Mouth Ulcer in Kids: Home Remedies


Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer in Kids

Mouth ulcers in kids are round sores, usually white in color and they are very painful. These ulcers usually appear on the surface of the tongue or gums. Kids go through a huge inconvenience while drinking or eating due to these ulcers. You can also treat or reduce the intensity of your kid’s mouth ulcer without going to a doctor.
Please note these are only traditional Indian home remedies which will help your child sooth the mouth ulcer pain. It cannot replace a medical examination by a certified paediatrician. The gel given by a doctor is the primary treatment and the home remedies are secondary ones.
Last week my son got the mouth ulcer due to accidentally biting on the inner part of one of his cheeks by teeth.
It was pretty painful for him and he would eat less. His doctor told me to use a mouth ulcer gel just before the lunch and dinner on the affected area.
I also started him on some home remedies which my mom used to do when I was a child and got mouth ulcer.

Foods to Treat Mouth Ulcer in Kids (>1Year)


Coconut oil or water is an effective antibacterial solution. It helps in eliminating bacteria from infections, ulcers, cavities etc. You can directly put some coconut oil on the ulcer. Drinking coconut water also does the work. The difference can be noticed within a few days. Coconut oil or water has a capacity to heal swellings.


Honey has anti-inflammatory properties and hence it’s an effective solution for swelling and ulcers. It reduces pain, soothes and reduces the intensity of the infection. Honey keeps the moisture sustained in your mouth and prevents dryness. Applying honey every day helps in the suppression of the sores.
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Curd is a well-known antibacterial agent. Mouth ulcers are caused when the balance between good and bad bacteria is disrupted. Curd or buttermilk prevents the unhealthy bacteria to become active. Curd heals the ulcer and prevents it from coming back. According to Ayurveda, mouth ulcer is caused due to increase body heat, Curd reduces the body heat and good for guts.

Fenugreek Leaves/ Methi

fenugreek seeds
Fenugreek is very effective in treating mouth ulcers. You can use fenugreek leaves or seeds to reduce the inflammation and pain. You can gargle with the boiled fenugreek seed water (Keep seeds soaked in water overnight and strain). You can make your child drink this water as well for a quick relief.

Say NO to Spicy/Oily Food for a While

junk food potato chips
Mouth ulcers can occur due to various reasons like deficiency of the minerals like Iron and Vitamins, acidity, poor bowel movement and diet. Stopping spicy and oily food when your kid is suffering from mouth ulcer is very much needed as the ulcer worsens if came in touch with spice/oil. So stopping such foods will prevent the bacteria to grow and the intensity of the sore getting higher.
There are many other herbal treatments for mouth ulcer but avoid the intense treatments which may irritate your child. The above 5 tips are the safest and also healthy treatments for your little one.
Home remedies are usually effective and safe for treating issues like mouth ulcers but they take time to heal the sores and reduce the pain unlike gels and medicines prescribed by the doctor that show quick result. Mouth ulcers are common in kids and they can be treated easily at home but if you notice anything uncommon or doubtful related to your kid’s mouth ulcer, visit a doctor soon.


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