Muslim Baby Girl Names: Modern and Beautiful [2019]


Unique and Stylish Islamic Baby Names for Girls

Muslim naming system is highly influenced by Arabic and Persian language. Both of these languages are a very vital part of most of the Islamic literature. Hence, we have compiled this list of modern Muslim baby girl names for you all, keeping the importance of Arabic and Persian elements while naming a baby.
Nonetheless, you should not only merely choose a name because it is an Arabic/Persian word. Although, Arabic and Persian play a huge role while naming a child but eventually, they are only languages which consist of negative as well as positive words. According to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), a child’s name is an adornment by which he/she will be recalled in “dunya” as well as “akhirah”.
Also, it creates a life-long impact on your child. So, you should select a name for your daughter which is either inspired by any Prophet, Angel or Sahabiyyah or one which has a pleasant meaning. We understand that naming your adorable daughter is a huge responsibility for you. So, through our list of meaningful and new Muslim baby names for girls, we are here to help you.

Top Baby Names: Muslim Baby Girls Names

Aadila عادلہ– To do justice, Faithfulness, honesty, moral excellence
Aafia عافیہ‎– Healthy, hale and hearty, vigorous health
Aahana أهانہ– Day-born, the light inside, first sunrise
Aairah عائرہ– Who has respect, imposing behaviour
Aala عالا – Premiums/bounties
Aalimah عالمہ– Wise, skilled or well-educated/scholar
Aamara عمارہ – Who can’t die or fade
Aamira آمیرہ – Copious, majestic, dwelt
Aara آرا – Which brings grace or light, embellishment
Aarifa عارفہ– A female who knows about or recognizes Islam religion
Aasia عاسیہ – Aspirer, who has hope
Aasma عاصمہ – Very costly, sky, splendid
Aasmani آسمانی – Color of the sky, bright blue, celestial
Aatikah آتیکا – Kind or friendly or fond of
Aatirah عاطرہ – A good aroma, odorous/aromatic
Aazeen عازین – Grace, splendour
Aazmin آزمین – The name refers to a star
Abeer عبیر – Fragrance
Abeerah عبیرہ – A blend of saffron and sandal with fragrance, rose
Abia ابیہ – Abia means great or superior. In Hbrew, it means God is my father.
Ablaa ابلا – With a perfect shape/figure or formation
Abra ابرا – Teaching, illustration/example
Ada ادا – Style, beauty, grace
Adeena ادینہ – Thin/delicate, pure, divine
Adeeva ادیوا – Delightful, gentle
Adla عدلہ – Lady with fair complexion, just
Adra عدرا – Extended wisdom, knowing more things
Afia عافیہ – Hale and hearty, vigour
Afreen آفرین‎ – Elegant, delightful, blessing, divine encouragement
Afsa افصہ‎ – Beautiful, wife of prophet Mohammad
Afza افزا – Superior, the best, most splendid
Aida عائدہ – Someone who visits or returns
Aila عاءلہ – A noble person
Ainam اینم – The name signifies two springs
Aira آئرہ‎ – Commencement, origin/beginning, breathe of life
Aiza آءزا – A noble person
Akia آکیہ – Sibling (sister)
Akilah عقیلہ – A lady with great wisdom, intelligence
Alda الدا – Affluent/rich
Alhena الہینا – A bright celestial object, a star in Gemini
Almeda المیدہ – Aspirational person
Alraaz الراز – Secret/mystery
Aludra الدرا – The name means virgin/pure/virtuous
Amani امانی – One who leads, spring season
Amayra امایرا – Regal and beautiful, princess
Amna آمنا – Serenity
Amrin امرین – Princess, pretty girl
Anaan عنان – Delightful, cloud
Anahita انیہیتہ – Pure, innocent
Anaita انایتہ – Diminutive of Anahita meaning pure, modest, innocent
Ariana اریانہ – Enthusiastic, lively
Arifa عارفہ – Adequate knowledge of any field
Arisha اریشہ – Tranquillity/peace
Armin ارمین – One who lives in Eden’s garden
Arwa اروآ – Mountain goat (female)
Asah اسہ – A well-known green plant, known for being so green
Ashia آشیہ – The name refers to life
Asin عاسن – Grace, charm
Asleena اسلینا – A celestial bright object like s star
Asmara اسمارا – An adorable butterfly
Asra اسرا – Divine river or paradise river
Aya آیا – A spiritual phrase written in Holy Quran
Ayra آئرہ – Breathe of life, commencement, initiation of something
Azalia ازالیہ – Beautiful flower
Azia عازیہ – Cozy, convenience
Azin أذين – Obedient
Azita ازیتا – A beautiful majestic lady, princess
Azka ازکا – Divine, pure
Azmi عزمی – A person with great knowledge or wisdom
Azra عذرا – Pure, maiden

