Most Unique Dhanu Rashi Baby Girls Names


Indian Baby Girls Names: Dhanu Rashi

We bring you a curated list of dhanu rashi latest baby girl names that hold deep & interesting meaning. Zodiac signs are one of the most powerful symbols, running the universe. We hope our exclusive collection Dhanu Rashi Girls Names below will help you come up with an interesting name of your choice and will also help in making the child’s future success.
Dhanu Rashi Boys Names

Modern Dhanu Rashi Baby Girls Names Starting with Dh

Dhimaya धीमया

Dhimaya is an uncommon baby girl name in India that can be split as Dhi (means wisdom/intellect/splendor/art) + Maya means full of something. A personality who is creative, wise and splendid can be named as Dhimaya.

Dhairya धैर्या

Dhairya is a Dhanu Rashi unisex name belonging to Purvashada Nakshatra. It is an auspicious name which means patience or courage. A brave and patient girl can always achieve the triumph in life and deserves this amazing name.

Dhanta धान्ता

It is one of the unique dhanu rashi names in Sanskrit. Every letter in the English alphabet has a mystical meaning. Dhanta signifies the mystical meaning of the letter ‘n’. The name sounds similar to the Sanskrit name Danta which means liberal, mild or patient.

Dhanvi धान्वी

It is a unique Dhanu Rashi name belonging to Purvashada Nakshatra. It means someone who is armed with a bow. The name signifies a brave and powerful personality.

Dharana धारणा

It is a seven character auspicious name for baby girls. The ruling planet for this name is Jupiter. The name signifies engrossment or concentration. The name is also associated with Lord Murugan.

Dharitree धारित्री

It is a Sanskrit origin Hindu new baby girl name for dhanu rashi. The name signifies the earth. Jupiter is the ruling planet for this name.

Dharmee धार्मी

Dharmee comes from Dharm which means religion or related to spirituality. The name has spiritual vibes in it. Dharitree refers to a religious person. The name is used in many Indian languages including Gujarati.

Dharminee धार्मीणी

The name is deeply associated with the Hindu religion and generated spiritual vibes. The name signifies a religious or devoted personality. It is a feminine name dominated by Jupiter.

Dharmishtha धार्मीश्टा

The name can be split as Dharma+Istha. Dharma refers to religion and Istha is Ishwar or God/Ruler. Someone who rules the dharma is called Dharmishtha. It means lord of the Dharma.

Dhatri धात्री

The name generates a motherly vibe. Dhatri can be linked with the earth or a mother. It can be also associated with the Sun or Goddess Parvati.

Dheni धेनी

The name means a river. It is one the powerful dhanu rashi girl name Gujarati people may find perfect for their baby’s naming ceremony.

Dherya धेर्या

The name sounds and means similar to the name ‘Dhairya’ which means patience. The name goes well a calm and mature personality.

Dhruva ध्रुवा

Dhruva is the pole star in the galaxy. It is an impactful and auspicious name which signifies a steadfast or firm personality.

Dhumini धुमीनी

The name is associated with the Trinity God Shiva. The God of Fire is the owner of seven tongues and Dhumini is one of those tongues.

Dhurai धुराई

A person with leadership qualities can be referred to as Dhurai. It is an impactful Dhanu Rashi baby girl name. It signifies a chief or leader.

Dhvan ध्वन

The name is derived from the Sanskrit word Dhwani which means sound. Dhvan means a divine sound or a voice coming from paradise. A humming sound can also be called Dhvan. It is a Sanskrit origin name.

Dhwani ध्वनी

Dhwani is a Sanskrit origin Hindu girl name. It is a common name ruled by Jupiter. Dhwani means any sound or voice.

Dhyana ध्याना

Dhyana means concentration or meditation. It is a baby name with Moon as its dominating planet. It is a very spiritual and auspicious name.

Dhyani ध्यानी

Someone who meditates can be referred to as a Dhyani. A person devoting himself or herself in contemplation can be called a Dhyani.

Dhyava ध्यावा

The name directly connects with Goddess Durga. The name also refers to the Vindhyavasini or the resident of Vindhya.

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Modern Dhanu Rashi Baby Girls Names Starting with Bh

Bhrusha भृषा

A girl or woman with an eminent, bold, strong and superior personality to stand out can be named as Bhrusha.

Bhamini भामिनि

A woman full of beauty or grace and passionate in nature is called Bhamini. It’s a suitable name for an ambitious and gorgeous personality.

Bhaagya भाग्या

Bhaagya means Luck, fate or fortune. The name is associated with goddess Lakshmi who is also known as Bhaagya Lakshmi. The name also signifies happiness.

