Most Effective Flat Belly Workouts for New Moms


Abs Workouts for Indian moms

Want to get back your pre-pregnancy shape? Finding out simple ways to get rid of your tummy fat? Reducing stubborn belly fat after delivery could seem time-consuming, tiring and frustrating. Hence, it’s very important to select the right set of exercises for a flat belly right at home, before it’s too late. The right selection of exercises is essential, as without it many workout plans for flat abs have completely failed.

Please note: This is my very own experience. The way I lost 15 KGs of Weight (Mostly gained during breastfeeding time) after both of my deliveries. This post is for no commercial purpose. I do not get any commission in any form for this post. Feel free to share this. Especially written for my Indian Female friends as I know how difficult it is for Indian women to get back to Pre-pregnancy shape. I did below first 3 exercises daily in morning for 3 months (starting at 6 months after delivery)
1. Fitness Blender Abs workouts 10 mins
2. KapalBhati 5-10 mins
3. Padmasana as explained below.
4. Stretching and planks in Evening for 10 mins
This is me before and after

sapana first time before and after

sapana second time before and after

Please do not copy or share the photos

Here are some carefully selected effective exercises for abs, which are quick and yet very efficacious. To get the best visible results, you should exercise regularly by staying positive and persistent as well.
Note: Abs workout can prove to be intense and tiring for bodies which have given birth to a child. So before trying them out don’t forget to consult with your doctor. To know if you are ready for these post-pregnancy abs exercises.

Best Selected abs workouts to lose Postpartum Baby Belly

The Workouts which I am going to mention now, they are those postpartum workouts which I have performed after both of my deliveries. I have also mentioned some important tips as well as handful of bonus tips at the Post’s end. So don’t miss them.

Before You Start

This abs workout plan comprises of two parts. In the first part, we have mentioned about Fitness Blender’s two top abs exercises. In the second part, we have discussed Yoga which women could do, after their delivery. With right posture, you should try to occupy your mind with the instructions given and not on the clock. Just like your baby is your responsibility, similarly, you should think post-maternity exercises to be one of your responsibilities. So stay motivated, love your exercise plan like your own baby.

Fitness Blenders

For Warm-Ups:
Please remember these exercises might trouble you with Lower Back Pain (LBP) and Knee Pain. Hence, it’s advisable to do some back strengthening exercises and knee strengthening exercises for warm-ups.

10 Minutes Home Workouts for Abs –Abdominal Exercises

Forearm Plank

Planks work directly on your entire core without giving any strain on your neck and back. In fact, they strengthen the back muscle too. It doesn’t take much effort to perform it. As it is one of the easy abs workouts for women. They tone your breasts. They also help you tighten the loose skin on tummy after delivery. Also, it would bless you a flat toned belly, only when regularly performed.

1. Lie down on the floor, with your stomach facing downwards.
2. Get into a plank position (exactly as shown in the image above).
3. Face towards the floor- keep your forearms on the floor- your back must be straight-legs stretched-abs engaged.
4. Keep your body straight. I.e. from head to feet try form a straight posture, without forming any arch in the back (this is very important).
5. Hold the position for 30-60 seconds, keep your abs tight.
6. Now Lower knees towards the floor, keep your body straight. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Repeat the same process for 4-5 times.

In case you are performing planks for the first time. Hold the position for a maximum duration of 10 seconds. After every 3-4 alternate days, you could increase this time duration, until you reach 60 seconds.

10 Minutes Abs Home Workout- Standing Abs Exercises

Side Plank

This is not an easy exercise to do. Hence we would recommend you to start doing it, only after you master the aforesaid plank position, by holding the same for up to 60 seconds of time. Planks would increase your metabolism rate. They would make your back as well as joints strong. Your bones would also become strong too. As in many pregnancy cases, bones of joints and other body parts become weak. Your posture, as well as your Core strength, would get improve doing this. And yeslet’s not forget, planks would also tone your flattening tummy.

1. After 60 seconds of the plank position, rotate your body slowly into the side plank position.
2. Put your body weight into your left hand and then extend your right arm.
3. Rest your right foot on top of your left foot.
4. Hold for 30-60 seconds, and then switch sides unhurriedly.

While doing this exercise don’t forget to wear your sports shoes. Doing Standing Exercises without sports shoes would make your knees weak. As more stress and pressure would then be laid on your knees, directly.

Bonus Tips:

• Only your toes, forearms, and hands should touch the floor in forearm plank.
• Keep your abdominal muscles tight.
• When performing forearm planks, your head should look down towards the floor. This way your neck and spine would automatically look neutral and erect.
• Don’t let your thighs, touch the floor during this.

