Must-Have Healthy Drinks for Pregnant Women & Kids


Must-Have Healthy Drinks: Summer Special

Thinking about your pregnancy and healthy drinks to keep it on track? Pregnancy is a phase when you do not just think of a healthy option when you feel hungry but before quenching your thirst as well. During summers, you need more fluid intake; especially pregnant women, new moms and kids. Below are some drinks that will help you keep your body hydrated and save you from many health issues.

Which Juices to Have during Pregnancy to avoid Dehydration

Coconut Water

From archaic time, this amazing natural drink is cherished in summers when the scorching sun sucks every bit of water present in the body. Coconut water is good for people of all ages; be it a pregnant woman, a new mom, a kid or an adult. It contains many essential nutrients like Vit C, Chlorides, Magnesium, Calcium etc. The drink quickly quenches the thirst without adding to the calorie level in the body. Coconut water is considered miraculous for digestive system which remains a big concern during pregnancy and just after the delivery. It takes care of body’s pH level and boosts the metabolism.


Lemonade is a popular healthy drink for summers. In India, you can find this drink easily outside home, office or market. As the name suggests, the drink is rich in Vit C and hence it helps in fulfilling the need of vitamins during pregnancy and protects a to-be mom from various health issues like anaemia, poor healing of wounds, weakness, weight loss, rough skin and to name a few. Lemonade is a cheap and easily available drink. You can also make it at your home by adding cooled down mixture of water and sugar to the squeezed fresh lemons with pulp and seeds removed. It offers instant freshness and energy.

Butter Milk

Buttermilk is a popular Indian refreshing drink which is also called as ‘Chaas’. It’s a wonderful natural drink which instantly quenches the thirst and offers a selection of health benefits. Buttermilk is a sattvic food and hence easy-to-digest. Buttermilk is basically a mixture of water and curd and for taste, jeera powder, rock salt and some other ingredients are mixed. Buttermilk is known for bringing the body temperature down quickly. It helps in quick digestion, saves from summer flushes, boosts calcium level, reduces fat and brings a glow on the skin. Butter milk is also beneficial for cholesterol and blood pressure patients. For pregnant women, this wonderful drink helps in building bone density and get rid of hypertension.

Orange Juice

orange juice
That tangy yummy taste! Orange juice is loved by everyone. It is a healthy beverage which works wonders for immunity and metabolism during prenatal and postnatal phases. It is also beneficial for breastfed babies (breastfeeding moms to have it) and solid eating babies (after 6months). Oranges are most popular in Asia and China. This citrus fruit brings down the cholesterol level, controls the blood pressure and provides relief during inflammation. It’s advised that pregnant women, new moms and babies should only consume freshly made orange juices, preferably made at home.

Watermelon Juice

With pregnancy, comes swelling, heartburns and many other troubles. Watermelon is a tempting fruit which looks and tastes great. Kids also love this attractive fruit and its amazing taste. It contains huge amount of water and hence it is helpful in the case of dehydration. It also helps in cramps and morning sickness.

NOTE: Avoid giving watermelon if baby/toddler has loose motions, also kids should not eat watermelon seeds as it can trigger loose motions.

These were some suitable healthy summer drinks that every pregnant woman, new mom and baby can count on. To stay safe from the impact of the hot sun, keep sipping these drinks and say no to HOT issues this summer.

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