Bahaa بہا – With lustre, graceful
Banan بنان – The name refers to finger tips
Baraa براء – Who stands out in a group, excels
Bareea بريئة – Pure, who can’t be blamed
Barika بارکہ – To grow, attain triumph
Barlin برلن – Many beautiful majestic ladies or princesses
Burhaan برہان‎ – Evidence of something
Bustan بستان – A beautiful natural place, orchard
Cala کالا – Majestic mansion or castle
Chandni چاندنی‎ – Moonlight
Charagh چراغ – Lamp, lantern
Chiragh چراغ – Lamp, lantern
Daana دانہ – Epithet for god, wise or learned person
Daanya دَانِيَة – Graceful, gift from God
Daaria داریہ – Wise, learned, affluent
Dabeer دَبِيْر – Teacher
Dahma دہما – A wise person or lady of a region
Daniya دَانِيَة – Near to something
Darya دریہ – Copious, river
Dayana دیانہ – Precious metal, Gold
Delisha دلیشه – A cheerful person who spreads happiness
Dimah دیماہ – Cloud full of rain water
Doha دوہا – Time between morning and noon
Durar دورار – The name means pearls
Eihaa إِيحَاء – Motivate or inspire someone
Eilin ایلین – Winner, adorable
Eilnaz الناز – Most graceful of all
Eira ایرہ – Snowfall
Eliza اليزا – Very costly, one of a kind
Elma المہ – A beautiful fruit like Apple
Erina عرینا – A charming lady
Ezhil ایزہل – Charm, Grace
Ezzah عزہ – Respect, Honor giver
Faheena فہینہ – A small fraction of time, A moment
Fahima فہیمہ – Brilliant, Smart
Farhin فرحین – Ecstatic, Delighted
Fariba فريبا – Captivating
Farnaz فرناز – Wonderful, Beautiful, Glorious
Faryal فریال – A divine beauty, An angel
Fayha فَيْحَاء – One with heavenly fragrance
Fayona فایونا – Gorgeous, Adorable
Faza فزا – Young, Blooming
Fazeen فزین – Growth, Enhancement
Fazima فزیمہ – Triumph
Fazluna فزلونہ – A desert flower
Fena فینا – A child born with feet first, An uncontrolled wild horse
Fenal فینال – An angel with extraordinary charm
Fikriya فکریہ – Knowledgeable
Fila فیلا – One who loves
Firyal فریال – An archaic Arabic name
Gazala غزالہ – Lovely words, Poem, Graceful
Ghaena غاءنہ – Jewellery, Embellishment
Ghazal غزل – Poem, Creatively framed poetic phrases, Intelligent
Ghina غنا – Act of singing, A song
Hadeel حدیل – Dove’s voice or Pigeon’s cooing
Hashna حشنہ – Graceful, Adorable, Laughing
Hayrah ہایراہ – Hadith’s narrator
Hazeena ہزینا – Precious wealth, Autumn, Eternally
Hazim حازم – Care, Power
Helai ہیلی – The name refers to a Swan
Helba ہلبا – Powerful
Houri حوري – A fantasy character like a fairy
Hurya حوریہ – An angel
Iba إباء – High status
Ibrisam ابرعصام – Silk fabric
Ieesha عيشة – A lady, Life
Ifza افزا – An angel who protects
Iha إِيحَاء – Efforts, Longings, Earth
Ilhaam إِلْهَام – Instinctive knowing
Ilmeeyat علمیات – Wisdom
Imani إيماني – Who can be trusted, Honest, Pure
Imoni إيموني – Who believes in something or someone
Imseera امسیرا – Knowledgeable
Inaya عِناية – Allah’s gift, Worry/care
Indela عندلہ – Resembling a nightingale
Injila إِنْجِيلة – Glow, Shining
Inseya إنسیہ – Wise, Smart, Hadith’s narrator
Insha إنشا – To create, To Express
Iqra إقرأ– To read or study something
Iram ارم – A heap at significant height, Effusion
Izma عزمہ – Honor, Respected or higher position/state
