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MyPedia Reader Storybook- A book for Children & by Children

Pearson India recently organized an event and actuated the launch of MyPedia Reader on November 29th, 2017. The major goal behind the launch of the product was to encourage the little innocent minds who aspire to showcase their creativity through writing. With the launch of MyPedia Reader, it’s expected that the children who are inclined towards creative writing will be leveraged as a big platform will be there to bring their talent in front of a wide spectrum of juvenile audience. During the event, the Pearson group articulated that the book is for children, by children. It’s indeed a ground-breaking step in the Indian literature and a blessing for the young writers.

Kids are Fearless and Creative

Adora Svitak, a 12 year old child prodigy recently shared her ideas regarding the need for childish creativity in the world in one of the TED Talks event. In her speech, she highlighted the fact that children are considered responsible for creating a mess or thinking nonsense or illogical things but no one supports their fearless creativity and sheer innocence. They are often criticized for their weird behaviour. She added that we need “childish” thinking, wild creativity, bold ideas and especially optimism. The fact is most of the adults deserve to be blamed for the messed up world of today where people think of limits and consequences before giving their creativity an edge.
Children are the fearless source of creativity and imagination which can prepare the next generation for the future. MyPedia Reader supports such brave and creative juveniles and offers an opportunity to present their bold ideas and thoughts in front of a huge audience, which is similar-minded and needs a push to showcase their own creativity. Juvenile thoughts are pure and limitless. They can see what adults can’t or don’t want to see. They have a different perception of the world. Even in a TED Talks event, Sir Ken Robinson said that children are not afraid of being wrong and hence they put 100% efforts in bringing out their best. He added that the children are born artists but lose this capacity while growing up as fear of being wrong is introduced in their small brains.
MyPedia Reader appreciates such raw and fearless talents and let them express their views through short stories that reach the other raw minds like them. In line with the thoughts shared by the Pearson India team, the other goal of the MyPedia Media event was to encourage the learning among the tiny creative minds. As children write the short stories and contribute the illustrations, the readers of the same age group can get the thoughts and ideas easily and get inspired by them. According to the Pearson India group, the three major pillars holding the product firmly are imagination, creativity and critical thinking in children. The motive behind the launch of MyPedia Reader also complies with the declaration of the United Nations that aim encouraging the creative learning for children.
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Kids Unveiling the Books

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About MyPedia Reader

MyPedia Reader is an innovative learning and writing solution for children. The MyPedia Reader Storybook contains short stories written by children with illustrations. These illustrations engage the juvenile audience and provoke thoughts. The book introduces the skills in the children that are very much required in the 21st century. Apart from it, the book offers adequate reading and writing exercises to the children.

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