Must-Try Newborn Photoshoot Poses


Photo Ideas for Newborn Baby Photos Shoot

Your newborn is the most precious gift of your life and you probably want to capture all the sweet moments with him. Well, a baby photoshoot can do the work. But, what poses can suit your newborn the best? Below are some must-try newborn poses to consider.

Baby’s First Photo Shoot: Ideas for Poses

Baby Feet

Tiny feet send positive vibes straight to the heart
baby feet in hands

Wonder feet that kisses can’t resist
kiss on feet

His foot is as smooth as silk
single foot baby

Your every step got my support
both feet in hands

Baby in Basket

A peaceful sleep in a comfy basket
baby in basket

Tell the world, I’m busy in my dreams
baby in brown basket

The little angel sleeping in heaven
front sleeping

Baby in Nursing Home

Say bye to the doc and let’s go home
in hospital

The World Feels Safe in Papa’s Strong Hands

baby in papas arm

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping baby like a bee steals the heart
sleeping pose

Are you talking to me, while I am dozing off?
sleeping wrong pose

Note: (Don’t try such poses with a newborn; their wrists and arms are very delicate. Making them sit in such positions can be very harmful)

Even sleeping can’t hide his expressions

A baby like silk, lying on cotton
furry sleeping

Baby Props

Spice up the bedtime with some colors
baby props

Photographing the newborns is a very responsible job but you got the opportunity to try a selection of poses as they are not very active and usually remain at the same position where left. I hope this post helps you get a fair idea about the newborn baby photography poses. To get an insight of the newborn photography costumes, check this out – Baby Photo Props


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