Modernistic Arabic Baby Boys Names for American Baby


Unique Arabic Boy Names: Perfect For Babies Living in America

Muslim parents living in the western world find limited choices for Arabic names considering the requirement of ease of pronunciation. They either get the same common suggestions or don’t get exposure to new choices. This list of rare Arabic boy names is ideal for American babies because of the trendy appeal of each name. With the world being smarter every day, it’s your turn to be one step quicker!

Arabic Names Ideal For Muslim American Boy

We have listed below our top ten Arabic baby boy names and we’re sure you’ll find them very trendsetting and cool. These modern Muslim boy names are purely originated from the Arabic language with extremely evocative meanings.

Aydarus عَيْدَرُوْس

The name Aydarus will doubtlessly make your child brave and strong since it means lion in Arabic. Lion names for baby boy will roar loud on your son’s behalf and will bestow virtues of majesty and leadership in him. This is why Aydarus sounds very trendsetting and ferocious. We would particularly suggest Aydarus for kids with long, curly and golden hair to add more relativity.

Daeb دائب

Daeb sounds perfectly fit for American Muslim babies due to the name’s contemporary accent and tone. It means diligent or hardworking and would be a good selection by conscientious parents wanting their son to be the same. Daeb is relatively a new name for modern parents but it has its roots in the ancient Arabic era.

Habr حَبْر

We’re sure American Muslims wouldn’t have heard something as interesting and inimitable as Habr. After all, it is meant for the modern-era boys! It means virtuous and scholar in the Arabic language. The name basically denotes blessings and happiness which a child already brings home with his birth. Habr is quite popular amongst Russians but it is now time for Muslims living in America to make it famous.

Kaafy كَافِي

A name like Kaafy instantly adds enchantment and delight as soon as it is heard. After all, it sounds so classy and new. Kaafy means sufficient in Arabic and is an extremely positive baby name. With Kaafy, you can teach your child to take care of others’ needs and be a helpful person.

Meccan مکّن

Meccan is one of the most prestigious names for Islamic babies since it means someone who belongs to the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. With Meccan, you can instill religious teachings in your child at a very young age while sounding trendy at the same time.

Nael نائل

Nael is another astonishing name in our list of trendy Arabic names for American babies. It has a lot of virtuous meanings according to various sentences in Arabic. Nael means something shared by Allah, brave and an accomplisher or winner. Due to its numerous meanings, this name has also been mentioned in the holy book of Quran a lot of times.

Shawr شَوْر

Shawr sounds unique and unheard of. Isn’t it? It means honey as well as handsome in Arabic language. Honey is a very significant ingredient in Islam and its benefits or miracles have been mentioned in the Quran a number of times. It is also known as liquid gold according to Muslims. So, selecting a rare name that has an excellent meaning is a good option for any parent.

Wael وَائِل

Wael means someone who takes refuge in Arabic. This is an attention-grabbing name and can be easily kept by Muslims since a lot of Sahabis were refugees in Islamic history. With Wael, you can commemorate their sacrifices in the path of Allah and bestow religious lessons in your boy’s life. Make sure to put a slight pause between “Wa” and “El” when you call your son Wael. It sounds very smart and alluring to us. What about you?

Zaydan زيدان

Zaydan sounds like Zayd, right? Actually, it is a diminutive of Zayd and breaks the commonness with its newness. It means growth and increment and has been used a lot of times in Quran to refer to progress. Zayd means one who makes progress but Zaydan means one who makes twice the growth as Zayd. Isn’t this name more rewarding?

Zyan زِيان

Yes, you read that right! We’re suggesting Zyan and not Zayn! Zayn is very common and pretty old now. It is now time for Zyan to make room for all that fame. Zyan refers to beautification since it means adornment or decoration. We’re sure your child has adorned your life with happiness. It is now time to adorn his persona with some popularity and fame!

Best Picks From Us To YOU!

We hope you liked our handpicked list of unheard and uncommon baby names. These trendy Arabic names that sound American are perfect to adjust in your child’s foreign life. Be a proud Muslim and represent the language of your religion through these modern baby names. Let’s get everyone fascinated by your child’s unique name!
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