Izna عزنا – Glow, Light
Izra عزرا – A star
Jaleh جالہ – Morning dew or rain
Jalsa جلسہ – A delightful occasion, celebration
Jamia جامعہ – Graceful, charming
Jana جانا – Courageous since birth
Jassia جسّیہ – Someone who is sitting
Jawa جوا – A beautiful flower
Johi جوہی – The name is a form of Juhi, which means Jasmine.
Joodi جودی – A mythological mountain described in Quran
Joya زویا – Exuberating, happiness, lively
Juhi جوہی – Jasmine, a flower
Jun جون – A bay or gulf
Juni جونی – Adorable, lovely
Juzla جزلہ – Happiness, delight
Kadira کدیرہ – Diminutive of Qadeera meaning powerful or one with multiple skills
Kaheela کحیلہ – Victory, trial
Kaheesha کہیشہ – Creative with words, poestess, Al-waqa’s daughter
Kahla كَحْلا – Dear one, adorable, someone who has captivating black eyes
Karida کریدہ – Who can’t be touched or easily accessed
Kashira کشرا – Jolly, elated
Kashud کشود – Triumph, advantage, grow
Kasirah كثيره – Copious, in a huge amount
Kayla کیلا – Crowned or embellished with laurels
Keila کیلا – Crowned or embellished with laurels
Kenza کنزا – Very precious founding, treasure
Kharo خرو– Bird
Khayrah خيره – Pure, good
Khazanah خزانة – Very precious founding, treasure
Khitam خِتام – The f9inal result, conclusion
Khitfa ختفہ – With errors, unretentive
Khizra خضرا – Greenery or green color
Kiah کیعہ – Fresh commencement, new start
Korina کورینا – Exalted, elevated, good
Kyana كائِنَا– Universe
Lahifa لہیفا – One who helps
Laiha لائحہ – Something which glitters
Lama لاما – black lips or dark lips
Lamisa لميسہ – Very soft,
Lamya لامیہ – With lustre, shining, dark lips
Lana لانا – A soft, gentle person, having serenity, little rock
Lanika لنیکہ – Superior, greatest
Layaan ليان – Tenderness, softness, gentle person
Layla لیلا – Born in darkness or night-born, dear one
Layli لیلی – Related to night time
Leem لیم – Calm, peaceful environment
Leen لین – Tender, soft
Liesha لیشا – A lady, life
Liyana لِيانَةٌ – Creativity, art, tenderness
Lubna لبنا – Completely pure or pious
Luha لُهَا – Quantity, amount or measure
Lulua لُؤْلؤة – A precious thing, pearl
Luluah لُؤْلؤة – A precious thing, pearl
Luma لومہ – Just before the dusk, sunset
Luna لونا – Beautiful like moon, the moon
Madeeha مدیحہ – Worth appreciation
Madiha مدیحہ – Someone who deserves to be praised
Maham ماہم – Full moon night
Mahreen مہرین – Very glowing and beautiful, too bright like Sun
Mahrosh مہروش‎ – Delightful, a part of moon
Mahua مہوا – A flower which is intoxicating in nature
Mahveen مہوین‎ – Glow or light coming from Sun
Mahvish مہوش – As graceful as moon
Maira مائرة – Light, fast moving, bringer of food
Maisha مَعيشة – Life, existence
Maizah مَيْزَة – Someone with clear understanding or perception, discerning
Malaha ملہا – Splendour, beauty, grace
Maleeha ملیحہ – Radiant, pretty
Malha ملہا – Grace
Maliha ملیحہ – Pleasant, charming, glowing
Maliha ملیحہ – Someone who is charming, beautiful
Malika مَلِكَة – Queen, empress, girl child
Malka مَلِكَة – An intoxicating drink, female child, queen
Manaal منال – Success, achieving something
Manab منب – Share, working in absence of someone or deputyship
