Charismatic Muslim Baby Girl Names from Y


Muslim Baby Girl Names starting with letter Y

Appealing Muslim Girl Names From Y That You’ve Unheard Of
Everything around us is constantly evolving and when it comes to baby names, we all seek something newer or that has a futuristic appeal to it. That being said, let’s agree to the fact that you’re on this page because you’ve skimmed a lot of webpages and books to decide your daughter’s name and are still on the hunt for a name that is endlessly chic.

Cute Arabic Girl Names from Y to Befit Your Tiny Tot

Want to be way ahead of the naming game? We have some really appealing Arabic girl names starting from “Y” compiled for you! Admission in school, vacations & picnics, dinner parties – there’ll always be people asking you where you got such a nice name from. Then, what are you waiting for?

Yalina يَلِيْنَا

As soon as we hear Yalina, doesn’t it give celeb-like vibes that we get from Celina? Yalina, as you might even expect, is a counterpart/diminutive of Aleena but sounds a very stylish and trendy version of it. Worried about the trend getting bored of? Don’t worry! I’m sure that Yaleena is not only new and unheard but it will also transition remarkably from infancy to maturity. It means soft and delicate – perfect to suit any newborn baby girl.

Yashal يَشْعَل

After Mashal, Yashal is on the verge of becoming popular and trendy. However, both the names share the same Arabic roots, and hence, similar meanings. Yashal refers to someone who lights a fire but did you know that both the names have different pronunciations? Yashal must be pronounced by introducing a very minute pause between “Yash” and “Al” – to keep its meaning intact. After all, there’s no point in mispronouncing a name or it might become a forbidden baby name in Islam.

Yagana یگانه

I can bet you’re hearing Yagana for the first time. After all, it is very uncommon and unheard of. Yagana is a fascinating Muslim girl name, having its roots in Persian language. As uncomparable as it sounds, this name also means the same. Yagana means unique and peerless, just like your daughter is. With Yagana, your little bub will always get royal vibes and lots and lots of attention wherever she’ll go.

Yaana یانا

As trendy as Aana, Yaana speaks a lot for itself and has the power to become famous in no time. This name also shares its roots with Persian language and refers to someone who does good deeds. A short and sweet name like Yaana is an asset as it inspires everyone to be the doer of goodness towards each other.

Yasma يسمة

Yasma is a very stylish version of the “oh-so-popular” Yasmeen! Super easy to guess, Yasma means jasmine flower in Arabic as well as Persian language. With a name so pleasing like this, your daughter will become more adorable, pretty and delicate. With Yasma, you can instill virtues of simplicity, sensuality, and purity in her.

Yakta یکتا

Yakta is one of those names through which you can testify the oneness of Allah. After all, it means one as well as unique in Persian language. By naming your daughter Yakta, you can embrace her uniqueness and importance in your life as well. Babies are gifts from God and this name nods to emotional as well as spiritual connections.

Yusma يوسما

Have you heard of Yusma before? I reckon it is a new name for you as it is not a very common Indian baby name. Yusma means beautiful and beloved in Persian. However, it is a type of nickname that Persians give to beautiful people around them. I am head over heels in love with Yusma due to its uniqueness and pronunciation.

Yasaal يسال

I’m so in love with Yasaal that I am suggesting it thrice on GoMama247. It can make a perfect name for any baby, boy or girl since it is a unisex name that sounds very classic and uncommon. Yasaal, in Persian language, means a wreath or garland made up of flowers. With Yasaal, you can represent happiness and fortune in your family.

Yasna يَسنا

Yasna is a virtuous and divine Islamic baby name that evokes positivity and happiness. It means prayer or worship in Persian language. So, strengthen your connection with Allah by calling your daughter Yasna and build a much deeper relationship between her and the Almighty by giving her such a spiritual name. Apart from sounding stylish and latest, Yasna sounds interesting and cool.

Spoiled for Choices? There are Many More Arabic Girl Names!

We hope you found the perfect name from our collection of unique and rare Arabic baby girl names starting with Y. Not only these names are unheard, but they sound terrific and tempting. With these uncommon baby girl names that start with Y, we are sure you would have got plenty of choices. Don’t forget to share your feedback below!


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