Yoga After Delivery for Abs Toning

For Warm-ups:

If you decide to do yoga in the morning, don’t start performing it soon as you wake up. Wait for at least half an hour or for maximum one hour. Meanwhile, you could go for slow walks. This slow-walking would be great for your swollen feet, which many women get after pregnancy. Also, it would act as a good warm-up exercise for you.

Yoga after Pregnancy to lose weight– Breathing Exercise


Yoga mainly comprises of Kriya, Asana and Pranayama. Out of the six Kriyas, we are going to perform Kapalbhati. Where you won’t just lose weight but also you would cleanse your lungs through breathing. Kapalbhati is both a Kriya (body purification process) as well as a Pranayama (Breathing Exercise). With Kapalbhati, the fat stored in your abdominal region would get reduced. You should know that some of the best abs exercises target on building abdominal muscles. Also with improved metabolism and digestion rate you would lose weight quickly. Along with this your nervous system and blood circulation system would get improvised too.
1. Sit down on the floor, preferably on a yoga mat. Your chosen area for yoga should be open and well-ventilated.
2. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and then exhale slowly. This is to relax you. As Kapalbhati should never be done under stress or distracted mind.
3. Rest your hands on your knees.
4. Breathe normally for some time, relax.
5. Inhale deeply twice through your nostrils.
6. While inhaling your abdomen should be inflated (i.e. puffed up)
7. Forcefully contract your abdominal muscle. Now gently exhale out all the air from your lungs.
8. You must exhale with your mouth closed.
9. Your exhaling must sound like a sneeze.
10. Focus on your lower belly. Inhalation and exhalation must be quick and rhythmic.
11. All breathing must be done through abdominal region only. Not from the chest region.


You should perform this early morning with empty stomach. Never contract your abdominal muscles while inhaling. Don’t force it on yourself while you exhale, just exhale comfortably. Don’t make the mistake of pressurizing your body, against your will. Remember this formula ‘Natural Inhalation but Forceful Exhalation’. Your shoulder and back should remain straight while performing it.

Yoga for women after giving birth- Sitting Exercise

You could couple Kapalbhati with this Asana (Yogic Posture while sitting) named ‘Padmasana’, popularly known as the ‘Lotus Pose’. This asana would help you maintain a good posture. You must have read earlier that right posture is necessary for doing any exercise. So if you are not sure about how to maintain a good posture. This would help you out. Also your flexibility would increase for performing yoga and exercises of other kinds.


1. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched forward.
2. Place the palms on the side of your body. Slowly try to hold the sole of your right foot.
3. When you get hold of it, place it on your left thigh. Remember to do all of this very slowly, as per your convenience.
4. Now get hold of the left foot’s sole. Then place it on your right thigh. Remember you need to reach out for the ‘sole’ and not the ‘toe’ of your foot.
5. Place your palm on your knees, in such a way that your palm faces the sky or ceiling of your room.
6. Close your eyes. This will help you concentrate.
7. Breathe normally. Maintain this position for some time. Then get back to your normal position.

Remember if you come across any kind of pain, come back to your original position in no time. With after birth exercises, there is ‘no gain in pain’.

Best Postnatal Yoga Exercise- Physical Exercise

‘Suryanamaskar’ is one of the best postnatal yogic exercises which women after having a baby should perform it. Please keep this in mind that all the twelve postures of Suryanamaskar must be performed at snail’s pace (that is very slowly). Five rounds of Suryanamaskar would be more than enough at a time. On the first day, you could do less number of rounds. This is a workout for your entire body. It even cuts down body fat and it also conveniently reduces abdominal fat. Being a cardiovascular workout it would remove fat around your gut.

