Mulitgrain Gruels/Kanji –Improve Breastfeeding Without Putting on Weight


Multi Grain Congee Soup/Kanji: Best Food for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Weight loss

Kanji in Hindi, AKA Congee Soup and form of Gruel is the best way to eat Whole Grains for Healthy Pregnancy and also Improving Breastfeeding do that they do not gain excess weight.
You being a mother of a newly born baby must be always worrying about gaining weight while you breastfeed your child. So you should have a diet which supplies a good amount of galactagogues. At the same time loads of gruels which will make you and your child both healthy. Finally, you would not complain about your weight issues.

What is Gruel/Kanji/Congee Soup?

Gruel is a kind of thick soup which consists of grains like rice, wheat, or oats. Gruel is prepared by boiling the whole grains or flour of whole grains in water / milk. Whether it is Kheer or soup, the various version of gruel has a hugely beneficial for healthy and easy digestion.
Some of the traditional versions of gruel are prepared using salts like cumin seeds powder, garlic, ghee and sprouted whole grains powder. All these products are high in galactagogues.

What Are Galactagogues?

seeds for lactation
Galactagogues are healthy food products that improve the breast milk supple. Additionally, these products supply ample amount of fibers that prevent a mother from gaining unnecessary weight. Mainly the seeds like Fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, garden cress seeds etc are most effective galactagogues. (READ Here: 7 Wonder seeds for Nursing mothers)

Why Kanji/Gruels Only?

Soup form of any food is easy to digest. When we add these galactagogues to the whole grains such as ragi, bajra, wheat, jowar and make the soup/liquidy porridge/ Kanji/Gruel, they are efficiently absorbed by your body and help you boost milk production. They do not turn in to stubborn fats and your weight remains in control.
Try comparing a meal between roti and gruel you will observe that gruels are easily digestible. Thus, it produces more milk. Gruel also suits the taste buds more than the normal roti and sabzi. You can also try the sweet version of gruel by adding Dates, Garden Cress seeds, Coconut, etc which are effective galactagogues again.

Indian Traditional Way of making Multigrain Kanji for New Mothers

Step 1: Sprouting of the Grains: The Indian traditional method of lactation is making the mother have ample amount of whole grains like sprouts. All the harmful sugary ingredients are broken down. It makes the food more nutritious for both mother and the baby. You can make full utilization of these grains when you consume them after sprouting.
Step 2: Storing the Roasted Flours (Sometimes roasted dry or in desi ghee)
Step 3: Use it whenever you want to make Salty Soup or Sweet Kheer

A Perfect Gruel Diet Chart

With this diet chart, you do not have to worry about gaining weight while breastfeeding your child. In fact, this diet of gruels will help your child to gain weight. This will also make your bones stronger than before.
1. Morning: Have sweet kheer or a bowl of gruel of Whole grain powder
2. Afternoon: Keep it light and have Soup or Salty Gruels
3. Keep having your favorite gruels whenever you do not feel like having roti, dal, sabzi or rice.
4. If you are tired and bored chewing your food you can drink the gruel. For example, a bowl of kheer would be much tastier and healthier as a food supplement during your breastfeeding period.

Recipe: How to Make MultiGrain Sopu/Gruel/Kanji

Prepare multigrain powder of Raggi(Finger Millet), Wheat, Jowar, Bajra (Pearl Millets) first. Click here to know how to do that?
roast the flour
● Dry roast the flour or sprouted grain powder in a pan till it takes brownish hue. You can roast and keep the different powders separately or mixed together.
● Now add desi ghee in a pan and roast for few minutes
● If you prefer salty gruel then add methi powder, cumin powder, sesame, ajwain, garlic paste in the ghee and roast for few minutes then add the roasted powder into the pan
● Take off the pan from heat and add warm water slowly ( note: add water slowly in order to avoid lumps)
● Now add salt in the mixture and boil it for few minutes. You can add pepper powder if you prefer a little spicy taste.
● If you are making sweet gruel / kheer then add milk in a pan and boil it for few minutes. Then add flax seeds/powder, garden crease seeds powder, fried powder (in desi ghee), dates in the milk. Let it boil for 10 minutes then turn off the heat. Serve hot.
● You can store the multi grains powder/ sprouted grains powder roasted in ghee in an airtight container to save time. You can refrigerate this mixture and use for around a month or 2 depending on the climate.

Other Methods of Eating Multigrain Flour

1. Sometimes in the morning, you can have a bowl of this mixture with milk. To make this tastier add a banana, a papaya, and some mango slices to avoid your weight gain process.
2. You can also try your culinary skills in making ‘atta ka halwa’.
3. You can also prepare roti or dosa using bajra and ragi flour.
4. A breastfeeding mother can also have daliya khichadi for one of her primary meals of the day. When you sprout the grains and dry them then roughly grind them they eventually become like wheat daliya. You may just mix all these grains together, add some cumin, ajwain, flax seeds, sesame seeds, and ghee. This makes it a delicious dish of healthy vegetarian daliya khichadi.

How does Gruel/Kanji help in Healthy Pregnancy?

During Pregnancy, most of women suffer from nausea and also don’t feel like eating food many times due to hormonal changes. Gruels/Kanji are best way to maintain the healthy intake as it is easy to eat and also light in taste. Soupy Porridges will keep you hydrated and will also supply you nutrients.

How do They Help in Controlling Weight?

1. They are soupy diet so they make you full with energetic ingredients and also are easy to digest so they do not turn in to unwanted stubborn fats.
2. Have these multigrain soups twice a day. They will eliminate the unwanted junk cravings and keep your energy levels high.
3. Blend buttermilk + green Chillies + Coriander and add to ready gruel , you will love it forever. It is also more effective in weight loss.

Yes, Best Baby Food Too

The basic form of multigrain soup/kanji (Prepared w/o heavy galactagogues, only cumin powder, do not add the salt and other powders) is best baby food.

So if you have the sprouted multigrain flour ->Roasted->Packed in airtight container, it can be used for making healthy soup during pregnancy, Gruels to Improve lactation, baby food, and also healthy breakfast for whole family.


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