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Unique and Stylish Islamic Baby Names for Girls

Muslim naming system is one of the oldest naming system inspired by Arabic culture. There are few integrated elements of Muslim or Arabic naming system including Ism, Laqab, Nasab, Nisbah and Kunya. Islamic baby names mostly signify divine power, behavior, nature’s beauty or characteristics.

Top Baby Names: Muslim Baby Girls Names

Aadila عادہیلا – To do justice, Faithfulness, honesty, moral excellence
Aafia عآفای – Healthy, hale and hearty, vigorous health
Aahana ااہانا – Day-born, the light inside, first sunrise
Aairah عایراہ – Who has respect, imposing behaviour
Aala عالا  – Premiums/bounties
Aalimah عالیماہ – Wise, skilled or well-educated/scholar
Aamara – Who can’t die or fade
Aamira آمیرا – Copious, majestic, dwelt
Aara – Which brings grace or light, embellishment
Aarifa عاریفا – A female who knows about or recognizes Islam religion
Aasia – Aspirer, who has hope
Aasma عاصماہ – Very costly, sky, splendid
Aasmani – Color of the sky, bright blue, celestial
Aatirah عاٹیراہ – A good aroma, odorous/aromatic
Aatikah ااٹیکاہ – Kind or friendly or fond of
Aazeen عازین – Grace, splendour
Aazmin اازمین – The name refers to a star
Abeer ابیر – A traditional color used in Holi, odour/fragrance
Abeerah ابیراہ – A blend of saffron and sandal with fragrance, rose
Abia ابیا – Abia means great or superior. In Hbrew, it means God is my father.
Ablaa ابلاا – With a perfect shape/figure or formation
Abra ابرا – Teaching, illustration/example
Ada ادا – Style, beauty, grace
Adeena ادینا – Thin/delicate, pure, divine
Adeeva ادیوا – Delightful, gentle
Adelmira – Someone with high moral or values
Adla اڈلا – Lady with fair complexion, just
Adra – Extended wisdom, knowing more things
Afia عافیا – Hale and hearty, vigour
Afreen افرین – Elegant, delightful, blessing, divine encouragement
Afsa افسا – Beautiful, wife of prophet Mohammad
Afza افزا – Superior, the best, most splendid
Aida عائدہ – Someone who visits or returns
Aila ایلا – A noble person
Ainam – The name signifies two springs
Aira عیرا – Commencement, origin/beginning, breathe of life
Aiza ایزا – A noble person
Akia اکییا – Sibling (sister)
Akilah اکیلاہ – A lady with great wisdom, intelligence
Alda الدا – Affluent/rich
Alhena الہینا – A bright celestial object, a star in Gemini
Almeda – Aspirational person
Alraaz الراز – Secret/mystery
Aludra الدورا – The name means virgin/pure/virtuous
Amani – One who leads, spring season
Amayra امایرا – Regal and beautiful, princess
Amna آمنا – Serenity
Amrin امرین – Princess, pretty girl
Anaan عنان – Delightful, cloud
Anaita – A Persian Goddess who is symbol of Love, an angel
Ariana آریانا – Enthusiastic, lively
Arifa عاریفا – Adequate knowledge of any field
Arisha آریشا – Tranquillity/peace
Armin آرمین – One who lives in Eden’s garden
Arwa عروہ – Mountain goat (female)
Asah اسہ – A well-known green plant, known for being so green
Ashia – The name refers to life
Asin اسین – Grace, charm
Asleena اسلینا – A celestial bright object like s star
Asmara اسمارا – An adorable butterfly
Asra اسرا – Divine river or paradise river
Azra عذرا – Pure, maiden
Azmi عازمی – A person with great knowledge or wisdom
Azka ازکا – Divine, pure
Azita ازیتا – A beautiful majestic lady, princess
Azin اجین – Courageous person
Azia – Cozy, convenience
Azalia ازالیا – Beautiful flower
Ayra – Breathe of life, commencement, initiation of something
