Most Beautiful Spanish Names For Baby Boys


Easy to Pronounce Beautiful Spanish Baby Boys Names

Spanish is one of the world’s oldest languages. It is also considered to be one of the world’s most romantic languages. Every word is rich and captures life beautifully. This is why Spanish is a great language to draw an for inspiration while naming your little one. To help you make a choice, we have made a list of the top 50 Spanish names for baby boys.

Top 50 Spanish Baby Boys Names

1. Adan

Adan means the Earth and the man. It captures the beauty of existence and is a wonderful name for a baby boy.

2. Alano

Alano means handsome. It sounds elegant, forever encapsulating the beauty of a boy.

3. Alejo

Alejo, which means warrior, is a proud and noble name for your baby boy. He will grow up loving to tell other people what his unique name means.

4. Aluino

A child accompanies you, cares for you, loves you and becomes your friend as well. Aluino means noble friend and is an ideal name for the little companion.

5. Alva

Alva means pretty. It is a beautiful name for your beautiful boy.

6. Arlo

Arlo is derived from Old English. In Spanish, it defines the Barberry Tree.

7. Arturo

This is a very aristocratic and honorable name for a boy. Arturo means noble and righteous.

8. Baldino

Baldino means a brave friend.

9. Basilio

Basilio symbolizes royalty. It has been a name usually bestowed upon kings. It would be perfect for the baby boy who rules your world.

10. Blanco

Blanco means white and pure. It fits perfectly on a baby and signifies their innocence.

11. Carlito

Carlito means masculinity and manhood. It is a popular Spanish name for boys.

12. Cayo

Cayo defines happiness as it means to rejoice. A perfect name for the one who brings you rejoice.

13. Celso

This is a popular name for Spanish men. It means tall, high and lofty. In case your baby boy has been blessed with height, this name will suit him very well.

14. Cirino

Your son is the sun of your world. Therefore, he deserves a fitting name for being the bringer of light. Cirino does this elegantly as it means the sun in Spanish.

15. Danilo

Danilo is a devotional name which translates to the adage ‘God is my judge’.

16. Demario

Demario means gentle. It has Greek origins.

17. Enzo

Enzo means ruler, an emperor. It sounds like an out-of-the-box name but it is an old one with Italian roots. An ideal name for a little boy who rules your world.

18. Eron

Eron means mighty, lofty and inspired. Eron defines someone ready to take on the world.

19. Evarado

This name has English and German origins. It means strong and hardy someone capable of enduring adversities.

20. Faron

Faron is the Spanish word for Pharoah meaning a king.

21. Fermin

Fermin defines someone who is strong, steadfast and firm. It is what every parent want their son to be.

22. Fernan

Fernan is someone who is adventurous yet prepared for his journey. Someone who has knack for the thrill of life but enjoys structure as well.

23. Flavio

Flavio is a very sweet sounding name. It is usually reserved for someone with blonde hair.

24. Goito

Goito means watchful, alert and vigilant.

25. Goyo

Goyo too means watchful and vigilant.

26. Graciano

Graciano is as gracious a name as it sounds. It defines pleasing, agreeable beauty. Beautifully suited for a baby boy.

27. Guido

Simply put, Guido means life. It is one of the most beautiful names in the Spanish language.

28. Guiomar

Guiomar means a famous warrior. It is a unisex name and can be given to a boy or a girl. it has Germanic roots.

29. Lago

Lago means lake. It is a very affectionate name with depth to it.

30. Ivan

Ivan is a devotional name which translates to ‘God is gracious’. It is a popular name across the world.

31. Jairo

Jario is a devotional name which translates to ‘God is my enlightenment’.

32. Juanito

Juanito is a devotional name which translates to ‘God is my the gracious one’.

33. Leon

Leon has Spanish origins but is a name that is popular very worldwide. Leon means a Braveheart, a lion man.

34. Mauro

Mauro means Moorish. It has Italian origins.

35. Mercio

Mercio means warlike, fierce.

36. Neron

Neron symbolizes strength. It is a very powerful name.

37. Neto

Neto signifies seriousness. It shows the strength to stick to one’s resolve.

38. Noe

Noe is a very sweet name which means comfort and rest. It is very good in capturing what brings you comfort in life -your baby boy.

39. Orlin

Orlin means well-known, renowned in the land. Its a very fancy name. Perfect fo your little star.

40. Palban

Palban means blond. Just like Flavio it is reserved for people with golden hair.

41. Rai

Rai means mighty protector. It sounds elegant yet ferocious.

42. Ramon

Just like Rai, Ramon means mighty protector. It is a famous name across the world.

43. Raul

Raul one of the most popular names in Europe. It means wise counsel.

44. Renato

Renato signifies regeneration as it means to rise again.

45. Rufio

Rufio means king. It is usually reserved for a red-haired boy.

46. Salvino

Salvino means saviour. It is a mighty name appropriate for a baby boy.

Add a little exotic touch to your child’s name. It will be something they can flaunt and carry with pride. Let us know if you wish to add to our list of Spanish names for baby boys. We have left last 4 to be added by you!


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