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Islamic Girl Names Starting with ‘N’

Modern parents consider names beginning with N very elegant and continue to look for the latest and stylish Muslim girl names. If you want to opt for a unique name from N other than names like Neha, Noorie, etc, this list is just there for you. Our list of uncommon and trendy girl names from N along with their meanings might help you to sort out your preference for the ideal name.

Stylish Arabic Baby Girl Names from Letter N

Naafizah نَافِذَة

The spelling might look a little longer but when you pronounce it, it is not that long. You can also shorten the spelling or use any alternative version according to your choice. Naafizah, in Arabic, means influential and powerful. If you want your little girl to lead and inspire everyone around her throughout her school and professional life, Naafizah is the one.

Naflah نَفْلة

Naflah is a name derived from “Nafl” which in Arabic means a voluntary good deed. Basically, Naflah is the feminine version of Nafl that guides someone to do a good act that is not obligatory on them. This name sounds elegant and very girly to us.

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Nahwah نَهْوَة

We are pretty sure that Nahwah would be a new and uncommon name to you. Although unpopular, this name is very stylish and modern while having Islamic roots to it. Nahwah means intelligence or wisdom. Who wouldn’t want to bestow their child with such a rewarding name?

Narina نارینه

Narina sounds a very fairy-tale type name to us and means rosy and fresh in Persian. Its meaning also relates to pomegranate to refer to the “rosy” meaning. If you like royal-sounding names, why don’t you go for Narina? Everybody would be awe-struck and impressed to hear that!

Nareen نارین

Nareen sounds identical to Narina and is actually too. It is also a Persian name and shares the same rosy, fresh and pomegranate meaning. It is just a variant of Narina and both of them sound very elegant and smart to us. You can opt for either of them, whichever sounds more beautiful to you.

Naarvan ناروَن

Naarvan is another Persian name in our list and it means “elm tree”. It is a very suitable name for your Muslim girl if you want her to be as strong and virtuous as the elm tree. It might sound a little different to you but that’s what makes it uncommon and unique.

Nashia نَاشِئَة

Although you might have heard Nashia name before, you wouldn’t have seen a lot of babies with this name. Nashia is an Arabic name meaning a young woman or relating to the young generation in general. What a graceful and feminine name! While pronouncing Nashia, make sure to soften the tone as you end it.

Nawaal نوال

Nawaal is also an Arabic name and it means the gift or blessing of Allah. Every child is certainly a bestowal of Allah’s mercy upon their parents. What could be better than calling your adorable girl Nawaal then? It is stylish as well as attractive according to us.

Nawrah نَوْرة

You might have heard Mawrah but have you heard of Nawrah? Probably not. Nawrah means a flower in the Arabic language and is such a delicate name. We really suggest it for the modern generation Muslim baby girls. If you were to rate Nawah on a scale of 10, what would be the score according to you?

Nayla نائلة

Nayla is one of the smartest, shortest and sweetest names in our list. It is also derived from the Arabic roots meaning winner and gracious. Name your baby girl Nayla and the reaction of everyone around would be worth noticing. We find Nayla a very attractive and charming baby girl name.
We, at GoMama247, work hard to enhance your experience of selecting the best name for your child. Hoping that you liked this list and found the best name for your cute champ, we sign off to curate yet-another exciting list of baby names for you. Pour in your suggestions and feedback by commenting below. You can also ask any of the names experts from our panel if you have any query regarding a baby name.


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