Aya آیا – A spiritual phrase written in Holy Quran

Bahaa بہاا – With lustre, graceful
Banan بانان – The name refers to finger tips
Baraa بآراا – Who stands out in a group, excels
Bareea بآریا – Pure, who can’t be blamed
Barika بآریکا – To grow, attain triumph
Barlin بارلین – Many beautiful majestic ladies or princesses
Burhaan بورحان – Evidence of something
Bustan بوسٹان – A beautiful natural place, orchard
Celmira – Wonderful, splendid
Cala کال – Majestic mansion or castle
Daana – Epithet for god, wise or learned person
Daanya دانیا – Graceful, gift from God
Daaria – Wise, learned, affluent
Dahma داحما – A wise person or lady of a region
Daniya دانییا – Near to something
Darya درییا – Copious, river
Delisha دیلیشا – A cheerful person who spreads happiness
Dayana – Precious metal, Gold
Dimah دیماہ – Cloud full of rain water
Doha دوہا – Time between morning and noon
Durar دورار – The name means pearls
Eihaa – Motivate or inspire someone
Eilin – Winner, adorable
Eilnaz – Most graceful of all
Eira عیرا – Snowfall
Eliza علیزاہ – Very costly, one of a kind
Ellora عیلورا – The name means clouds
Elma علما – A beautiful fruit like Apple
Erina عرینا – A charming lady
Ezhil ایزہیل – Charm, Grace
Ezzah عیززاہ – Respect, Honor giver
Faheena فاہینا – A small fraction of time, A moment
Fahima فاہیما – Brilliant, Smart
Farhin فرہین – Ecstatic, Delighted
Farnaz فآرناز – Wonderful, Beautiful, Glorious
Faryal فآریال – A divine beauty, An angel
Fayha فایہا – One with heavenly fragrance
Fayona فایونا – Gorgeous, Adorable
Faza – Young, Blooming
Fazeen فازین – Growth, Enhancement
Fazima فازیما – Triumph
Fazluna فازلونا – A desert flower
Fena فینا – A child born with feet first, An uncontrolled wild horse
Fenal فینال – An angel with extraordinary charm
Fikriya فیکرییا – Knowledgeable
Fila فیلا – One who loves
Firyal فیریال – An archaic Arabic name
Gazala گازالہ – Lovely words, Poem, Graceful
Ghaena گہاینا – Jewellery, Embellishment
Ghazal غزل – Poem, Creatively framed poetic phrases, Intelligent
Ghina گہانا – Act of singing, A song
Hadeel ہادیل – Dove’s voice or Pigeon’s cooing
Hashna ہاسہنا – Graceful, Adorable, Laughing
Hayrah ہایراہ – Hadith’s narrator
Hazeena ہزینا – Precious wealth, Autumn, Eternally
Helba ہیلبا – Powerful
Helai ہعلای – The name refers to a Swan
Houri حووری – A fantasy character like a fairy
Hurya ہوریا – An angel
Hzim ہزیم – Care, Power
Iba عیبا – Sensation, Pridefulness
Ibrisam عیبریسام – Silk fabric
Ieesha – A lady, Life
Ifza عیفزع – An angel who protects
Iha عیہا – Efforts, Longings, Earth
Ilhaam عیلہام – Instinctive knowing
Ilmeeyat عیلمیات – Wisdom
Imani عیمانی – Who can be trusted, Honest, Pure
Imoni – Who believes in something or someone
Imseera ایمسیرا – Knowledgeable
Inaya عینایا – Allah’s gift, Worry/care
Indela عینڈعلا – Resembling a nightingale
Injila عینجیلا – Glow, Shining
Inseya عینسییا – Wise, Smart, Hadith’s narrator
Insha اینشاء – An essay or writing
Iqra عیقرا – To read or study something
Iram ایرم – A heap at significant height, Effusion
Izma عیزما – Honor, Respected or higher position/state
Izra عیزرا – A star
Izna عیزنا – Glow, Light
Jaleh جالیہ – Morning dew or rain
Jalsa جلسا – A delightful occasion, celebration
Jamia جامیا – Graceful, charming
Jana – Courageous since birth
Jassia جاسسیا – Someone who is sitting
Jawa – A beautiful flower
Jinsha جینشا – Desirous of owning something or possessive
Johi – The name is a form of Juhi, which means Jasmine.
