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Modern and Lovely Arabic Baby Boy Names from letter J

Want your joyous little son to be jubilant and jovial in the future? Picking J as his name’s initial would be a perfect choice! Since we constantly get a lot of queries asking for suggestions of some pleasant and uncommon J names for boys, especially Muslims, we thought why not combine a rocking list for you. If you are looking for baby girl names starting with J and their meaning, we’ve still got you covered.

10 Jazzy & Fashionable J Names for Boys

Currently, letter J is very in style as a beginning alphabet for baby names. So if you are also looking for new baby names or in particular, boys names beginning with J, you would be pleased by the names listed below.

Jaamil جَامِل

Jaamil is a diminutive of Jameel, an evergreen and pretty common Islamic boys name. It means handsome in Arabic, perfect for your gorgeous new baby boy. After all, he deserves a name that means good-looking. We would suggest this name for parents who want to stick to the traditional names and still be a little tasteful. The name Jaamil gained more fame after Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, a curator and poet from America.

Jabran جَبْران

Since we all have already heard Jibran a lot of times, Jabran is a Muslim boys name that gives a modern twist to it. Khalil Jibran fans! It’s time for you to be experimental by choosing Jabran and be more playful. Traditional yet contemporary, Jabran has origins in Arabic and means brave. This name is ripe for a revival, so why not go for it and give more strength to your son?

Jabreel جَبْريل

Since birth, we all have heard Jibreel a lot of times as he is one of the chief archangels in Islam. To bestow his instincts in your son, it would be a really great idea to select Jabreel, a name inspired by Jibreel. Jabreel also has Arabic roots to it and means Jibreel, the angel responsible for bringing Allah’s revelations on Earth.

Jalib جَالِب

Jalib sounds like a pleasant and striking masculine name, right? It means the similar as well. Jalib, in Arabic, means an attractor or attractive – according to the purpose of the sentence. It is also used to refer to a motive or cause because eventually, a motive also attracts someone’s attention towards an issue or thing.
Surprisingly, this is the third name amongst this list after Jaamil Olawale Kosoko and Khalil Jibran that is the name of a poet. Habib Jalib was a renowned revolutionary poet who addressed many causes through his words. He did justice to his name and caught everyone’s attention. With this name, you can also make your son attract people’s attention in many ways.

Jalwan جَلْوَان

Jalwan is used to refer to the discoverer of the truth in Arabic language. It is largely used as a surname in many parts of the world but we can do more justice to it by selecting it as a first name. As parents, it is our duty to help them support the truth right from the beginning. In that support, we think names like Jalwan make a child just and wise, right from childhood. Jalwan is a really good name if you want a rare but meaningful name for your child.

Jafur جَعْفُور

Jafur has Arabic roots to it and is a variant of the name Jafar which we’ve already heard a lot of times. It means river, so your child can represent tranquility with this name. With an astounding name like Jafur, make your son calm but strong – just like a river. Also, Jafur denotes something as important as water just like your child is to you.

Janis جَانِس

We are pretty sure that you wouldn’t have heard something like Janis. We find it really cool and fashionable and also love the fact that it sounds so new and trendy. There’s no dearth of baby names inspiration and to support that notion, we think Janis is the right name. It means ripe fruit in Arabic which is totally relatable to parents after a long wait of nine whole months of pregnancy.

Jaroom جَرُوم

Jaroom is an Arabic name that has various meanings, according to the sentence. It means pure in color as well as a collector of dates or any other fruits. Jaroom is also used to call someone big bodied. Since all three meanings are positive, you can select Jaroom according to whichever meaning you like the most. Jaroom is a plethora of good virtues; hence we would definitely suggest it to all parents out there.

Jassar جَسَّار

Jassar is an Arabic name with a strong and solid meaning. This is a perfect masculine name meaning brave and courageous. Not only Muslims, but people of other religions also choose Jassar as it has other origins as well, perfect for mixed-race baby names. With Tarsem Jassar, the famous Indian lyricist and singer, Jassar has got more recognition and fame.

Jazzal جَزَّال

Jazzal is an unusual and latest baby name that means great and generous in Arabic. Its meaning is a unification of two powerful virtues combined in one name. Jazzal sounds very soft and pleasant to us. What about you? With this name, teach generosity to your child so that he can bring utmost happiness to you as well as others.

Did You Find The Perfect Name?

We, at GoMama247, make sure to not only suggest unheard names but also suggest only those names that are very meaningful so that you can imbue great virtues in your baby. With these names, we hope we helped you narrow down the search for the perfect baby name for your adorable son. We’re sure you would love them all and select one of these names to add an instant grace to your baby’s persona. Don’t forget to give us the feedback in the comments below and also ask us, if you have any queries regarding any of these names.


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