Moringa Leaves Soup for Kids and New Moms


Easy Recipe for Drumstick leaves Soup

Moringa or Drumstick leaves are not just a powerhouse of nutrition but a great element to make many yummy recipes. This wonder food is not easily available in the market even though its abundant in India.
In my childhood, there was a moringa tree in the garden. I never knew it was such rich source of nutrition. Recently when western world recognised its importance and when Indian government started campaigns of its awareness, we all Indians started noticing this under-estimated vegetable. Not only the drumsticks but its leaves are super healthy.
Recently I made this soup very first time. First, I was doubtful if it would be bitter like fenugreek leaves, but it turned out very delicious. My kids loved it. Here is how I made it.

Easy-to-make recipe of Drumstick/Moringa leaves Soup

Ingredients You Will Need

soup ingredients
2 cups of drumstick leaves (fresh), cumin seeds, turmeric powder, onions, garlic, tomato, black peppercorns, ghee/butter and water


• Take fresh drumstick leaves and wash them well

• Now chop onions, tomato and garlic in a fine manner
• Take all these ingredients in a tray or dish and keep it near the gas stove.
• Take a pressure cooker, Add little ghee, add cumin seeds and sizzle them till they make spluttery sound
• Add garlic and peppercorns to the cooker and saute these ingredients for about 1 minutes
• Add chopped onions, chopped tomato to the pan, drumstick/Moringa leaves to the pan
• Add salt and turmeric powder according to taste to it
• Add water to the cooker, lock the lid and and cook it for 2 vessels on medium flame.
• You can also season the recipe with pepper and salt to make it more scrumptious

Why Drumstick Leaves are Considered Healthy for Babies, Expectant, Nursing and New Moms?

Moringa is basically an Indian native tree but found in many other regions of the world. It contains various essential nutrients like vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus etc. Be it drumstick fruit or leaves, the superfood is suggested for expectant mothers, new moms, nursing moms and babies as it offers a plethora of health benefits.

moringa leaves

Some of its major benefits include:
• Increases breast milk production
• Great source of calcium
• Provides relief from fatigue
• Useful in cold allergy in babies
• Relives constipation
• Boosts immunity, metabolism and digestion
• Controls blood pressure and blood sugar in body
• Boosts blood circulation
• Fulfils iron and zinc requirements of a body
• Good for hair and skin
• Prevents liver problems
• For healthy bones
• Helpful in anemia

moringa soup

Apart from the above benefits, Moringa is also useful in shedding weight and providing relief from inflammation. Moringa leaves are small, green and smooth. It generates an aroma while being cooked which adds to the grace of the recipe. Other than soups, it can be used in salads and garnishing. If you are concerned about your own and your family’s health, fresh Moringa leaves can meet your needs along with satisfying the taste buds.


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