Stylish Muslim Baby Boys Names With Letter Y


Arabic Baby Boy Names starting with letter Y

Boys whose names begin with letter Y love freedom and are very status conscious. Hence, they deserve hand-picked names to be happy and comfortable in their own space. After all, how a name sounds not only affects their personality or destiny but also on their overall impression.
If you are also planning to name your son with Y as the initial letter, here are some specially chosen names for him. We completely understand that you are tired of the same old names. Let bygones be bygones! It is time to explore many more unheard and classic baby names.

Attractive Islamic Baby Boys Names From Y

Yamam يَمَام

We all have heard Yaman and to be honest, we all are bored with it as it is pretty old and common now. It is time to bring into the limelight a name that is unheard and uncommon, for which, we believe, Yamam qualifies perfectly. Yamam means dove, particularly ring neck dove in Arabic. With a stylish name that refers to the staple of love, make your son more admirable and loving. Yamam is also the name of a special police branch in Israel. To us, the name sounds influential and trendy at the same time. What about you?

Yamar يَعْمَر

Yamar sounds like the more stylish version of the already common enough name “Yawar”. This new sounding name refers to life in Arabic. It is also used to refer to someone or something that has long-lived. Basically, with Yamar, you are referring to life which appeals to the uniqueness and need for this name. After all, there is a new life in the crib beside you. Now that your life revolves around your chirpy baby, Yamar sounds perfect.

Yaqzan يقظان

Yaqzan is one of the most unique names in this list because it possesses a very unique and classic vibe to it. Meaning vigilant, this name is moderately popular, although yet to be discovered by many. With your son, let’s get Yaqzan to the oh-so-popular category, after all, it sounds so stately and regal. Did you know that Yaqzan is also the name of an Arabic philosophical novel written in the early 12th century?

Yashal يَشْعَل

Yashal sounds so similar to Mashal but gives it a modern-spin at the same time. The meanings of both names are also pretty similar as both of them are related to light. Yashal is actually an Arabic phrase that means “he/she aroused a fire”. With this enlightening name, make your child more brilliant and give him more power. Yashal gained popularity soon after Yashal Shahid, a young singer got renowned.

Yaroq یاروق

Yaroq sounds very unfamiliar and unheard, that’s what adds to its distinctiveness and charm. After a long, exclusive journey of nine months of pregnancy, we all want a name that is exceptional and does justice to the inimitable experience. Yaroq is the perfect name to honor the wondrous child given to you by Allah. It is a Turkish name that means white or brilliant.

Yasaal يسال

Yasaal and Yashal, both the names sound very rare and latest but have different meanings. Yasaal is a Persian name that means garland. This name can be a rewarding crown for your little son to celebrate the festivity of his birth. Whilst popular throughout Arabian countries, Yasaal is still new for Indians and Asian countries and is seeing a spike in its popularity over the last few months.

Yalmaz يلماز

Yalmaz sounds close enough to Almas, right? Technically, it is, because it is a variant of Almas. The name Yalmaz is a Persian diminutive of Almas and means diamond. Since your baby is a gem in your life, bring prosperity and luck to his life with this name so that his personality can shine through. Yalmaz gives us poetic and lyrical vibes – what do you think?

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Yafi یافی

Yafi was the name of a popular Islamic poet and scholar – Umar bin Muhammad al-Bakri al-Yafi. He belonged to Jafa, a city in Palestine. Yafi, hence, refers to someone from the city of Jafa. Although the meaning is neutral and nothing specific, you can easily choose this name as it denotes an Islamic scholar. The cherry on the top is that Yafi sounds extremely graceful and latest – perfect for modern parents and babies.

Yazar یاظر

We all have heard Yasar but since we are playing with diminutives and unheard names, Yazar is another strong contestant. This is a very popular Turkish name that is yet to gain fame in India and other Asian countries. It means writer, so if you’re someone who loves words or is an avid reader, Yazar is a very matchless name to opt for. With melodic undertones, Yazar is a very soft-sounding name that will earn your child huge attention and respect.

Yusha يوشع‎

Did you know that Yusha was the name of a prophet in Islam? A lot of baby naming sites say that Yusha means “God is Salvation”. However, in Arabic, it specifically means “Allah rescues”. Since Allah is certainly the one who can protect us from the consequences of our sin, this name is a beautiful name to remember His greatness.

Did You Find the Perfect Name?

We hope this exclusive list helped you find the missing element you were searching for, hence finalizing one name. Each one of these names has been carefully studied and suggested for you. You can choose any one of these and your son will sound very stylish. Can you just imagine getting all the astonishing awws and response from his friends? After all, you selected such a fantastic name for him! All the best!


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