Muslim Baby Boys Names: Short and Trendy


Unique Islamic Baby Boys Names: Meaningful and Stylish

Islamic culture is very old, classic and graceful. Be it its outstanding architecture, crafting or naming system; everything makes it eminent and praiseworthy. Most of the Muslim names signify either prophets, spiritual connections or some extraordinary qualities
Unique Indian Baby Boys Names

Baby Names: Islamic Boys Names

Aafa عآفا :Pardoner
Aaki اکی: Hardworking
Ali عليّ: Inspiring/sublime or high
Abd عبد: A devoted person, servant
Aidh ايده: Name of one of the reciters of Holy Quran
Arsh عرش‎: Divine, pure or worshipped personality, crown or regal
Arva عروہ: The fast moving wind like at the seashore
Aula أَوْلَى: Deserving
Azb عَذْب: Fresh or sweet
Baadi بَادِي: One who lives a Bedouin life
Baar بار: Divine/pure/sacred, just
Badi بَادِي: One who lives a Bedouin life
Bakhsh بخش: lucky, gift or to give someone
Basha باشا: Emperor/king
Bishr بِشْر: Happiness, delight
Dahi دَاهِي: Clever, intelligent
Deen دين: Trust/faith or religion
Diar ديار: Precious wood
Faheem فهيم: Understanding, keen
Fahid فايد: Profit or advantage
Faiz فائز‎: Plenty
Faoz فَوْز: Advantage, winning, success
Fari فری: Elevated or a huge height
Fihr فیہر: Tool made up of stone
Ghani غَنيّ: Abundance, rich
Gibran جبران: Variant of Jubran meaning to help the poor
Haadi هادي: Who leads, a guide
Hafi حافی: Benevolent/kind
Hamd حمد‎: Praise
Haani هاني: Related to delight or joy
Haneen حَنين: Strong love
Haq حقّ‎: Right, entitlement, real
Hask حسک: The highest point of mountain
Harz حَرْز: To protect, to guard
Houd/Hud ہود: Name of a prophet
Hamza/Humza حمزة‎: Strong, an alphabet of Arabic language
Imara عِمارة: To visit, to construct
Irfan عرفان: Wisdom
Jahsh جحش: Prophet Mohammad’s friend/companion
Jaan جان: A special someone, beloved, life
Jaazi جَازِي: One who stands up for another person’s interests
Jawad جواد: Open handed
Jayesh جَايِش: One who travels during the night
Jubran جُبران: To help the poor
Kab کب: Supreme position, popularity, respect
Keyaan كِيان: Emperor, king in Persian and Existence in Arabic
Khaista خائستہ: Gorgeous
Khizr/Khidr خِضْر : Of green color
Kinza کنزا: Intelligent
Lais لَيْث: Lion, brave
Lodhi لودھی: A popular Afghan community or tribe
Lutfi لطفی: Generous/kind
Makki مکّی: Pertaining to Makkah
Miran میران: Related to a prince or princely
Mistah مستاح: Tool used for levelling
Moosa موسى‎: Name of a prophet
Nadir نادر: Rare
Naef نايف: Extra or excess
Nahyan نَهْيَان: One who stops wrong things
Nooh نوح: Name of a prophet
Nuaym/Nuaim نُعَيْم: Soft/delicate
Nur نور: Light
Perzo برزه: Wishing good for someone, deserving something
Qaim قائم: Strong
Qalbi قلبي: My heart
Qawee قوي: Strong, firm
Qays قیس: Lover
Qutb قطب‎: Celestial movements
Rabee ربي: Springtime, cool breeze
Raem رائم: Loving
Raid رايد: One who leads
Raafi رافع: Glorifier
Rami رامي: Happy, untroubled
Rawh رَوْح: To rest, Refreshment
Riza رضا: Contentment
Rida رضا: Obedient towards Allah
Rukh رخ: Direction, face, point
Saafi صافي‎: To clarify, make clear, purify
Sadun سَعْدُون: Delightful
Saim صائم: To fast
Sami سمیع‎: Hearer
Sarih سَارِح: Shepherd
Shaaf شاف: Health-giver
Shaaz شاذ: Unique
Sina سينا: Refers to Mount Sinai
Taib تائب: One who repents
Taif طَائِف: One who circumambulates around the Holy Kaaba
Tareef طَرِيف: Unique, strange
Urfi عرفی: A popular poet’s name
Wadee وادیع: Valley
Waqi وقیع: Protector
Ward وَرْد: Flowers, blooms
Wasfi وَصْفِيّ: Worthy of praise
Yahya یحییٰ‎: Name of a prophet
Yara یارہ: Capability
Yoon يون: Travel/journey
Zaad زاد: Triumph/success
Zaeem/Zaim زعیم: Chief or one who leads
Zaid زيد: Prosperity, success, growth
Zair زاير: Guest
Zaka ذکاء: Wise or intelligent
Zarf ظرف: Encourage
Zeb زیب: Embellish, decorum, grace
Ziya/Zeeya ضياء: A glow or lustre or brilliance
Ziare/ Ziyar/Ziar زیار: Optimisation
Zikr ذکر: Remembrance, mention
Zill ظِلّ: Shadow

The above names are uncommon and pretty meaningful. If you want to bestow your baby with a splendid name which not just sounds great but has a deep and positive meaning too then you can choose one of the above names to make the grade.
Islamic culture is indeed gripping and classy. The Islamic names are unique and mellifluous. They create a heavenly vibe. Unique and positively meaningful names can be a great gift for your baby for the lifetime. If Islamic culture fascinates you then here are some beautiful and meaningful baby names to consider.

If you are looking for unique Indian Baby Boys Names or Indian Baby Girls Names, you could find some really interesting names with Arabic or Persian origins. Our list of Modern Muslim Baby Boys Names is verified, keeping in mind the right elements and rules of naming a baby in Islam.

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As selecting a name is not an easy task, we suggest you take out time to research the positives in a name and select the one which is most suitable according to your preferences. We also suggest you begin with deciding the first alphabet of the name. We hope we help you find out the best name from our list of New Muslim Baby Names for Boys.


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