Manahil مناهل – Pure or fresh water spring
Mansha منشا – Desire, longings
Mariya ماریہ‎ – Pious, loved one, graceful, Prophet Muhammad’s wife
Marnia مرینا‎ – Affluent in all the manners
Marwa مروة – Name of a mountain in Makkah
Mavisha مویشا – A boon in life or blessing
Mawhiba موهبة – Potentials, strengths
Mazin مَازِن – Cloud with rain
Mehrish مہرش – Amazing fragrance
Mehvish مہوش‎ – Powerful
Menaal منال – A divine flower (heavenly flower)
Merwa مروة – One of the mountains in Mecca
Midhaa مِدْحَة – To praise someone
Mukhlisa مخلصة – Loyal, devoted or dedicated
Mulayka ملائکہ‎ – Another form of Malaika
Nadra نادرہ – Uncommon, unique
Naima نَاعِمَة – Which belongs to someone, blissful life
Naira نَائِرَة – Full of light
Najma نَجْمَة – Planet, star or a source of inspiration
Namra نمرہ‎ – Water with great taste
Naqea نقية – Pious, pure
Nashwa نشوا – Rejoicing, joyful
Nasya ناسيا – Pious, most charming, clear
Natara ناترا – Sacrifice
Nazah نازہ – Honesty, triumph, pious
Nedira نادرہ‎ – Uncommon
Niyusha نيوشا – Good at hearing
Niyyat نِيَّات – Intentions
Norah نورة – Glow, light ray or light
Noreen نورین – Glowing light, Honor
Norhan نورهان – Light or glow
Noriza نورضہ – Light which satisfies
Noshi نوشی – Intelligent
Nousha نوشا – Good listener
Nuha نُهى – Brain, intellect
Nyla نِيلَة – Water hyacinth, a group of beautiful flowering plants
Ozra عُذْرَا – Derived from Ozrat meaning pure or virgin
Paniz پانيذ – Sweet, sugar, adorable
Panra پںرہ – Related to nature, leaf
Pashmina پشمینه‎ – A fabric type, usually used in shawls
Perkha پرکھا – Tester, reviewer
Piraya پيرایه – Precious ornaments, jewels
Qamra قمرا – Glowing, beautiful moonlight
Qaylah قايله – Speaker, Prophet Muhammad’s friend or companion
Qirat قیرات – An engaging recitation of holy Quran
Querima كَرِيْمَة – Derived from Kareema meaning generous or kind hearted
Rahana رحانة – Derived from Rehana meaning good scent
Rahela راحلة – Traveler
Raida رائدة – One who leads, guides or explores
Raima رائمة – One who has strong love and warmth for her baby
Raiqa رایقہ – Pious, calm, graceful
Rakhshi رخشی – Good-looking, charming
Rakina رَكِينَة – Static, firm, composed
Rehana ريحانة – Good fragrance
Roya رُؤْيَا – Sight, imagination, dream
Rumeha رميها – A captivating stone
Ruqa رقا – Adorable, graceful
Rusha روشا – Happy, cheerful
Saahana سہانہ‎ – Diminutive of Shahana meaning Queen
Saaleha صالحة – Virtuous, religious
Saara سارا – Laughter, delight
Saham سہم – Pointed weapons like arrows
Sahana سہانہ‎ – Diminutive of Shahana meaning Queen
Saharish سحرش – Sunrise
Sahila ساحلہ – Shore, river bank
Sahna سہنا – Complexion, figure
Saleena سَلينا – Torrential
Saleha صالحة – Virtuous, religious
Sameera سميرة – Good friend
Samia سَمْيَاء – Exalted, honored
Samra ثَمْرَاء – Mature
Sanika سنيكہ – Warm hearted
Saree سَرِي – Stream, small river
Sarnia سرنیہ – Wind, night’s companion
Seena سينا – Refers to Mount Sinai
Seher سہر – Early morning, dawn
Sehrish سحرش – Sunrise
Sehrish سحرش – The bright light in early morning – sunrise
Shahla شَهْلَاء – Beautiful black eyes with some blueness
