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Attractive Japanese Baby Names with Meanings

Innovation and technology are the two things that make Japan one of the most advanced countries in the world. Apart from this, the country is known for its vivid and fascinating culture.
The Japanese naming system is pretty unique and interesting. The language is written in the form of logographic characters that belong to Chinese language. However, the characters are pronounced in Japanese. These characters are called Kanji. There are around 100,000 surnames in use in various regions of Japan. A cultural context can be seen in most of the Japanese names. Apart from Kanji, the other characters used in Japan are Katakana and Hiragana. There are also mixed characters used in many regions.
While naming a child in Kanji, special care is taken as many Kanji characters sound similar but have different meanings. The Japanese names usually are in two parts – the given name and the surname, received from the father. There is no middle name like many other naming systems in the world. Most of the surnames are written in two Kanji characters like Takahashi (高橋). While some surnames just have a single character like Tokoro (所). Japanese women add their husband’s surname after their own name. Sometimes, people are called by their surnames.

Handpicked Japanese Baby Boy Names

An interesting pattern is seen in the Japanese male names. Most of the masculine names end with –rō, -ta, hiko, hei, suke or simply ‘o’. This pattern can be seen in the following male names – Ichirō, Kenta, Katsuhiko, Junpei and Teruo. Some characters are used before like ‘ichi’ in Ken’ichi and ‘Kazu’ in Kazuhiro.
japanese baby boy names

AkihiroGreat Brightness
AkioBright Man
AsaBorn At Dawn
ChikoArrow, Pledge
DannoField Gathering Surname
HibikiSound, Echo
HirokiAbundant Joy, Strength
HiroshiAbundant, Widespread
HisaoLong, Lived Man
IchiroFirst Son
JiroSecond Son
JuroTenth Son
KaitoOcean Flying
KazuhiroGreat Harmony
KenichiStrong, Healthy First Son
KenshinModest Truth
KentaroBig Boy
KoukiLight Hope
KuroNinth Son
MikioTree Trunk Man
NoriTo Rule
ShoutaBig Flying
TakeoWarrior Hero
YasuoHonest, Peaceful Man
YoshioGood Man
YoutaGreat Sunlight
YukioHappy Man
YuumaGentle, Superior Truth
YuutoGentle Person

Most Beautiful Japanese Baby Girls Names

The female Japanese names mostly end with –mi (means beauty) and –ko like the names Yumi and Keiko. The other common Japanese female name endings include e, yo, na and ka which can be seen in the names like Haruna and Haruka.
japanese baby girl

AikaLove Song
AikoChild Of Love, Beloved, Loving Child
AimiLove Beautiful
AinaLove Vegetables
AiriLove Jasmine
AkemiBright Beautiful
AkiraBright, Clear, Dawn
AmayaNight Rain
AnekoOlder Sister
AsamiMorning Beauty
AyakaColorful Flower, Fragrant, Summer
AyakoScholarly Child, Colorful Child
AyanoColor, Silk
AzumiSafe Residence
ChieWisdom, Intellect, Thousand Blessings
ChikaScatter Flowers, Wisdom
ChiyoOne Thousand Generations
EikoLong-Lived Child, Splendid Child
EmiSmile, Beautiful Blessing
EmikoBeautiful, Blessed Child, Smiling Child
FumikoChild Of Treasured Beauty
HarukaSpring Flower
HarumiSpringtime Beauty
HarunaSpring Vegetables
HidekoChild Of Excellence, Splendid Child
HikariLight, Radiance
IzanamiWife Of Izanagi, Female Who Invites
KaidaLittle Dragon
KamekoTurtle Child, Longevity
KamikoSuperior Child
KaoriPerfume, Fragrance, Strong
KayoBeautiful / Increasing Generation
KazukoHarmonious Child
KeikoBlessed, Respectful Child
KikoChronical Child
KiokoHappy Child
KiyomiPure Beauty
KohanaLittle Flower
KokoroSoul, Heart
KumikoBeautiful, Long-Lived Child
KuraTreasure House
KyokoRespectful Child, Child Of The Capital City, Mirror
MaekoTruthful Child
MaemiHonest Child
MaikoChild Of Dance
ManamiLoving Beautiful
MayumiTrue Bow, True Intent Beauty, True Gentle Beauty
MichikoCorrect Path, Thousand Beauties Child, Beauty, Wisdom
MiekoBeautiful Blessing Child, Already Prosperous
MihoProtected, Guaranteed Beauty
MioBeautiful Cherry Blossom
MiuBeautiful Feather
MiwaBeautiful Hamony, Peace, Three Rings
MiyaSacred House
MiyakoBeautiful Night Child
MiyoBeautiful Child
MiyukiBeautiful Blessing, Beautiful Happiness
MizukiBeautiful Moon
MomoeHundred Blessings, Hundred Rivers
NaomiAbove All, Beauty, Honest Beautiful
NoaMy Love
NorikoChild Of Principles
ReiLovely, Polite
ReikoBeautiful, Courteous Child
RieTrue Blessing
RioVillage Cherry Blossom
RyokoRefreshing Child
SachikoJoyful, Happy Child
SakuraCherry Blossom
SatomiBeautiful And Wise
SayuriSmall Lily
ShizukaQuiet Summer
TamikoAbundance Child, Child Of Many Beauties
TerukoShining Child
TomikoTreasured Beauty Child
TomokoChild Of Wisdom, Intellect
TomomiBeautiful Friend
UmekoPlum Blossom Child
YokoOcean Child, Positive Child, Child Of Sunlight
YoshieFragrant Branch, Good Bay
YoshinoRespectful, Good
YuaBinding Love
YukaFragrant, Friendly Blossom
YukikoChild Of Snow, Child Of Happiness
YukoHelpful, Superior Child, Gentle Child
YumiReason Beautiful
YumikoBeautiful Child, Helpful Child
YurikoLily, Prized Child

Japan not just inspires the world with ground-breaking innovations but with the incredible and rich naming system as well. With every Japanese male and female name, the culture and tradition of the nation are associated. Some names signify beauty while some talk about the art and poetry. This handpicked list of unique Japanese baby names can help you pick a meaningful and suitable name for your little one and save your time.

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    I did not know the Japanese naming system was so logical. I must confess I always used to think of Japanese and Chinese names as weird.. I suppose it is true of every society in the world that we tend to look down upon things we do not understand… Most of us tend to think that other languages are funny and we are derisive of that society’s culture… Your article is extremely enlightening…

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