Most Popular Baby Girls Names in India


Top 10 Modern Baby Names of 2017: Hindu Baby Girls

Since 2005, the Sanskrit names are very popular in India. People prefer mellifluous and uncommon names. Sanskrit names are very meaningful and they sound exotic. After the recent post on Most Popular Baby Boys names in India, we bring you the Most Popular Baby Girls Names in India.


Top 10 Baby Girls Names in India 2017

1. Ananya

Name Ananya means Matchless, Unique i.e. Different from others. Also it’s one of names of Goddess Parvati.
As it starts with the letter A, its Rashi is Rashi is Mesha and Nakshatra is Krithika.
It is very much popular as lead female character name in Bollywood movies and that is the reason it tops our list.

2. Sanvi

Sanvi has become popular in recent years. It is one of names of Goddess Laxmi.
As it starts with Sa its Rashi Kumbha and Nakshatra is Sathabisham

3. Aadya

This lovely and stylish name has become popular in last 4-5 years. It means The First power and is also name of Goddess Durga.
Rashi: Mesha and Nakshatra: Krithika

4. Myra

Myra means Beloved. This name is very special as it has beautiful meanings in various languages
In Greek: an aromatic shrub
In English: poetic invention
In Latin: admirable, extraordinary
In Arabic: Aristocratic Lady
In Hebrew: Seadew
In Swedish: Ant
Reference: Wikipedia []
Myra is also popular as character names in Bollywood movies and many TV drama series.

5. Shanaya

This cute name means First Ray of the Sun. Isnt that a sweet and easy to pronounce name?
As it starts with “Sha” it belongs to Rashi: Kumbha and Nakshatra :Hastha

6. Aaradhya

You are right, it’s the famous celebrity child name. It’s the name of the legendary Bachchan Family’s youngest inheritor – Aishwarya and Abhishek’s cute little daughter. This beautiful baby name means: Worshipped and also Blessing of Lord Ganesh.
Rashi : Mesha and Nakshatra :Krithika

7. Anvi

The names which end with and ‘I’ and also are short are very trendy and cute names. Anvi is a Hindu Goddess.
It belongs to Rashi : Mesha and Nakshatra :Krithika

8. Swara

This may be difficult to pronounce for non-Indians but this is pretty easy for Indians. Swara comes from Swar which means musical tones and self-shining in Sanskrit.
Rashi :Kumbha and Nakshatra :Sathabisham

9. Navya

It means worth praising. Its short and sounds sweet.
Rashi : Vruschika and Nakshatra :Anuradha

10. Trisha:

Yes it’s a name of a famous Tollywood Movie Star (Trisha Krishnan)
Its also very popular in Hindi Movies and TV series for Lead Character name. It sounds very stylish also.
This name is also meaningful in many languages.
Latin / English: Name Trisha is: Noble. St. Patricia (Who was a 7th century patron saint of Naples.)
Hindi Meaning: Thirst.
It belongs to Tula Rashi.

Other Popular Baby Girls Name in India

11. Krisha

Meaning Divine. Krisha is very stylish name and popular like Trisha.

12. Ira

Probably the shortest, meaningful, easiest to pronounce and sweet name in India. It means Yug (Sanskrit word for Era) Earth.
Its also a celebrity name (Daughter of Amir Khan)

13. Anaya

Meaning: Without a superior

14. Keya

It’s name of a Monsoon Flower. Its not as common as others. But its gaining popularity recently.

15. Nitya

Meaning: Eternal, Constant

16. Nimisha

Nimisha is a trendy name for a girl. It signifies something that lasts for moments or twinkling of eyes. The name can be suitable for a bubbly girl. The first letter of the name is ‘N’ which makes it fall in the list of Vruschika Rashi names. The Nakshatra for this name is Anuradha.

17. Abha

Abha is a very positive Hindu girl name which means illumination, light, sparkle or luster. The Rashi associated with the name is Mesha and the Nakshatra is Krithika. It’s a common name for girls in India.

18. Arushi

Arushi is a trendy but powerful name for girls. The name signifies the bright light of sun, the first rays of sun, Bright. It’s a rare Hindu name falling under the Mesha Rashi and Krithika Nakshatra.

19. Ayushi

Ayushi is a unique name sounding like many other names with different meanings. The name signifies long-standing or something with a very long life. Every parent wants their child to live long and do something good with their life. The name ‘Ayushi’ is associated with Mesha Rashi and Krithika Nakshatra.

20. Bhakti

As name itself signifies it’s spiritual or divine significance. It means devotion or prayer. Bhakti is a rare Hindu girl name which can be expected to be heard in a traditional Hindu family. The name carries a bunch of positive vibes with it. It falls under Dhanu Rashi and the Nakshatra related to it is Moola.

21. Dhwani

Dhwani means sound or audio. It is a rare but popular Hindi girl name. The name comes under Dhanu Rashi and its Nakshatra is Guru or Jupiter. The name can also be used as a unisex name. Some other names with same meaning or similar pronunciation are Dwani, Dhuni, Dhanya and Dani.

22. Daksha

It’s a powerful name used for both boys and girls. It means the consort of Lord Shiva i.e; Parvati. It’s a popular Hindu name which is related to the Purvabhadra Nakshatra and falls under the Meena Rashi.

23. Isha

Isha is a short, cool and trendy name majorly used for Hindu girls. It is a common and a popular name. There are many Bollywood actresses as well owning this weet name including Isha Koppikar and Isha Sharvani. The name has many meanings like ruling goddess, Goddess Durga, the protector. The name has a great significance in the Hindu Vedas as well. The name comes under the Mesha Rashi and Krithika Nakshatra.

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    Myra is lovely name. I wanted to shortlist it but its very common. Right?
    Any similar uncommon names you can suggest?

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    I like the name Daksha, Nitya, Myra. Can you suggest to must unique baby girl name as I have heard a few on the mentioned names. I need unique and meaningful names for my girl.

    • Sapana

      Hi Trupti,
      Its not very meaningful in Sanskrit , It can only be related to Krushi i.e. farming. No exact meaning of Krisha in Sanskrit/Sahasranam

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