Shahreen شہریں – Pretty, sweet
Shakyra شکیرا – Modified spelling of Shakeera meaning one who is grateful or thankful
Shareen شرین – Modified spelling of Shahreen meaning pretty, sweet
Shaza شَاذّة – Unique
Sheen شین – Glow, One of the arabic alphabets
Shifa شِفَاء – Treatment, remedy
Shiza شیزا – Offering, gift
Shuhada شُهَدَاء – Martyrs
Shujana شجنا – Virtuous or courageous personality
Sidra سِدرة – Name of a tree in Jannah
Siyana صيانة – Saving or guarding someone or something
Soha سُهَا – Little planet
Sohela سهيلاء – Leninent, gentle
Somaya سُمَيَّة – Modified spelling of Sumayya meaning unique
Souri سوری – Derived from Surina meaning happy and cheerful
Suheera سہیرہ‎ – Gorgeous
Sumayya سُمَيَّة – Rare, unique
Tahira طاهرة – Pious, holy, clear
Tanisha تنیشہ – Ambition
Taqia تاقيه – One who worships
Tasmiya تَسْمِيَة – Providing name, Bismillah
Thara سارا – Alternate spelling of Sara meaning laughter or delight
Tibah طیبہ – Diminutive of Taibah meaning Repentant
Tiyam تيام – Darling, beloved
Ubah عباہ – A flower
Ulya عُليا – Superior, at zenith of something
Umaira عُمَيْرَة – One who performs Umrah
Umaiza أُمَيْزا – Who has a soft heart, gorgeous, glowing
Umayrah عُمَيْرَة – One who performs Umrah
Umnia أمنية – Hope
Umrah عُمْرَة – A minor pilgrimage to Makkah
Uroosa عروسہ – Joy, bride
Vardah وَرْدَة – Flower, radiant, fresh
Veesta ويستا – Finder, discoverer
Vida ويدا – Proof, something found or evident
Viyana ويانا – Knowledge, intelligence
Wadha واضحة – Glowing
Warisha وریشہ‎ – Light
Wisal وِصَال – Reunion
Yalda یلدہ – Related to dark and long night
Yalina یلینا – Calm, gentle, meek, soft
Yamana یمنع – Pure, clean
Yana یانا – Doer of good deeds
Yarah یآراہ – Capability, courage
Yasha يَشْعَا – Derived from Yashal meaning radiance or popularity
Yelda یلدہ – Related to dark and long night
Yusr یسر – Wealthy, prosperous
Yusra یسریٰ‎ – Flourishing, wealthy
Zaain زاین – Dear one, companion, beautiful
Zaara ذَرَى – Pinnacle
Zahia ضَحْيَا – Bright, pure
Zahna زَهْنة – Charming, adorable, gorgeous
Zahyaa ضَحْيَا – Bright, pure
Zaitun زَيْتُون – Fiery, olive
Zakirah ذاکرہ – Regular worshipper of Allah
Zalanda زلندہ – Glowing, bright
Zaniah زانیہ – Gorgeous
Zareen زرین – Of golden color, smiling, happy
Zeba زیبا – Good looking, grateful
Zehna زَهْنة – Charming, adorable, gorgeous
Zehra زَهْرَة – A flower
Zenia زنيا – The name refers to a flower
Zerah زرہ – Derived from Zehra meaning flower
Zevah زیواہ – Productive, fruitful
Zia ضياء – Source of light or light
Zidan زيدان – Copiousness
Zinah زينة – Embellishment, adornment
Zineta زينتا – An striking jewellery
Zinia زنيا – A flower
Ziram ضرم – Brightness
Ziva زیوا – Radiance, glow, brilliance
Ziyan زیاں – Charm, elegance
Zobia زوبیہ – Gifted by God
Zoeya زویا – The name refers to life
Zoha ضُحَى – Forenoon
Zoona زونا – Smart, intelligent
Zorah زورہ – The earliest period in the morning
Zoya زویا – Lively, joyful
Zuha ضُحَى – Forenoon
Zulaikha زلیخا – Name of the Wife of Aziz-e-Misr at the time of Prophet Yousuf AS
Zynah زَينة – Gorgeous, embellishment, ornamentation
Zyva زیوا – Glow, shine, brilliance

