Must Eat Dried Fruits & Nuts during Pregnancy


Which Dry Fruits are Best for Pregnant Women?

Nuts/Dried fruits have a special significance in India. Be it an anniversary eve or Diwali celebration; dried fruits are a must. These fruits have a longer shelf life. Dried fruits are great during pregnancy as well. A pregnant mom requires lots of protein and dried fruits are the great sources of protein. But, which dried fruit is suitable and how to eat it during pregnancy? Well, below I have mentioned best 3 dried fruits for pregnant mom that will provide strength, nutrition and satisfy the taste buds as well.

Top 3 Nuts/Dry Fruits for Pregnant Women

Almonds Soaked in Water Overnight

soaked almonds
The yummy crunchy almonds are BAE during pregnancy. Iron, protein and Vitamins are the three essential elements craved by your body during pregnancy. An ounce of Almond provides around 1 milligram of Iron which pregnant women badly need. Also, the body receives 14 micrograms of folic acid, 75 milligrams of Calcium, 3.5 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein by eating 1 ounce of Almond. Also, the fat content of Almonds are unsaturated and therefore the pregnant women can go for it without worrying about their health. In the market, the almonds are mostly pasteurized. Raw almonds are the best for health and nutrition.

Why Soak Almonds in Water?

The peels are hard to digest which makes it difficult to absorb the nutrients to fullest. After soaking the almonds in water over night the meat of the nuts also become easy to digest and the peels can be removed. Soaked and peeled almonds taste amazing taste and you can enjoy the softness as well.

Health Benefits of Almonds

• Brain development of the foetus
• Controls cholesterol
• Reinforces the bones
• Saves from cardiac issues
• Healthy skin
• Boosts immunity
• Controls blood pressure
• Relief from inflammation
• Helps in preventing cancer
• Helpful in diabetes
• Provides energy and many nutritious elements


Figs are a rich source of Calcium and Iron. Not only this, figs also fulfil the everyday need for magnesium, potassium and phosphorus to a great extent. Just a single cup of stewed figs can fulfil about 10 percent of the total iron requirement of the body of a to-be mom every day. You can try the fresh figs, dried figs or simply relish the delectable fig recipes.

Health Benefits of Figs

• Fulfils the mineral requirements of the body
• Fulfils the calcium need of the body
• Contributes to your healthy diet
• Boosts digestion
• Omega-3 and folate acid helps in the foetal development
• Reduces morning sickness
• Helpful in Gestational Diabetes
• High source of iron and fiber
• Good for hypertension
• Natural sugar


Walnuts do not just look amazing and taste great but they are the powerhouse of nutrition as well. These are one of the oldest known dried fruits on earth. Walnuts are a great ingredient for the appetizers, desserts and many yummy dishes. For the pregnant women, this dried food is a blessing. Walnuts comprise of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, protein and fiber. These dried fruits are completely safe and nutritious during pregnancy. The best benefits of these dried fruits can be availed when eaten along with the skin. Also, walnuts fulfil the everyday requirement of antioxidants of the body. Since walnuts are rich in protein, fatty acid, fiber and minerals; they must be consumed in a limit. Overeating these dried fruits may end up upsetting your stomach. In some cases, walnuts cause blood clots and allergies but that don’t make the amazing dried fruit suspicious.
NOTE: You can also soak walnuts in water overnight to get maximum of nutrients from the nut meat.

Health Benefits of Walnuts

• Brain and eye development
• Controls blood pressure and cholesterol
• Proper foetus growth
• Boosts immune system
• Good sleep
• Helps in depression
• Proper weight management
• Better heart function
• Prevents diabetes
• Boosts metabolism
• Peps up the mood
• A great astringent
• Helpful in inflammation
A to-be mom always looks for the foods that are yummy and nutritious. Nowadays, there are many food items available in the market to satisfy the taste buds of an expectant mom but when it’s about receiving the goodness of Nature from an organic source; nothing can match the nuts.
Dried fruits are in use for many centuries. The best way to preserve the nutritious fruits is to dry it hygienically. They are yummy and healthy. During pregnancy, your responsibility simply doubles. You not just have to care for your own health but worry about your unborn baby’s development as well. Dried fruits are a great solution for the expectant momma’s and the baby’s nutrition cravings. So, grab some yummy and healthy dried fruits and conquer the pregnancy milestones with ease.

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