Must-Have Things When Your Baby Starts Crawling


When Your Baby Starts Crawling: Shopping List

A moving baby in the house is not lesser than fighting a war. In fact, it’s more than that. If you are a first-time mommy, these are the must-must have things for you.

Things to Buy when your Baby Starts Crawling

Bed Rail Guards

When you have a baby in your home and he is going through a crib-to-bed transition period; the bed guards become must-haves for them. Especially in the Indian families where parents usually co-sleep with the babies and prefer not creating a special arrangement for him. But most of times in morning after you got up or at night before you go to sleep, the bed guards are very useful to protect the child from falling off the bed. Bed guards don’t let you imperil with your baby’s comfort as well as safety when he is alone on the bed. You can easily fold and install these guards anywhere in your house and even carry it in a hassle-free way while moving to another place.

Knee Guards

It’s a treat to the eyes when your baby does his first crawling movement but at the same time concerns about his comfort and safety also keeps striking the mind. Knee guards are a great way to save your baby from crawling wounds and rashes. Your baby may not want to put on his pajamas all the time; especially during summers. Knee guards make sure his crawls are safe even if he is enjoying the moments in just his diaper.
Specially in India where the flooring is usually marble flooring, the knee guards are highly recommended.

Plug Guards/Corner Guards

You can’t predict the next movement of your baby or his next adventure mission while crawling. There are many edgy goods and furniture at home that are potential risks for the crawling or small babies. The plug guards or corner guards eliminate the risk of damage occurring due to edgy ends of the household goods. You not just save your baby from the sharp edges but keep his health in the first gear as these guards are completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. These guards are enduring due to their fire-resistant and water-resistant nature.

Play Mats

When your baby is showing his cool moves and entertaining everyone at home with his crazy spins, it must be made sure that the surface around him is safe and comfortable. Usually babies end up hurting themselves while playing on a rough or slippery surface. Play mats offer a non-toxic and comfortable area for the babies so that they can live in the moments without regretting their flips or moves. These can be easily placed and carried to anywhere. With the play mats are there in your baby’s room, you can remain relieved about this knees, head and elbows when you are in the kitchen or away from him.

Fun Toys for Crawling Babies: Push-n-Go

Crawling is an exciting stage and toys play a vital role in embellishing this stage and develop your baby’s imaginative and motor skills. The Push-n-Go toys are specially designed for these young crawlers. In order to make his playtime more interesting, babies keep exploring the intriguing things in their room and Push-n-Go toys are totally worth their complete effort.
Babies follow the running toy and also remain engaged with the toy for long time as they can push n play with it independently.
The easy operation, intriguing sounds and the enhanced design make the Push-n-Go toys a great surprise for the crawling babies. Push-n-Go toys are usually lightweight and hence easily portable.
Crawling is a very special stage and parents have a selection of things to be proud of and to worry during this stage. Whether the crawling speed of your baby is getting affected due to the rough or slippery surface or he is hurting his knees every time he goes on a crazy battle with his toys; there are several things that make parents restless during the crawling stages. The above products can definitely offer a sense of relief to the new parents and buy them some time to accomplish some household chore rather than standing and keeping an eye on the little soldier all the time.

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