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Unique Islamic Baby Boys Names: Meaningful and Stylish

Islamic culture is very old, classic and graceful. Be it its outstanding architecture, crafting or naming system; everything makes it eminent and praiseworthy. Most of the Muslim names signify either prophets, spiritual connections or some extraordinary qualities
Unique Indian Baby Boys Names
Unique Indian Baby Girls Names

Baby Names: Islamic Boys Names

Aafa: One who forgives
Aaki: Very glowing or Autumn season
Aalee: Inspiring/sublime or high
Abd: A devoted person, servant
Aidh: One who recited Holy Quran
Arsh: Divine, pure or worshipped personality, crown or regal
Arva: The fast moving wind like at the seashore
Aula: beginner or the first one
Azb: adorable or sweet
Baadi: Unique, amazing, evident
Baar: divine/pure/sacred, just
Badi: wonderful, distinct, amazing or one of a kind
Bakhsh: lucky, gift or to give someone
Baqai: one who can’t die
Basha: emperor/king
Bishr: happiness, delight
Dahi: speedy, Lion
Deen: trust/faith or religion
Diar: precious wood
Ebi: which belongs to father or his family
Faeem: a popular personality
Faid: profit or advantage
Faiz: Refers to victory, power, copiousness
Faoz: advantage, winning, success
Fari: elevated or a huge height
Fayd: Profit or benefit of someone
Fihr: tool made of stone
Ghani: abundance, rich
Gran: a loved or dear person
Hadee: who leads, a guide
Hafi: benevolent/kind
Hamd: appreciating someone
Hanai: related to delight or joy
Haq: right, entitlement, real
Hask: the highest point of mountain
Heer: precious like diamond, darkness, strength
Hirz: epithet for God, where refuge reside

Houd: name of a prophet
Hud: title for a prophet, a divine or spiritual prophet’s name
Humza: derived from ḥamuza, the name means powerful or unbendable
Ijli: Cheeful, lucky, once the name of the astrolabe’s makes
Jah: position, respect
Jahsh: Muslim’s holy character, Prophet Mohammad’s friend/companion
Jan: A special someone, beloved, life
Jaun: a plant
Jazi: retaliate or revenge
Josha: contended, a lady
Juayl: something with improper shape and black color
Jul: firm determination, will or resolution
Kab: supreme position, popularity, respect
Kalbi: An authority for the Holy Book Quran or genealogy (family history)
Keyaan: Another form of Keon, meaning emperor or crown
Khaista: gorgeous
Khashi: devotional, divine/godly
Khidr: of green color
Kia: one who defends/protects or a king
Kinza: hidden/hoarded wealth
Lais: the name of a popular jurist
Lodhi: A popular Afghan community or tribe
Lutfi: amiable and generous/kind
Mekka: name of a spiritual/holy city
Miran: related to a prince or princely
Mistah: tool used for levelling
Moosa: name of a prophet
Nadr: to grow, bloom
Naef: extra or excess
Nahi: epithet for Prophet Muhammad
Nahyan: one who stops
Nev: a hero or a little holy person, belonging to New Town
Nooh: name of a prophet
Nuaym: who narrated Hadith (Islamic tradition), name given to many of the prophet companions
Nur: angel, glow, brightness
Perzo: wishing good for someone, deserving something
Pir: a wise person, a holy person or divine guide
Pranto: (not available)
Qaim: which exists, grows/rises
Qawee: Having strength, firm, brave, epithet for Allah
Qays: one who loves, a lover, firm
Qutb: popular personality
Rabee: springtime, cool breeze
Rabiah: friends/companions or lush green appearance
Raem: ocean/sea or wishful, full of desires
Raid: one who leads
Rami: An archer, lover, marksman
Rawh: to rest, refreshment
Reet: copious, prosperity, soothing, hymn
Rehza: languages like Hindi and English
Ridha: satisfaction, respect, crown
Rukh: direction, face, point
Saafi: to clarify, make clear, purify
Sadun: delightful
Saim: to fast
Sair: to walk, walking on foot
Salt: Hadith’s narrator
Sami: unique, exalted, alike
Shaaf: health-giver
Shaaz: eminent, which is present in many things
Sina: Gift from God, glow
Taib: one who repents
Tani: Tani or Taani means encouragement, trust
Treef: unique, strange
Turju: (not available)
Urfee: a popular poet’s name
Wadee: serenity, calm, beautiful scenario
Wakee: who represents, agent
Ward: flowers, blooms
Wasfi: to appreciate simply or eloquently
Yahya: name of a prophet
Yara: glowing source of light
Yoon: travel/journey
Zaad: triumph/success
Zaeem: the chief or one who leads
Zaid: prosperity, success, growth
Zaim: Zaim means the same as Zaeem: leader/chief
Zair: a spiritual place
Zaka: wise or intelligent
Zarf: potential, knowledge, position/rank
Zeb: embellish, decorum, grace
Zeeya: a glow or lustre or brilliance
Ziare: beautiful/handsome
Zikr: to mention or refer to someone, epithet for Holy Quran
Zill: A serene lake or Jharna

The above names are uncommon and pretty meaningful. If you want to bestow your baby with a splendid name which not just sounds great but has a deep and positive meaning too then you can choose one of the above names to make the grade.
Islamic culture is indeed gripping and classy. The Islamic names are unique and mellifluous. They create a heavenly vibe. Unique and positively meaningful names can be a great gift for your baby for the lifetime. If Islamic culture fascinates you then here are some beautiful and meaningful baby names to consider.


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