Bhaanavi भानवी

The powerful Sun’s descendent is called Bhaanavi. It is a sacred Dhanu Rashi feminine name belonging to Moola Nakshatra. Bhaanavi also means sunrays or sacred personality.

Bhaanuja भानुजा

The name is inspired from the word Bhanu which refers to Sun. Someone who has come out of the Sun or born of the Sun can be referred as Bhaanuja. The name also signifies the sacred river Yamuna and its powerful flow.

Bhaaviki भाविकी

Bhaaviki is the feminine name of Bhaavik. It means natural, delight, happiness or sacredness. It is a pious name associated with the divinity.

Bhaavya भाव्या

Bhaavya is a popular Dhanu Rashi name which means something grand or spectacular. Purva Shada and Moola are the primary Nakshatras for this name.

Bhadrika भाद्रिका

Bhadrika is a Sanskrit origin Hindu girl name. It means an ornament that protects from the evil. The name also signifies something magnificent, beautiful or noble. Someone worthy of something can also be referred to as Bhadrika.

Bhandhavi भान्धवी

It is an Indian origin feminine name belonging to Purva Shada and Moola Nakshatras. The name signifies an amiable person who gives priority to their family and friends. A relationship or friendship can also be linked with the name Bhandavi.

Bhanuja भानुजा

Someone who has Sun as their origin or who is born of the Sun is called Bhanuja. The name also refers to the holy Yamuna River.

Bhanuni भानुनी

As beautiful and charming as Sun. The name is derived from Bhanu meaning Sun. A beguiling or charming woman can be referred to as Bhanuni. The name signifies beauty or charm.

Bhanushri भानुश्री

Bhanu means Sun and Sri refers to Goddess Lakshmi. It is a spiritual and auspicious Dhanu Rashi name associated with Goddess Lakshmi. The divine rays coming from the Goddess of fortune can be termed as Bhanushri.

Bhanvi भान्वी

Someone who is brilliant or glorious is called Bhanvi. It can be related to Sun as the name Bhanu means Sun. Bhanvi also signifies the sunrays. The name Bhanvi and Bhaanavi have the same meaning.

Bharanya भारण्या

Bharanya is associated with the celestial world. Bharani is a Nakshatra filled with the Venusian energy and its asterism can be referred to as Bharanya.

Bhargi भार्गी

The name has been derived from ‘Bharg’ which means bright or brilliance. The feminine ruler of the Bhargs or the owner of sheer brilliance or brightness can be called as Bhargi.

Bharujika भरुजिका

It is a very powerful Dhanu Rashi feminine name used in many languages like Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, to name a few. Someone with an illuminating or bright personality can be referred to as Bharujika. It signifies something which is glowing with the light or illumination.

Bharvi भार्वी

Bharvi name in Hindu faith has a spiritual significance. The holy Basic plant can also be termed as Bharvi. Someone who got a divine shield or protection can also be referred to as Bharvi.

Bharya भार्या

Bharya is a Sanskrit origin name for Hindu girls which means consort or wife or the female of any creature. It is a very positive name. The name Bharyaru, which is a mountain in India, is made of the name Bharya.

Bhaskari भास्करी

The name is the feminine form of the name Bhaskara which means Sun. The powerful, illuminating and inspiring sun can offer prosperity and victory to a person owning this name.

Bhati भाती

The name is often used in the regions like Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Punjab. It means the clan of Rajput or Gurjar community. The name is also used as a surname in Meruth and some other Indian regions. It also signifies glowing or shining.

Bhaumi भौमी

The great consort of Lord Rama, Sita is referred to as Bhaumi. The name sounds similar to ‘Bhoomi’ which means earth or base. It signifies someone who is born of the earth.

Bhava भावा

Emotions drive the world! The name Bhava means emotions or sentiments. The name signifies a myriad of emotions that define a human being or an alive creature.

Bhavada भावदा

Something which has life or which is real is referred to as Bhavada. It is a feminine name belonging to Moola Nakshatra.

Bhavagna भावग्णा

Bhavagna means same as Bhavani i.e; consort of Bhava or Goddess Parvati. It refers to Lalitha Devi. It is a very positive and propitious female name.

Bhavanya भावण्या

There are many meanings of this auspicious baby name. The name is linked with Goddess Durga and it signifies concentration and meditation. The name belongs to Moola Nakshatra.

Bhavaprita भावप्रिता

Bhava means emotions and Preet means love or admiration. A girl with a lively and amiable personality is everyone’s favorite. The name Bhavaprita refers to a person who is liked and admired by the universe.