Joodi جودی – A mythological mountain described in Quran
Joya – Exuberating, happiness, lively
Juhi – Jasmine, a flower
Jun جون – A bay or gulf
Juni جونی – Adorable, lovely
Juzla جوزلا – Happiness, delight
Kadira – Having multiple skills, powerful
Kaheela کاہیلا – Victory, trial
Kaheesha کاہیشا – Creative with words, poestess, Al-waqa’s daughter
Kahla – Dear one, adorable, someone who has captivating black eyes
Kalah – Sweetheart, dear one
Karida کآریدا – Who can’t be touched or easily accessed
Kashira کاشیرا – Jolly, elated
Kashud کاشود – Triumph, advantage, grow
Kasirah کاسیراہ – Copious, in a huge amount
Kenza کینزا – Very precious founding, treasure
Keila – Crowned or embellished with laurels
Kharo خآرو – Bird
Khayla – Crowned or embellished with laurels
Khayrah خیراہ – Pure, good
Khazanah خزاناہ – Very precious founding, treasure
Khidrah خاڈراہ – Greenery or green color
Khitam خیٹام – The f9inal result, conclusion
Khitfa خیٹفا – With errors, unretentive
Kiah کیعہ – Fresh commencement, new start
Korina کورینا – Exalted, elevated, good
Kyna کینا – Wisdom, a smart person, intelligent
Lahifa لہیفا – One who helps
Laiha لائحا – Something which glitters
Lama لاما – black lips or dark lips
Lana لانا – A soft, gentle person, having serenity, little rock
Lamya لامیا – With lustre, shining, dark lips
Lamisa لامیسا – Very soft,
Lanika لانیکا – Superior, greatest
Layaan لایان – Tenderness, softness, gentle person
Layali لایالی – When it is dark, night time
Leem لیم – Calm, peaceful environment
Leen لیان – Tender, soft
Layla لیلا – Born in darkness or night-born, dear one
Liesha – A lady, life
Liyana – Creativity, art, tenderness
Luha – Quantity, amount or measure
Lubena لوبعنا – Completely pure or pious
Lulua لولوا – A precious thing, pearl
Luluah لولواہ، لولوا – Hadith’s narrator, precious thing, pearl
Luma لوما – Just before the dusk, sunset
Luna لونا – Beautiful like moon, the moon
Madeeha مادیہا – Worth appreciation
Madiha مادیہا – Someone who deserves to be praised
Madhia مادہیا Worthy of praising
Maham مہام – Full moon night
Mahreen مہرین – Very glowing and beautiful, too bright like Sun
Mahrosh مہروش – Delightful, a part of moon
Mahua مہوعا – A flower which is intoxicating in nature
Mahveen ماہوین – Glow or light coming from Sun
Mahvish ماہویش – As graceful as moon
Mailiha مایلیہا – Someone who has a darker shade or charming, beautiful
Maira مایرا – Wonderful, dear one, loved one
Maisha مایشا – Beautiful, who walks with pride
Maizah میزاہ – Someone with clear understanding or perception, discerning
Malaha مالاہا – Splendour, beauty, grace
Malakah ملاکاہ – Skill, talent
Maleeha ملیحا – With quick wit, clever, smart, beautiful, of brown color
Malha – A divine name, god’s name
Maliha مالیہا – Witty, clever, powerful, pleasant
Malika – Queen, empress, girl child
Malka – An intoxicating drink, female child, queen
Manaal مانال – A bird, success, achieving something
Manab مانعب – Share, working in absence of someone or deputyship
Manahil ماناہیل – Pure or fresh water spring
Mansha – Desire, longings
Marnia مآرنیا – Affluent in all the manners
Marwa ماروا – A hill station in Mecca, a plant with fragrance
Marya – Pious, loved one, graceful, Prophet Muhammad’s wife
Maura – which tastes bitter
Mavisha ماویشا – A boon in life or blessing
Mawhiba ماوہیبا – Potentials, strengths
