not always ready for the time being.

 The chances of trauma and sexual problem post-delivery are also at higher risk.

Pros and Cons of C-section :


 This kind of delivery is mostly planned and so the mindly readiness of the mother and the family is always actively sorted.

 It’s quite helpful in case of any complications because of earlier vaginal births of the mother.

 Sometimes in vaginal birth, the baby’s heads turn upside down, so it becomes a major problem in pulling out the baby safely out of the mother’s womb- here c-section is boon to all kind of pelvic problems associated with the mother.

 Any kind of medical complications such as diabetes or HIV makes placental complications, and so a c-section is helpful as compared to normal delivery options.

 It’s pain-free during the operation due to anaesthetic treatment


 The major disadvantage in c-section is that it is a surgical process and the body of a woman cannot always surrender to such processes.

 The scars remain for almost a lifetime (In recent advanced techniques, its very small scar).

 There can be post-surgery complications too and also chances of more than 2 or 3 processes like this can be risky for the health of the mother. (Rare)

 The process involves risk as well if not handles by an expert as the entire abdomen of the woman is left open while the baby is taken out.
Despite all these pros and cons of both the kind of deliveries, a woman must have well-informed knowledge about how she is able to give birth to a new-born as she is the only one to go through all these kind of procedures and pains- and of course the joy of giving birth too! The family, friends and most important her husband must be supportive enough just to content her and support her both mentally and emotionally. This is something she aspires.
NOTE: This is a research based article and can not replace medical expert’s advice. Also every pregnancy is unique only your gynecologist can answer what is best for you, C-section or Natural Vaginal Birth

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