1. Stand straight, now do a ‘namaskar’ by bringing your palms close to your chest. Breathe normally.
2. Raise your joined palm fully upwards and try to bend backward, as much as you can.
3. Don’t forget to breathe normally, now to bend downwards you must first exhale and then bend. Keep your knees straight while bending and disjoint the namaskar posture. Then lay both of your palms on the floor, soon as you completely your bending.
4. Keep your palms attached to the floor. Now inhale and look upwards. Arch your back to stretch your left leg backward. Meanwhile, your right leg must be at an angle of 90 degrees from the floor. I.e. you must have straight bent right leg. Your right leg must be between your left and right hand.
5. Exhale and stretch your right leg backward, keeping your left leg stretched. This position should look like, as if you are going to do a push-up. Your palms should still be touching the floor.
6. Bend your elbow. To bring down your knees, chest and chin towards the floor so that they touch it. When you do this keep your hip raised.
7. Now raise your upper body (i.e. chest, chin, neck etc.) look upwards by bending your shoulders backward. All the body parts above the waist should be raised. In other words, your waist and your lower body part should touch the floor. Breathe normally. Throughout this posture, keep your toe straight from the beginning.
8. Inhale and raise your hip upwards, slowly. The upper body part which you were raising earlier should now look downwards. In such a way that your whole body forms a mountain. That is why this posture is also known as the mountain pose, by the name of ‘Parvatasana’. Keep your knees straight while looking downwards. Your neck should look towards your navel.
9. Slowly bring down your hip region. Arch your back for doing so. Meanwhile, bring your upper body part upwards. This means you must look up with your chin facing upwards. Inhale and stretch your right leg backward. Bring your bent left leg forward. This time your left leg must be between your left and right hand.
10. Bring your stretched right leg towards your bent left leg. Now straighten both of your legs in this bending position. Keep your palms flat on the floor.
11. Stand straight, by again joining your hands together. Forming a namaskar gesture. Raise it upwards; bend back as much as you can.
12. Bring down your joint hands close to your chest, come back to start position by exhaling.

Whenever you look upwards just inhale and when you bend, exhale. In rest of the postures, you should breathe normally. Don’t wear tight fitting clothes while doing this. Morning is the ideal time for performing it but if you chose to do this in the evening. Don’t eat anything at least 4 hours before performing it.
Bonus Tips:
Even exclusive breastfeeding can help you burn fat; hence you should continue breastfeeding your infant for up to 6-8 months. Don’t reduce your protein intake; you would need it more because of the exercises.
Once you finish 6 months of breastfeeding, you must quickly work on your baby belly. Before your pregnancy fat becomes rock-solid in your body. Key to get flat tummy is to exercises regularly. If you take more than 6 months after delivery, to start these exercises, you better say goodbye to your pre-pregnancy figure. I myself have lost around 15 Kgs of weight by doing these abs workouts, that too after two rounds of deliveries. If I can, you could too. Have happy workouts!


About Author


An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


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  3. Avatar

    These are really nice exercises to reduce the belly fat. My baby is only 03 months old and my doctor has recommended to avoid heavy exercise. Can you suggest me some easy to opt exercise to reduce fat from my belly area? Looking forward to your response.

  4. Avatar

    That is a very impressive transformation. 2 times? its really amazing. I will try to follow your way. Lets see if it works for me

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  6. Avatar

    I have tried almost everything to reduce that stubborn belly fat, but nothing worked. I want to look fab please suggest the most effective exercises.

    • Sapana

      Hi Beena,
      Before I tell you about the workouts and foods, please remember what most important is the dedication and discipline. Most of Indian women are not consistent in their workouts and healthy diet, which is the root cause of the stubborn fats. Even simple 5 mins planks and 5 mins squats will be effective but only if done daily. So whatever workouts and routines you select, be consistent to it. Most effective belly workouts are the planks and crunches. But if you start directly on them, they will be intense on back and knees and may weaken your joints. So start with few daily and balance it will joint strengthening exercises.
      Go through this post for Diet
      Healthy Diet for Fat Loss for Indian Women
      Before starting the intense workouts do these for a few weeks
      Safe and Easy workouts for New moms

  7. Avatar

    What is the most suitable time to start workout after pregnancy? I have gained too much weight and I want to reduce it as early as possible.

    • Sapana

      Hi Reena,
      You can start the simple stretches and easy workouts after a week of normal delivery, for c-section, please ask your doctor. Even in c-section unless critical, you can start stretches in a week.
      For first 3-4 months (Ideally 5 months) Dont start the intense abs workout. After the light workouts you can go for intense workouts. Always do the knee and back strengthening stretches.
      Read:Post Pregnancy Workouts

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  9. Avatar

    Really Nice List Sapna, Kapalbhati is my favorite one. It decrease belly fat and increase digestion, we feel light and fresh everyday. I tried padmasana, but never succeeded, this video is really helpful to prepare ourself for such a energetic and divine pose.

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    Excellent ideas Sapna, its nicely put together. Kapalbhati can not only help us to lose weight but also boost our body’s metabolism. I was suffering from Grade 2 fatty liver but 6 months of Kapalbhati absolutely cured it… I would recommend Kapalbhati to my audience too…

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    Thank you so much Sapna for this wonderful post. I have been doing Kapalbhati and it works for belly really well. I have tried planks as well but I am not regular with them because they are really tiring. But your article sure gives me a boost.

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    Excellent information!

    Adding yoga with the intense work out plan is an excellent idea. It keeps our body to feel light and refreshed whole day.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful idea.

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