Mazin مازین – Cloud with rain, a proper name
Mehrish معہریش – Amazing fragrance
Menaal معناال – A divine flower (heavenly flower)
Merwa معروا – One of the mountains in Mecca
Mevish معویش – Powerful
Midhaa میدھاا – Praise someone
Mukhlisa موخلیصا – Loyal, devoted or dedicated
Mulayka مولایکا – A small or another form of Malika
Nafrin نافرین – What can be negotiated
Nadra نادرا – Uncommon, unique
Naima – Which belongs to someone, blissful life
Naira نایرا – Which glows, glitters
Najma نجما – A glowing start among other stars
Nakea – Pious, pure
Namra نامرا – Water with great taste
Nashwa نشوا – Rejoicing, joyful
Nasya ناسیا – Pious, most charming, clear
Natara ناٹآرا – Who guards, guardian
Natila ناٹیلا – Path, relation, bond
Natori – To give, sacrifice
Nazah نازہ – Honesty, triumph, pious
Nedira – Uncommon
Norah نوراہ – Glow, light ray or light
Noreen نورین – Glowing light, Honor
Norhan نورحان – Light or glow
Noriza نوریزا – Light which satisfies
Noshi – Adorable, sweet
Nousha نووشا – Delightful, sweet
Nuha نوہا – Brain, intellect
Nyla نیلا – Who achieves or wins
Ozra اوزرا – Pure, Virgin Mary
Paniz پانیز – Sweet, sugar
Panra پانرا – Related to nature, leaf
Pashmina – A fabric type, usually used in shawls
Perkha پعرکہا – The name means morning dew
Piraya – Precious ornaments, jewels
Qamra قامرا – Glowing, beautiful moonlight
Qaylah قایلاہ – Speaker, Prophet Muhammad’s friend or companion
Qirat قیرات – An engaging recitation of a poetry or a creative piece of writing
Querima – Kind, liberal
Raaida راایدا – One who leads, guides or explores
Rahana رہانا – Basil which is sweet
Rahela راہیلا – Guide or someone who shows the path
Raima ریما – Who delights or pleases
Raiqa رایقا – Pious, calm, graceful
Rakhshi راکہشی – Good-looking, charming
Rakina راکینا – Static, which is firm
Ravya – Who recites or tells a story, poem or any piece of writing
Rehana – A plant with sweet smell or taste
Rehwa ریہوا – An old name used for river Narmada
Roya رویا – Sight, imagination, dream
Rumeha رومعحا – A captivating stone
Ruponti روپونٹی – Ease, cozy, comfortable
Ruqa روقا – Adorable, graceful
Rusha روشا – A short form for the name Rusham which signifies peace
Saahana – Empress or queen, a Raaga
Saaleha سالیہا – Affection, a flower
Saamia سامیا – Listener, who is appreciated, joyful, happy
Saara سارا – Veil, pious, princess
Sahana – Queen, patience
Saharish سحاریش – Fresh morning breeze
Sahila ساحیلا – One who guides
Sahna ساہنا – Complexion, figure
Sairish سایریش – A beautiful flower, miracle
Saleha – Affection, flower
Samera سامعرا – Beautiful, fresh aroma like in early morning, breeze
Samra سامرا – Commitment or promise, who guards, bright, pious
Sanika – Musical instrument like flute, nice or good
Saree – Very gentle or noble
Sarnia – Wind, night’s companion
Seham سیہام – Pointed weapons like arrows
Seher سیہیر – Early morning
Sehrish سیہریش – The bright light in early morning – sunrise
Selina – A bright celestial object or a star in the sky
Senait سعنااٹ – Good wish or good luck
Shahla شاہلا – Smooth ground, beautiful eyes of dark grey color, eloquent
Shahreen شاہرین – Pretty, sweet
Shakyra – Who is grateful or thankful
Shareen شآرین – Pretty, sweet
Shaza شاذا – Aroma
Sheen – Glow
Shifa شیفا – Treatment, remedy
Shiya – Demise, dying, snow at first light of the day
Shiza شیزا – Offering, gift
