Most Common Parenting Mistakes of Indian Parents


What are the most common Parenting mistakes in India?

The way of parenting in Indian has evolved significantly. Today, especially in the metro cities, parents don’t have enough time to keep an eye on every minor activity of their kids throughout the day. Also, they often make some mistakes and overlook few aspects because of which the health and behaviour of their kids are affected. Here are some common mistakes performed by Indian parents.

Common Parenting Mistakes by Indians

Letting Kids Eat Food while using Gadgets

One of the most challenging everyday tasks for Indian parents is to make their kids eat home-made food completely using their own hands. Kids love junk food and often show dislike for home-made foods. Hence, the Indian parents require some gadgets so that their kids remain busy with the games or videos and the feeding process becomes hassle-free. But, this is not going to benefit the health of the kids. Watching videos or playing games while eating affects digestion and a kid is not able to avail the goodness of the nutritious and fresh foods.
A prolific solution to this can be making kids sit on the dining table with you and eat their food with you at the same time and in the same way. You will be surprised to know that the right time to start this habit is as early as 10-12 months. This is what I was told by a popular paediatrician in Mumbai and also by Dr. Shama Kulkarni (Paediatric Dietician and Paediatrician).

Over and Early Exposuer to Screen Time

Television is something every kid and adult want to include in their everyday regime. Undoubtedly it’s a great and easy-to-access source of entertainment nowadays but at the same time, its overexposure is jeopardizing the health and behavior of the kids. Screen time is a big factor which affects the routine, behavior and habits of the kids. Indian parents nowadays introduce a selection of gadgets to their kids at a very early age. Early introduction of gadgets and an uncontrolled screen time will make it difficult to deal with them when they grow up. The ideal time for introducing the gadgets offering videos and games is 2.5 years.
You can do one thing; give him some alternatives like toys, books, audio books etc. These things will keep him engaged for hours and you can save him from the adverse effects of longer screen time.

Scolding and Side Effects

Scolding kids is very common in Indian households. Parents often remain in stress and they unintentionally show their anger on the kids when they make some mistakes or become stubborn for some reasons. But, this should not be the case for the kids. Like their immune system, their brain and psychology are still in the development phase. Whatever they hear and see, they try to follow the same and develop similar behaviour when they grow up. So, it’s important to control your anger in front of your kids.

Dental Issues due to Over Eating Junks and Sweets

Oral health for kids is as important as it is for the adults. Kids are more vulnerable to dental issues as they often consume sweets and chocolates. But, the main problem is not these sweets and chocolates. What really affects the dental health of the kids is the laziness to get those junks leaned visiting a dentist.
The best solution to this problem may include these steps:
• Don’t let the junk pile up at home
• Request Friends and Relatives to not offer junks to your kids
• Set and strictly follow the rule of junk time
• Listen to your child

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Not Listening to the Child

I have seen many mothers in India won’t listen to their kids as much as it’s needed. A smart child is not raised in a single day. The self confidence is the most important thing which starts with you giving them enough importance and priority. Listening to their silly stories is as important as feeding them healthy foods. The brain development is boosted in babies due to mother’s touch. The Child and mothers bond has direct impact on child’s mental growth.


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