Select names that show servitude to Allah and respect to the sunnahs of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Meaningful Muslim baby girl names are actually very rewarding. They help shaping the nature and characteristics of a child as well as they please Allah. Names with great meanings don’t have to be old or long. There are many names that are short, sweet and pleasant to the ears and still very meaningful. We hope that you found our list of unique Islamic baby girl names helpful.


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Zeba Noor is a Muslim Baby Names Expert with a deep knowledge of Arabic, Persian names. To determine the latest and the best Islamic names, she uses a mom's point of view keeping in mind the importance of Quranic elements.


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    • Sapana

      My kid’s friend’ name is also Amani. Its a multi-origin name, It means Modest in Sanskrit. Lovely name for a new generation baby girl.

  2. Avatar
    Rubaya Akter Luna on

    I need a beautiful uncommon and modern baby girls name starts with “S”.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Zeba Noor

      Hi Misba,

      Misaal is a good combination of the given parents’ names. It is not Arabic but it is acceptable in Islam as it has a good meaning. Misaal is a name that can go with a baby boy as well as a baby girl.

      Just in case you need a girl’s name, Adiba is also a good name. It is an Arabic name which means “one who has excellent character or has good manners”. Otherwise, finding more meaningful and rare names that include the names Misba and Aadil is quite difficult.

      If you could confirm the gender of the baby, we will try to find out some more names.

    • Zeba Noor

      Hi Mehnaz,

      Thank you so much. Adeeba and Adeeva – both names are there. Adeeba means someone who has an excellent character, or someone who has good manners. On the other hand, Adeeva means delightful, pleasant or gentle.

    • Zeba Noor

      Hi Ruhi,

      Thanks a lot.

      Some Muslim names that end with “ya” are:

      Aafiya – Healthy
      Aaniya – Creative
      Daniya – Close/Near
      Inaya – Help
      Saniya – Prominent
      Somaya – Unique

    • Zeba Noor

      Hi Saba,

      Thanks for the query.

      Apart from these, some good names from H are Hiba, Hoor, Heena, Hifza, Habeeba, Huda, etc.

      Rest, you can refer to our list of all Arabic baby girl names.

  3. Zeba Noor

    Hi Nustha,

    Thanks for your query.

    According to my knowledge, this is not an Arabic name. It might be inspired by “Sharon” which is a Hebrew name. Sharon refers to a flat land.

    As the meaning is not wrong, you can give it to your child. But I suggest going with those modern names that are related to Islam and Quran.

    For more, you can refer to my list of Arabic girls names starting from S.

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    • Zeba Noor

      Hi Irfan,
      Many many congratulations and thanks for your query.
      It would be better if you could tell me the preferred alphabet. However, these are some of my top picks.

      1. Aaniya: Loving or creative
      2. Rubab: Blessing
      3. Sanie: Majestic
      4. Tawaf: Circumambulation around the holy Kaaba
      5. Naflah: Derived from Nafl meaning a voluntary good deed
      6. Narina: Rosy (persian name)
      7. Uswah: Sample, example, light
      8. Ramal: Check the meaning here.

      You can also check the list of all Arabic Baby Girl names at GomMama247.

    • Zeba Noor

      Hi Nabila,
      Thank you so much for your query and consideration. Since you’ve commented on a baby girl’s name post, I assume you’re looking for baby girl names starting with “an”.

      Here are some of my quick suggestions for you.

      1. Anaya: care
      2. Ansharah: relaxation
      3. Andleeb: nightingale
      4. Aneeqa: beautiful
      5. Anaisa: angel
      6. Aniya: loving
      7. Anooshah: beautifier

      I shall write a detailed post on it soon.

    • Zeba Noor

      Thank you for your query Mr. Iqbal. I would love to help you out.

      There are not a lot of names starting with “aq” but I can still think of four of them.

      The names are:
      1. Aqiba: result or consequence (make sure to pronounce it Aaqiba)
      2. Aqidah: belief
      3. Aqeela: very wise
      4. Aqsa: farthest (also the name of Masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusalem)

      Although the meanings of all four of these names are pretty good, Aqeela and Aqsa are pretty common and old. I would suggest Aqiba the most as it is one of the rarest baby girl names for 2019. Aqidah is also a very soft-sounding and pleasant name.

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    • Zeba Noor

      Assalamu Alaikum Mr. Abdul Ahadh,

      Thank you for your query and sorry for the delay in replying. I was on my Umrah trip! I hope I am not
      too late in replying you.

      Since your main name is Ahad, we can use the Arabic roots “A”, “H”, and “D”, to shortlist a baby name. These are a few Muslim baby girl names with these Arabic roots matching with your name.

      1. Ahd عَهْد (to be pronounced as’ Ehd): Promise or trust
      2. Ahdia عهديه: A female who keeps her promises
      3. Ahdaf أَهداف : Goals, targets

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