Shuha شوہا – An celestial object, star
Shujana شوجانا – Virtuous or courageous personality
Sidra سیدرا – A tree
Siyana سییانا – Saving or guarding someone or something
Soha – Jubilation, festival, a Raaga
Sohela – Gorgeous, charming
Somaya – Peaceful, serene, meek
Souri سووری – Rose of red color
Suheera سوہیرا – Gorgeous
Takeia – One who worships
Talikha تلیکہا – The name refers to a nightingale
Tanisha – A queen from fairytale, Goddess of aesthetic or physique
Tasmeea تسمیا – Providing name, Bismillah
Thahera تہاہعرا – Pious, holy, clear
Thara ٹہآرا – Prosperity, wealth
Tibah ٹیباہ – Nobility, being generous
Tisha – Joy, delight, one who survives
Ubah اوباہ – A flower
Ugay اوگے – An ornament, type of necklace
Ulya اولیا – Superior, at zenith of something
Umaira اومایرا – The name refers to second Khalifa
Umaiza اومایزا – Who has a soft heart, gorgeous, glowing
Umayrah اومایراہ – Qamah’s daughter, person with a long life
Umnia اومنیا – Present or gift
Umrah عومراہ – A holy place, pilgrimage to Makkah
Uroosa عوروسا – Joy, bride
Ursula – a cute, little bear
Urvana – Life force, soul
Vardah وآرداہ – a beautiful fragrant flower like rose
Varisha وآریشا – Pious, monsoon
Viyana – Knowledge, intelligence
Vida ویدا – Proof, something found or evident
Veesta – Who finds
Wadaana وادانا – Wealthy, prosperous
Wadha وادہا – Glowing
Yalda یالدا – Year’s longest night goes by this name
Yalina یالینا – Calm, gentle, meek, soft
Yamana یامانا – Pure, clean
Yamha یامہا – The name refers to dove
Yana – Another birth, God is merciful
Yarah یآراہ – Heat or warmth
Yasha – Popularity, triumph
Yelda یعلڈا – Darkness, dark night
Yusra یوسرا – Flourishing, wealthy
Yusur یوسور – Wealthy, prosperous
Zaain زاین – Dear one, companion, beautiful
Zaara – A blooming flower, as glowing as dawn
Zahia زاہیا – Great, pure, noble
Zahna زاہنا – The name is derived from Jane which means God is merciful or gracious
Zahyaa – Glowing
Zaitun زیتون – Fiery, olive
Zakirah زاکیراہ – Regular worshipper of Allah
Zalanda زالندا – Glowing, Zealand which is manly
Zaniah زانیاہ – Gorgeous
Zareen زرین – Of golden color, smiling, happy
Zeba زیبا – Good looking, grateful
Zehna زیہنا – Charming, adorable, gorgeous
Zehra زیہرا – A flower
Zenia زینیا – The name refers to a flower
Zerah زؔیراح – The process of rising of the light
Zevah زیواہ – Productive, fruitful
Zia ضیاء – Source of light or light
Zidan – Copiousness
Zinah زیناہ، زینات – Embellishment, adornment
Zineta زینیتا – An striking jewellery
Zinia زینیا – A flower
Ziram زیرام – Brightness
Ziya – Glow, brilliance
Ziva زیوا – Radiance, glow, brilliance
Ziyan زییان – Charm, elegance
Zobia زوبییا – Gifted by God
Zoeya زوعیا – The name refers to life
Zohha زوہہا – Bright light, hope
Zoona زونا – Smart, intelligent
Zorah صورعہ – The earliest period in the morning
Zoya زویا – Lively, joyful
Zulaika – Gorgeous, brilliant
Zuvi زووی – The name refers to life
Zyva زیوا – Glow, shine, brilliance
Zynah زیناہ – Gorgeous, embellishment, ornamentation

Muslim baby girl naming ceremony is hosted with joy and enthusiasm where parents and the near ones thank Allah for his blessings. Islamic girl child names are usually pleasant to the ears and very meaningful. The above names are uncommon and acquire very positive meanings.


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