Bhavi भावि

Bhavi is a Hindu feminine name which goes well with a personality which is very emotional or sentimental. The name is primarily used in Gujarat region. Moola is the primary Nakshatra and Jupiter is the dominating planet for the name.

Bhaviada भाविअदा

Bhaviada means something magnificent or great. A splendid personality spellbinds everyone and a person with the name Bhaviada is much likely to acquire such great characteristics.

Bhavika भाविका

Bhavika is a name which is made of Bhaavik or simply Bhaav which means expressions or emotions. It is a Purva Shada and Moola Nakshatra name signifying a delightful expression.

Bhaviya भाविया

The name is derived from ‘Bhavya’ which means splendid, magnificent or grand. The name is associated with Goddess Parvati. It is a very prosperous feminine name.

Bhavukta भव्युक्ता

Bhavukta is an Indian origin name which means emotions. Someone who gets emotional on small things and expresses it loudly deserves this name well. It is a made-up name for Indian girls.

Bhini भीनी

Bhini means pleasant or humid. The word has been a part of many popular pieces of Hindi poetry. It is often used for the fragrances. It is a name belonging to Moola Nakshatra.

Bhiravi भीरावी

The consort of Lord Bhairav, Goddess Durga and a Raaga in Indian Classical Music – the name has several positive and powerful meanings.

Bhoomija भुमिजा

Bhoomi is earth and the extension ‘Ja’ may signify Janma or Birth. Someone who is born of the Bhoomi or earth is called Bhoomija. The name is often used for Goddess Sita, the consort of Lord Rama.

Bhrita भ्रीता

The name refers to the Trinity God Vishnu, who feeds or nourishes the whole universe. The name signifies supporting, helpful or nourishing personality.

Bhrithi भ्रीथी

Bhrithi is a very positive name for Indian girls. It means happy and powerful in all manners. The name signifies a strengthened and cheerful personality.

Bhumija भुमिजा

It’s a variant of the name Bhoomija. The name means the same as Bhoomija – someone with the earth as her origin.

Bhuva भुवा

There are three worlds in the Hindu faith. Bhuva means one of those three worlds. The name has Sanskrit origin and it is dominated by Jupiter.

Bhuvi भुवी

Originally known as Bhuvis, the name Bhuvi refers to the paradise, a huge source of water like river or ocean. It is a very lucky and unique Dhanu Rashi name for girls.

Falguni फाल्गुनि

Falgun is an auspicious month in Hindu culture. It is a lunar month between February and March according to the Hindi calendar. This can be a suitable name for a Gujarati girl and since a popular singer Falguni Pathak is there, the name can be a suitable pick for some families that love folk songs and Navaratri songs sung by the singer. Someone who is born in Falgun month goes by the name Falguni and considered as very lucky.

Faloni फालोनी

It’s a unique and trendy name that signify a leader or someone who has the control. Someone who is in charge goes by the name Faloni. The name has Hindu origin and it is dominated by Jupiter.

Fenna फेणा

Who brings or preserves the peace on earth is appreciated by all. The name Fenna means someone protects the peace in the surrounding or maintains the peace.

Fenny फेनी

Fenny is a Dhanu Rashi feminine name which is compatible with a cool and patient personality. It is an Indian origin name but used in many cultures and religions.

Firaki फिराकि

A fascinating aroma is welcomed and appreciated by everyone. The name Firaki signifies a fragrance.

Foram फोराम

Forma, also spelled as Forum signifies a fragrance. It is a unique Hindu girl name which can also be used in Muslim and Jain religions.

Freya फ्रेया

Freya is a feminine Dhanu Rashi name used in Hindu and Parsi religions. The name signifies someone who rules the emotion of love or simply the goddess of affection or love.

Fulki फुल्की

It’s a short and cute Indian girl name. It is also used as a nickname in many families. Fulki means an arc or spark. The dominant planet for this Dhanu Rashi name is Jupiter.

For Dhanu Rashi girl name Gujarati communities are one of the top searchers on the internet. People born under this sign possess a myriad of amazing qualities such as leadership, optimism, independence, motivation, and love for sports. The ruling planet for this zodiac is Jupiter. Dhanu Rashi people are usually very positive and want the best in their life. These names are recommended for Gujarati Baby Girls. Gujarati community prefer the Dhanu Rashi Names for baby girls. Your newborn deserves a great future and since future, in many of the cases, is associated with a great name. According to many, they even have the ability to drive your life in a positive direction. In fact, Hindu Rashickakra also talks highly of zodiac signs and therefore, have ample choices in names, that are both full of meaning & power.


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