Top 10 Most Popular Indian Baby Boy Names of 2018-19


Why are Indian Parents Selecting these Names for Their Baby Boys

The modern Indian parents usually welcome the trendy names for baby boys from Indian cultures. Our list of the top 10 most popular baby boy names showcases some stylish baby boy names that have been selected after studying the trend of the year 2018-19. New Indian Parents are selecting these names originated from Sanskrit. These names are popular and hence common too.
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Top 10 Popular Indian Baby Boy Names

Most Popular Names of 2018 were: Ayush, Aryan, Arav, Ayan, Atharv, Ishan, Dhruv, Vihaan, Arjun, Reyansh, Shreyansh, Anish. Let’s see what names are more popular this year.

1. Avyan

It’s shortened from Avyangah. It is one of the names from Lord Visnu Sahasranam. Avyangah or Avyang means A-Vyang, one without disabilities. So a perfect bodied person. When I started listing the baby names in 2016, Avyan was a rare and new name, over last 2-3 years its one of the top 10 picks for Indian baby boys

2. Ahaan

Originally अहन but pronounced as Ahaan; It’s one of the very famous names in Hindu baby boys mostly because of its simple pronunciation and shortness. Ahan is a Sanskrit word and means Dawn or Day

3. Advait/ Advit

Because of its princely sound, the names Advait / Advik and Advit have become very popular in new parents. The name was not very rare before, but in recent years it has become very common.

4. Ansh

This name is a little confusing to me, as it means part or portion. It is basically a postfix like Reyansh, Ayansh, Shreyansh but due to its trendiness, short length and sweetness, the name is loved by many.

5. Daksh

Daksh means Able/ Alert/Wise/Clever/Prompt. This name is popular due to its very ethnic style. Also, one of the rare names until 2017-18, and has recently become very famous.

6. Darsh

Darsh means handsome and also Lord Krishna. It also means new moon, sight, and view in Sanskrit. In our generation, Darshan or Darshat were known names; Darsh is trendier and suitable for the new generation.

7. Raghav

This is Lord Rama’s name. The names starting with or including R letter, sound very powerful and royal just like Prince Raghav.

8. Viraj

Vir- names are our favorite names majorly due to the Indian Movies. There was a time when Vir and Raaj were the top 2 choices for the main character’s name. Viraaj is another variation with little more royal essence. Viraj means shining, Brilliant, Ruler etc.

9. Satvik

This name was one of the most picked names when I started doing baby names consultation. Parents, who want names starting with S, had Satvik in their top shortlisted names.

10. Yug /Yog

These are 2 of the best names due to their deep and beautiful meanings in only 3 letters. They are complete names with very strong meaning. Many of the Indian parents, who like short names for their kids, have selected Yug and Yog recently. These are very easy to pronounce for the western world too.
Listed above are modern and popular baby boy names in India. These are not the most common Indian names but the top 10 baby names which are getting popular among Indian parents.
The Indian parents nowadays want to choose a name for their baby that reflects his traits or some attribute of spiritual significance or simply something that gives the glimpses of the tradition to which the name is associated. Choosing the right name for a newborn is indeed a tough and baffling job.
We, at GoMama247, put our endeavors to save your time and energy from digging into multiple origins to find a single name. Check out our multiple curated lists; they will do the work for you. You can find the essence of different origins and so many name suggestions at a single place. These names are short and they go perfectly with the modern time.


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